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Geisha graduation ...

The ornate fabrics making up the kimonos, obis (waistbands) and kanzashi (hair ornaments) of these maiko on their graduation to become fully fledged geiko (Kyto equivalent of geisha). 25 altre parole


Kyoto, Japan

The last stop on our tour of Japan… Kyoto. By far, my favorite. It’s a big city, but unlike Tokyo, it feels like a smaller town. 108 altre parole


A Reflective Moment

When I started to draw “A Reflective Moment” on October 15th, I was full of trepidation. My previous drawing on Velin BFK Rives had fallen through so my confidence was at an all-time low.   328 altre parole


Higashiyama and Kiyomizu-dera

Whenever I get a visitor, I take them to Kiyomizu-dera, probably the most visited spot in Kyoto (see my visit before). This magnificent temple sits on a wooden platform from which one has a beautiful view over Kyoto. 39 altre parole


Geisha, Geiko, Maiko, Hangyoku and how to tell the difference.

While in Kyoto we had the privilege of attending a private Geisha/Geiko (see below for an explanation of the different terms) performance. I’d only seen such things in movies and it was truly mesmerizing. 304 altre parole


Gion Hatanaka

Before I travelled to Kyoto last month, I perused the internet to see if there were any new activities on offer.  I found “Kyoto Dining with Maiko… 552 altre parole


Go Around Again

To view the photos from the day before, see A Walk with Katsutomo-san

I hope you clicked on the photos to enlarge them. 257 altre parole