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Hair: Action – Johnny

T-Shirt: The Shops – Classic Tee

Necklace: G&D – Chain Empire Wood

Pants: Seul – Hedi Bikers

Boots: Judas – Chanel Militant Boots… 75 altre parole


Merrill Lynch Says Time to Buy These 5 Top Dividend Aristocrat Stocks

There is almost no question that the market is getting a little tired and long in the tooth. Having rallied since March of 2009 and becoming a full-fledged bull market with the March 2013 breakout through the 1,500 level, investors who have been long stocks have been well rewarded. 831 altre parole


The Government has no business of being in business.

  1. The primary function of the government in any country is to formulate rules and policies that are coherent with its constitution and overseeing their implementation. Since the topic is to specifically look into the implications of the government trying to run businesses in a country, we will focus on the various kinds of government structures (and ownership), the implications of the government running business, the code of conduct for private enterprise and the imperatives for Indian government.
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Subsidies in India – they do more harm than good.

  1. Subsidies: Money granted by the government to keep down the prices of commodities such as industries and products (from gasoline to food), Loss-making state-owned enterprises and essential utilities (water, electricity to farmers etc.).
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Tesco sa Chomraich

Tha dragh air feadhainn gum bi Tesco a’ lìbhrigeadh stuth ro shaor a dh’àiteachan mar a’ Chomraich, agus a’ toirt droch bhuaidh air bùithean beaga ionadail san dòigh sin. 34 altre parole