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NEOLOKAL (Istanbul, Turkey)

We were looking for romantic place to have a dinner, and we wanted to experience Turkish culture in modern way. Neolokal was one of the places that came into our minds. 811 altre parole

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Bosphorus and Troy

If there is one city in this world where it is repeatably mentioned through different civilization and under different names, it would be Istanbul. Once known as Byzantium and Constantinople, this is city strategically situated in both Europe and Asia. 699 altre parole


I Am Wanderer

Istanbul is a city like no other for one reason:
” No matter how long you live here, you’ll never feel like you’ve explored the whole city” 744 altre parole


Originally posted July 6, 2013 by Svetopolis

The East truly meets the West in Istanbul. Istanbul is a city of the world. The variety of people and cultures here is much more than I had expected. 572 altre parole