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A Royal weekend.

So the diet is going well but, as i’m about to tell you, i sort of had a weekend off. I didn’t go completely off the rails i did eat relatively well, just the odd cake and burger. 614 altre parole


Geram awak..

Bersikap gentleman terkadang dapat membuat kita terlihat bodoh.
Iya terlihat bodoh, dihadapan orang bodoh.

Namun bagi seorang gentleman tak ada penyesalan.
Karena sikap menunjukkan isi kepala. 58 altre parole


Bringing back the glory days...hopefully.

First off I had a blog ready to write which was the polar opposite of what im about to write.  But having a terrible cold made me not want to do anything really. 628 altre parole


what I call a sharp thought

nobody wants to be a gentleman now a days. money, followers, likes and views have changed the perspective how we measure the credibility and the stature of a person. 26 altre parole


Sex Magic

I remember discussing the concept of Sexiness with a friend many moons ago. I’m most definitely full of opinions on the subject.

First and foremost… 906 altre parole



Dress like a gentleman

Walk like a gentleman

Talk like a gentleman

Smile like a gentleman

Laugh like a gentleman

Treat like a gentleman

Eat like gentleman

Like a genleman


Mens Guide to Three Key Accessories

Kevin Gaiss

Accessories are the perfect add-on to any men’s outfit. But there is always the risk of going over the top. If we are being honest here, to many accessories leaves someone looking at you overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have all over. 379 altre parole