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[Winter Quarter 20150222] KKAPUCI @ Taiwanese American Organization's Lantern Festival Event

Event: TAO’s Lantern Festival
Location: Pacific Ballroom Student Center
Watch here

Performers: Andi Wong, Claire Darner, Elizabeth Campos, Erin Adelina, Jefferson Nhem, Jessie Chang, Karen Chung, Mercedes Aqu, Sara Cuviello, Sherry An, Shirley Tran, Vivian Luu… 38 altre parole


G&D provides cloud payment solution to Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia´s (CBA) latest mobile Cloud Payment launch is amongst the world’s first commercial offerings for HCE (Host Card Emulation) for NFC contactless payments. 417 altre parole


Wow, Ternyata Choo Sarang Sangat Menyukai G-Dragon!

Cukup mengejutkan ketika ayah dari Choo Sarang yaitu Choo Sung Hoon mengirimkan pesan melalui twitter pada tanggal 23 Maret lalu. “Sarang, selalu menari dan ikut bernyanyi dengan penyayi pria yaitu GD saat ia menonton TV. 149 altre parole


New blank white canvas website !!

Music sure can sooth my soul. I am so super Lucky!! I got tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Chicago. The “Fare the well” shows!! 105 altre parole


Credit Suisse Shows Top Defense Stock Picks

Defense contractors met with U.S. Department of Defense officials and members of Congress last week at a conference sponsored by Credit Suisse. On Monday morning, the bank’s analysts released a brief report on the meeting and the state of the defense business. 376 altre parole

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Translations: Big Bang Japan Dome Tour 'X', G-Dragon's Message

“Hi, this is G-Dragon. On March 25th, Big Bang’s Japan Dome Tour 2014 ~ 2015 ‘X’ Live DVD & Blu-Ray will be up for sale. As for the tour this time… Even though there’s no new songs, there’s new song arrangements that make songs sound like new. 232 altre parole

21Shoe March

Just a quick post tonight, my fellow Shopping Addicts, because this month’s round of 21Shoe starts in only a couple of hours and runs through midnight tomorrow night, so you need to hurry if you want to snatch up some great two-for-one deals at some of your favorite shoe store. 217 altre parole