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The loud mouthed 24 year old East Londoner, can make you cringe with his tongue in cheek comments and his dry sarcasm. The vulgarity that makes you think it’s beyond bloke talk and it’s actual way of life. 227 altre parole


Vintage Presence

Yo so this looks like one of my old fits, but I had to bring it back. Whenever I wanna go out for a special occasion I throw on my finesse pieces-es the fringe coat, and my lucky ray ban round frames. 19 altre parole


The Classic Gentleman

When I think of something that is classic, I think of something that is timeless, a part of history, that may fade away, but always comes back new and approved. 325 altre parole

Rants: People That Annoy Me Part 2

Right I’m writing this because I’m still pissed off from this morning. If you’re not currently in London it is cold as fuck. Consequently I have been using the tube to commute to work. 332 altre parole

Men's Talk: 10 Etiquette Tips Every Man Should Know

This post was inspired by something that happened to me and my friend a few days ago. My friend and I had been standing at the bus stop for a while and were waiting for a tricycle. 921 altre parole


Pequeñas cosas que te harán un gran hombre

  1. Presta atención -verdadera atención- a un niño pequeño. Todos recordamos a aquellos adultos que lo hicieron cuando éramos niños. Ellos pasan a ser nuestros modelos de comportamiento.
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Well-dressed Gentleman

This location in Queens, NY was amazing. Some many creative idea could be placed into effect in this one spot. Working with this model Carl made this shoot very easy because of his confidence level and his physical appearance. 15 altre parole