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I'm jealoused = I'm in love?🤔

Someone who believes jealousy is about love has little motivation to examine it closely, and little faith that they could lessen it. … Jealousy is definitely not about love. 304 altre parole


Caps, hands and tongues, applaud it to the clouds:

It’s amazing how often “the people” means “the men.”
I mean – democracy was born in a world where, amazingly, “The people” could govern themselves. But they weren’t the people. 74 altre parole


And, as the world were now but to begin, Antiquity forgot, custom not known, The ratifers and props of every word, They cry ‘choose we: Laertes shall be king:’

It would be interesting if, having forgotten absolutely all history or tradition, if the world began anew, to have the first people choose their king. We think of the impulse of democracy, of choosing our leaders as being so evolved, so at the top of the development chain – but what if it were instead our birthright – our first thought. 70 altre parole


The rabble call him lord;

We’re in the midst of this crazy election right now. There are so many times where it feels like there are hordes of people who are not individuals but a seething sort of mass – an emotional irrational sometimes violent crowd. 76 altre parole


The Gentlemen - 2017/2018


Hitchin Town – A good way to start the new era for Corinthian, a very good 5-0 win against a much weaker Hitchin side. A brace for both Ashley Frendo & Dean Davis put some gloss on the performance before half time with substitute Kevin Smith scoring the only goal of the second half. 906 altre parole


Christian Jane Austen Variations 3

“I cannot deny that duty has been more often my motivation than anything approaching real devotion. . . . At least, that would be Reverend Whitefield’s assessment.” –Darcy, … 742 altre parole

Jane Austen