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Baked Donuts

The other night I decided to give my
new Wilton Donut cake pan a try.
I used a regular yellow box cake mix.We really enjoyed these. 123 altre parole

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Strawberry Cake with Watercolor Frosting

I’ve always loved baking. Before I decided to take on the exciting task of making my own wedding cake, I sort of developed the reputation for myself as my friend group’s birthday-cake maker. 1.200 altre parole

Scratch Pumpkin Cookies With Buttercream Frosting

I have been in a baking and cooking mood lately. I’m very pregnant and rather uncomfortable, so sweet treats and hearty foods are very comforting right now! 444 altre parole

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Cinnamon Buns


The house smells incredible as these bake and there’s not much that comes close to enjoying them warm out of the oven. The buns keep for 3-4 days and if they last that long, you can microwave them for a few seconds to warm them through and it’s as if you’ve cooked a fresh batch all over again. 382 altre parole


Resurrected! Baymax and sweet times with Gloria

Blog resurrected after 4 years. Congrats to virtual me! But seriously, reading all the dumb things I wrote as a college kid was pretty painful. I don’t have the heart to trash all those posts, and I doubt anyone will be browsing this blog anyways. 471 altre parole


Eggless Cocoa Cake 🍇 || Special || Kids

Cake Recipe : Kids Special : All over World

Servings : 8

Duration : 1 1/2 hrs

From many years I’m waiting for this day because I like to bake a cake and love to do frosting on cakes, it’s makes me happy and like to learn more baking techniques. 617 altre parole


Icing on the cake

Cake Decorating 101

Fun fact: October 10 is Cake Decorating Day or so says the website Days of the Year. Growing up, my mom always baked and decorated our birthday cakes. 387 altre parole