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Experience: Miyako Odori

Kyoto is home to five hanamachi, or geisha neighborhoods. Every year, each neighborhood’s geisha (or geiko, as they are known in Kyoto) and maiko put on a demonstration of their accomplished skills. 478 altre parole

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This is a perfect look for cultural programs in school, and themed parties, especially during Halloween.

Instead of using actual oshiroi and itahaka brushes, I used a light-colored and creamy concealer stick as my foundation, blending it onto my skin using a sponge, and patting on a mixture of cornstarch powder and flour to intensify its fair color and to set it. 102 altre parole


Just Walk Away Renée

One of my favourite motifs is that of maiko or geiko walking away.  Why?  For one thing, I don’t like to photograph in people’s faces as they come towards me.   381 altre parole


Kembali ke masa lalu di Kyoto Jepang

Setelah dari Osaka perjalanan ku selanjutnya ke kota Kyoto , dari awal perjalanan ini saya memang ingin ke Kyoto sangat penasaran dengan kota yang satu ini banyak para travel blogger yang jatuh cinta dengan kota Kyoto untuk menjawab pertanyaan saya harus datang ke kota Kyoto , setelah melakukan perjalanan menggunakan kereta JR dengan jarak tempuh sekitar 60 Km dan ditempuh sekitar 1 jam. 853 altre parole


Blue Pearl

A few weeks after naming a drawing “Diamonds“, I am once again asking a jewel to lend me its name.  This time the jewel is a blue pearl; a type of pearl which was developed on New Zealand shores utilizing the paua shellfish. 205 altre parole


Private Thoughts

While every maiko and geiko must face public scrutiny and insatiable curiosity as she walks through the streets of Kyoto, at least her thoughts remain private.   231 altre parole


The GEISHA Exhibition

The new “GEISHA” exhibition at the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde is now on show. I visited the museum last week and blissfully explored the exhibition for a few hours. 110 altre parole