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An Unexpected Experience

Chris Wilsson posted an interesting article today where he was given the rare opportunity to encounter both a Geisha and a Maiko by mere chance on the streets of Kyoto. 1.184 altre parole


Kamogawa Odori

From May 1st to May 24th

The Kamogawa Odori is an annual spring dance performed by Kyoto Maikos and Geikos at the Pontocho Kaburenjo Theatre. Its peculiar stage partially surrounds the audience making for a very engaging experience. 26 altre parole


Shijo-dori, Kyoto

Shijō Street runs center of Kyoto, Japan east to west through the commercial center of the city. Shijō literally means fourth street of Heian-kyō, the ancient capital. 12 altre parole



A final post from the Kyoto workshop. One evening we had a memorable few minutes that resulted from being in the right place at the right time, and a fair amount of luck.   178 altre parole


Tea with a maiko

One of the highlights of the Kyoto Photography Workshop was tea with a maiko in Gion.

The maiko we met was Kanohiro-san who is just 18 years old.   67 altre parole


Geisha, Geiko and Maiko

What’s the difference between a geisha and a maiko? How do you tell them apart?

A geisha, 芸者, is a professional entertainer, the direct translation of the kanji would be art person.   215 altre parole