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Four Days in Turkey

Last week was one for the record books!  I returned from my four day Turkey trip at 1 Sunday morning- just in time for a 4 hour nap before getting ready for school.   1.271 altre parole

Pera Palace, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Thinking of Istanbul, I am remembering my frequent visits there and the wedding of Friends at the Ciragan Palace on the Bosphorus and their stay of the Pera Palace Hotel built in 1892 exclusively to house the passengers of the Orient Express. 813 altre parole

A six-hour layover - snapshots of Istanbul in black & white

My inbound landed at 18:00. My outbound wasn’t due until some 6 hours later, at about half past midnight. Six hours that I could’ve spent wandering aimlessly through the airport corridors, boozing in a lounge, ending up – inevitably – staring at a clock ticking away. 148 altre parole


Visited January 2015

Hagia Sophia / Ayasofya & Sultanahmet

Blue Mosque / Sultan Ahmet Camii

Süleymaniye Mosque / Süleymaniye Camii

Rustem Pasha Mosque / Rüstem Paşa Camii… 28 altre parole



Yırtık jeanler ne kadar her daim moda olsa da, bu aralar en populer tarz tam da dizlerden yırtık olanlar galiba. Hem topuklularla hem de spor ayakkabılarla birlikte şık ve rahat kombinler oluşturmak mümkün.Ben de hafta sonu yırtık jeanimi giydiğim gibi kendimi sokaklara attım.Tercihim az topuklu botlar ve vazgeçilmezim rock n roll T-shirtlerimden biri oldu. 171 altre parole


Some of Why I'm In love With Istanbul's Streets

Yes, SOME; because this topic will definitely take more than one blog post!

Walking around the city all day without being bothered by the humidity is one of my favorite things about Istanbul, and Turkey in general. 566 altre parole

The Loco Lodos

It was a Lodos weekend in Istanbul, with the strong, dusty winds from Africa howling up the Bosphorus, sending waves crashing over the shore and forcing the locals indoors to save themselves almost certain doom. 492 altre parole