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Mondays are for Making an Impression

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend time with your loved ones.  We can all agree that the weekend ends to soon, and that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.  272 altre parole


Sundays are for Family

The Pilot Post:

I think it is appropriate for my first post to be about my family.  They are what encourage me each and everyday to reach for the stars and give it my all.  404 altre parole


7 Things about Gilbert Roland

Old Hollywood’s history of Hispanic and Latin actors/actresses is sometimes overlooked and there’s a lack of exploring the breadth of their contributions to film. Roland appeared in films alongside Clara Bow, Mae West, Errol Flynn, and Kirk Douglas but he’s probably best remembered for his portrayal of… 1.218 altre parole

Old Hollywood

Stage 4 throat cancer survivor - Kangen Water Story💦

This video is an amazing story from this gentleman and is well worth the 11 minutes of your time. If you have similar health issues or like fibromyalgia,  as he also talks about his friend then you should take the time to watch. 86 altre parole


Nuisance Boy

He was a little bit lazy
But he had big ideas in his head
He was a new romantic dreamer
He was plagued and painted red… 383 altre parole


My Abuser Was The Perfect Gentleman

I remember watching Disney cartoons, movies, TV-Shows and books portraying the “bad guy” who always gives you the heebie-jeebies and has some kind of flaw or “vibe” that  would tell you that they didn’t have the best intentions.  1.236 altre parole

Mental Health

Il dizionario dell'umile gentiluomo, parte I

Una cortese prefazione visiva

Gentilissimi lettori e lettrici, ben ritrovati su questo blog. Per voi, oggi, una cospicua novità concepita e realizzata simbioticamente dalle più autorevoli personalità della rete: … 1.117 altre parole