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10 Things That Make Kyoto The World's Best City

عشر أسباب أختاروا بسببها كيوتو أحسن مدينه فى العالم


Fascination: Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto

From September 17th to October 2nd 2016, Robyn Varpins and I open the doors to our art exhibition Fascination: Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto celebrating maiko and geiko (geisha) of Kyoto. 219 altre parole


Meet the Geisha

Probably we are already familiar with the word Geisha , but actually, what is geisha? Now, i am going to give you some information about this phenomenon. 299 altre parole


Super Deluxe

Word association:  the words on the taxi are a perfect description for maiko and geiko.  These practitioners of the refined arts of Japan are cultivated and rarified beings.   139 altre parole


Cultural Kyoto

From Hakone we got the train to Kyoto, and were reunited with our luggage. We’d taken a small bag for our two nights in Hakone, and sent our luggage ahead from Tokyo by… 1.038 altre parole