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wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

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Demystifying Geisha

Ever since reading Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha around my middle school years, I’ve been fascinated by geisha culture and society. As for many in western society, Golden’s book was my first in-depth look into the geisha world. 560 altre parole


Entertainer by ...

… any other name, but much more than that. Last year whilst roaming the streets of Gion, Kyoto it was raining pretty hard, thwarting any chance of seeing the famed female entertainers scurrying about throughout the evening. 454 altre parole

Other Asian Adventures


Daydream – a pleasant fantasy or reverie.

“Daydream” is my second drawing from a photograph I took in Pontocho, Kyoto in the spring of 2013.  The first drawing is “Promenade”, February 2016. 237 altre parole


Hassaku | Gion

Le premier août est une date importante pour les Maiko et Geiko des différents quartiers de Kyoto car c’est le jour du Hassaku (八朔), soit une journée en mode promenade au pas de course où elles aller rendre visite et payer leurs hommages aux différents professeurs, maîtres restaurateurs et autres personnes importantes du milieu, pour faire court, toutes les institutions et maisons qui leur permettent de travailler et de perfectionner leur art. 548 altre parole


Gion Matsuri | Parade 2

Une semaine après la premiere parade, ou Saki Matsuri Junko 先祭り巡行, voici la seconde, de moindre envergure mais un peu plus variée avec deux parties bien distinctes. 371 altre parole


Every dancer offers us a bridge to a new, exciting world.

via Photo Challenge: Bridge

Today with additional notes:

First, thank you for reading through another zen Monday and for all the positive engagement so far. ありがとうございます。 96 altre parole