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My New Home In İstanbul

Although this was not my first visit to İstanbul, it was my first stay in Şişhane/Galata area. I have stayed twice in Taksim area before and had enough already of its crowded hotels that lack authenticity and soul. 829 altre parole

My (failed) Quest To Find The Perfect Sunrise

Those of you who follow me on facebook know that I’ve recently taken to posting a sunrise picture or two from my balcony every morning. (If you aren’t following me on facebook, feel free: www.facebook.com/beejai.richardson) This daily habit has had me thinking as I go about my day about other places that might make for good shots. 615 altre parole

Istanboel impressies

Het is allemaal begonnen op weg naar Seoul. Ik maakte een tussenstop in Ataturk Airport en kwam als snel tot de conclusie dat het één van de indrukwekkendste luchthavens ter wereld moest zijn. 425 altre parole


Sunday Still

This week I missed Istanbul a lot. Here’s an image I took while in Istanbul back in March.Check more images of Istanbul by clicking on the image. 8 altre parole


Istanbul (not Constantinople)

Turkey | Istanbul – Cappadocia

No doubt I had this song stuck in my head when I read that Turkish Airlines will offer direct flights from Houston to Istanbul starting April 1, 2013. 1.509 altre parole

Day 17: Tackling the Heat

Day 17: Galata, MT to Havre, MT

Today’s mileage: 82 miles

Total mileage 962 miles

Overlooking a beautiful Montana sunrise, the five of us left the 19-person-town of Galata headed towards the town of Havre, MT. 206 altre parole

Coast To Coast

Day 16: Goodbye Mountains, Hello Plains

Day 16: East Glacier, MT to Galata, MT

Today’s mileage: 94 miles

Total mileage 880 miles

Today we left the Rockies following Route 2. Our day started with a flat tire that was fixed in record time. 206 altre parole

Coast To Coast