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Cupcake - like homemade

I thought I would put my very opinionated husband and my son to the test this morning, at work tomorrow we are celebrating a birthday for a co-worker. 552 altre parole


Royal Icing for Cupcakes

Royal Icing Cupcakes are simply beautiful. A delicious, sweet mound of icing made with sugar, egg whites and lemon juice is dolloped on top of freshly baked cupcakes. 67 altre parole



This week’s movie was suggested by ekpreston, a fellow writer and blogger in Nevada. Check out her blog At the Foot of the Sierras! 838 altre parole


Mocha Cream & Cinnamon Coffee Frosting 

A while back, when I was first getting into baking and cooking, my husband and I were attending a block party that our church was hosting. 637 altre parole


Blue Chocolate/Sponge-Cake Cupcakes

Today as usual I pretty much haven’t done anything with my life (again..) because it’s summer and I live a really boring life. Even if it wasn’t summer and summer break and all I still think I would do nothing but go to school and sleep :p Okay enough about that now to… 124 altre parole


Red Velvet Cake

Makes 15 cupcakes or 1 9 inch round cake pan.



1.25 c cake flour
1/8 c cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 c sugar… 232 altre parole