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I made: Chili chocolate cupcakes!

One of the best things about posting pictures of stuff you bake on social media is that on your birthday, people give you cookbooks!  I basically doubled my cookbook library last month (it was not large to begin with haha).  223 altre parole

I made: Classic birthday cupcakes

I have this long list of “classic desserts” to practice.  Basically in the event that I ever make it onto a baking reality show, I’ll have at least a few classic recipes under my belt.  549 altre parole

Blueberry Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

If you needed some more proof that 1. I have a sweet tooth and 2. I am still on the long road to an overall “healthy” lifestyle, here it is!! 286 altre parole


Practice Cupcakes

I really wanted to practice pipping frosting. This chocolate cupcake recipe was designed as a way to get just a few cupcakes to play with, without having cupcakes overflowing from the kitchen. 186 altre parole

Gluten Free Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes

We’ve all had epic fails in the kitchen.  Most of us usually do not photograph the evidence for all to see.  But a friend of mine was brave enough to do just that.  439 altre parole

Gluten Free

This Little Piggy Went To Market

It’s been a pretty awesome week.Last Friday was my birthday, with all the obscenely frosted cake that it implies.  Then, Wednesday was the first afternoon market of the year at the Durham Farmers’ Market. 572 altre parole



Buttercream is icing or filling used in between layers of cakes, as a coating/frosting and as a decoration. The simplest way of making buttercream is by creaming the butter with powdered sugar. 1.000 altre parole