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a learning over a coffee

One of a beautiful piece of change I have learned today from my close friend that don’t  be self-conceit and always be receptive to knowledge, reviews and more importantly the truth.  163 altre parole



Those who never respect a Woman…

Can never meet the qualification for being a gentleman!


Rum Review #1: The Cannon Blast vs. The Kraken

Up till now, I’ve stuck to wine reviews. Exclusively. I drank ciders as well as other beverages, but only reviewed wine. I had taken a step back from liquors to focus on the “classier” beverages. 304 altre parole

The Keep

Be a REAL MAN: A Beginner's Guide

What makes a REAL MAN? Is it the way he dresses? Is it the way he smells or how strong he is? Or perhaps it is the size of his wallet or the kind of car or truck he drives. 168 altre parole


Our own Captain America

There’s a lot of buzz around Arun Vaidyanathan’s Nibunan, mainly on account of some statistical significance. It’s promoted as Arjun’s 150th film. And this got me wondering about an actor who has generally, inexplicably perhaps, always remained in the periphery of stardom, and seemed content with it. 493 altre parole


Deal 1042: Gwen doesn't have cats?

I’m hopeful for the first time in many years. Sydney is turning out to be an apt pupil, often needing little more than a hint that something might be possible for him to do for him to go off on his own and discover how to do it. 317 altre parole

Daily Deal

How To Smoke A Cigar Like A Gentleman

Most people don’t smoke cigars regularly, and if you haven’t taken the time to smoke a few yourself it can be a bit confusing, believe it or not. 848 altre parole