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Vanilla Chai Espresso Cupcakes

Big news….I started culinary school this week and I love it! My current plan is to finish my computer science degree over Fall/Spring semesters and just do culinary school over the Summer. 439 altre parole


How To Frost Cupcakes Like a Pro (with only a plastic sandwich bag)!

I love frosting.

But, I hate frosting cupcakes with only a knife. It’s so boring for me.

That’s why I make use of my ziploc sandwich bags and frost me some homemade cupcakes. 41 altre parole


Bounty layered carrot cake with white chocolate frosting

        In this post I am going to show you how I combined a yummy carrot cake with a coconut “bounty” layer and a cream cheese frosting that I infused with a sweet white chocolate. 380 altre parole


Things I must Eat - Number 1

So if you’ve read my page about places to eat in Orlando you’ve probably figured out that I do like my food. I like to eat at home but when I’m in Orlando I eat so much more. 280 altre parole


The Mission: Part 1

I’ve recently undergone a new experiment.

A journey, you could say.  A journey into the pits of hell.  Pits, the darkness, the unbearable heat and sweat, a downright horrible place.   879 altre parole


Raspberry Frosting Recipe {Dairy Free}

Since I had the chance to review Better Batter Flour’s allergen free cake mix, I wanted to create an icing that was allergen free as well to top those delicious cupcakes. 152 altre parole

Gluten Free

So I may have just eaten some icing (frosting) as I am baking today.  Health fail!

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