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TOP being submissive to GD or..?

i love this interview in LA! they did a ‘challenge’ in this interview, there’s a question about each member and another chosen member will have to answer with/for them. 159 altre parole

[150228] GTOP @ TGC 2015 *updated with backstage photos*

lmao GTOP being matchy-matchy @ TGC 2015

(just like in TGC 2012)

in sync

and wearing couples hat FML!

and watches!

backstage photos~ GTOP’s matching style at the event though <3

(credit on pix)

GD x Taeyang – Good Boy - Anak Laki yang "Baik" (Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia)

GD x Taeyang – Good Boy

Songwriters: GD (BIGBANG), The Fliptones, Freedo

Album: Good Boy

Genre: K-Pop

Agency: YG Entertainment 484 altre parole

[NEWS] BIGBANG Recording New Song with Masta Wu and Kush?

Masta Wu personally uploaded  updates from the ongoing preparations for BIGBANG’sbig return with a photo of him and the members in the studio.  122 altre parole


plot twist: GD is stalking GTOP shippers

lmao it just occurred to me cuz remember when he liked this fan art,

it’s from a GTOP shipper named Sanha and in some of them fan arts, G&T are making out! 110 altre parole