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May 7, 2015: Miyako Odori

It’s a little late, but I’m finally posting my experience visiting Miyako Odori last month!  I’ve got lots of photos, scans of the program, and lots about my own personal experiences.  17 altre parole


Kyo Odori

Geisha and Maiko’s SPINg Dance performance

When a Maiko took over my body for a couple of hours two weeks ago, I have realized how hard and unique the life of these artisans are.  444 altre parole


"Enigmatic Woman"

“She painted her face to hide her pain. She dances, she sings. She entertain you, whatever you want. The rest is shadow, the rest is secret.” 384 altre parole


Satsuki |Geiko san| - video

The word geisha literally means “arts person” trained in the traditional arts. The beauty of a Maiko san and a geiko san is something that is classically around the idea of tradition and is not focused on the 20th Century idea. 36 altre parole

Life Cycles