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Gillette threatened with boycott

The two-minute video, which intersperses clips of news reports on the #MeToo movement and­ ­images showing sexism in the workplace, has sparked intense debate online. … 282 altre parole


Your Cable Company Hates us so Much For Telling You About This $50 Box

Boy Genius Report has found an affordable device that can actually help you cut down on some of the fees on your cable bill. Find out more from… 297 altre parole

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If You Watch Movies & TV on Your Phone, This $30 Device Will Change Your Life

* Simple and easy to use for streaming content
* Charming vintage TV design
* Makes your phone screen’s image 2x the size

Phones are great for watching movies and TV shows on because they’re portable and in some cases, have higher image quality on their screens than laptops or tablets. 278 altre parole

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Turn Your TV Into a Giant Touchscreen Tablet With This Awesome Accessory

Boy Genius Report has discovered a great accessory for presentations, lectures, and beyond that turns your TV into a touchscreen tablet instantly. Find out more from… 312 altre parole

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Ad fall ‘canary in coal mine’

Statistics from industry bible SMI showed that total advertising spending across all media in October fell by more than 10 per cent compared with the same month last year. 841 altre parole