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Istanbul's Colorful Galatasaray

Istanbul’s lively and youthful Beyoğlu district, on the European side of the city famously located on top of the meeting point of two continents, is home to several interesting sub-districts. 118 altre parole


The Doves of Galata

I arrived in Istanbul just days after the Turkish military offensive in Syria had started.
According to me, a campaign with the sole purpose of preempting the setting up of an independent Kurdish state. 1.416 altre parole


Petraki Han - A memoir by Francis Xavier Calleja (1892-1970).

This is the charming memoir of a childhood spent in No.4 Petraki Han, Constantinople. It was written by my grandfather’s first cousin, Frank, (Francis Xavier Calleja) in the 1960s when he was by then living in a little flat in West Kensington, London. 5.725 altre parole


Firuze’yle aşk sohbetimiz

“Sana dün bir tepeden baktım aziz İstanbul! “

Düşündüm, düşündüm de bulamadım cevabını. Yok, üstüme gelme Firuze. İstemem. Bilirsin, sevmem darlanmayı. ‘Nasıl seviyorsun’ diye sorma. İstanbul kadar işte.

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Photo of the Day: March 2, 2018

The aesthetics of this cup and saucer were better than the actual coffee it was holding: a strong Turkish brew at Galata in Marlboro.

Photo Of The Day

Restaurant Review: Galata Turkish Cuisine (Marlboro, NJ)

This is a case of social media having an effect on food advertising. I was first made aware of Galata Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine by stumbling upon their Instagram account a few months ago. 390 altre parole

Restaurant Reviews

A Walk Through Galata

Galata to me has a very European feel to it. It’s in the architecture and in the cobblestone streets as well in its cafes. Unlike other districts of Istanbul, Galata has worked hard to preserve its historic buildings. 150 altre parole