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I asked this lady’s permission to take her photograph. It was during a ‘formal’ evening on the Diamond Princess when a number of Japanese ladies dressed in the national dress of Japan. 1.142 altre parole


Makeup and Cultural Consultants

Well maybe somebody knows what they’re doing over there. I’m not going to dwell on “Shogun World” really, I’m not but there is this thing that I want to talk about. 610 altre parole


Greetings From Kyoto! The Geisha Shot

“She’s right behind you!” I whispered.

“Yeah, I know,” she replied sarcastically.

I was surprised when my sister didn’t reach for her camera or turn around immediately to get the photo she had been talking about all trip.  462 altre parole


Japan: Kyoto - an afternoon in Gion

We discovered a delightful breakfast cafe just around the corner from our hotel in suburban Osaka this morning. The regular clientele were all elderly citizens, one of whom rushed to clear a table space for us as we entered. 140 altre parole


Happy Easter!

wafuku – noun: traditional Japanese clothing

Welcome to my www.wafuku.co.uk Wordpress blog

You can also check out my www.wafuku.co.uk website, providing vintage & antique Japanese kimonos & collectables. 60 altre parole

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Demystifying Geisha

Ever since reading Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha around my middle school years, I’ve been fascinated by geisha culture and society. As for many in western society, Golden’s book was my first in-depth look into the geisha world. 560 altre parole


Entertainer by ...

… any other name, but much more than that. Last year whilst roaming the streets of Gion, Kyoto it was raining pretty hard, thwarting any chance of seeing the famed female entertainers scurrying about throughout the evening. 454 altre parole

Other Asian Adventures