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Mississippi Mud Brownies

I still sing the song when I spell out Mississippi. Do you? Do you know which song I am talking about? You know, the one that helps you remember how to spell it? 306 altre parole


S'Mores Cupcakes (best yet)

When I made these, Fall had just started. I wanted to make a new dessert since we had just finished the last one. As I was flipping through, I remembered liking the… 834 altre parole

Fudging Ahead

Chocolate F*cking Cake!

‘Cause this booty is made of cake.

Chocolate F*cking Cake! with Dark Chocolate Frosting Recipe

Because sometimes nothing else will suffice.

One thing to note about the recipe, the batter will be thin before you pour it into the pans, after you add the boiling water.  329 altre parole

Chocolate Cake

Christmas Cookies!

Hello! Christmas is less than 14 days away and we need to get baking! Personally, I like to bake cookies on Christmas eve, to distract myself and get into the holiday spirit, but if you want to bake a batch for your next holiday party. 293 altre parole

(g) LIGHT; opaque obstructions (renga series) (12.10)

“There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.”
James Grover Thurber

LIGHT; opaque obstructions
(renga series)

light white flakes falling… 189 altre parole


Gingerbread Cookies

I haven’t made gingerbread since I was a kid. I always loved cutting out the cookies and decorating them, but I’ve always been a soft-cookie fan, so I never really liked eating them. 589 altre parole


On Going to Whole Foods for the First Time and Feeling Like I’d Entered Mirror-World Dystopia

Let me be honest. Having a dairy and soy free toddler is not hard… unless you don’t want to cook all your food from scratch for every meal and never go out to eat. 751 altre parole

Dairy Free