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8 Reasons your Beard may not be Mansome

Alright my man, so you decided you were just going to grow your beard and let it fly.  Maybe you have a natural gift and your beard has come in full and proud.  1.298 altre parole


Chivalry Is Not Dead !

Trying to get the one parking spot that was open, I am waiting patiently during rush hour to finish my grocery shopping and get back home. 185 altre parole


The 'stupid, obstinate, and unreasonable' man on the Notting Hill omnibus.

William Rogers was a gentleman who lived in Shepherd’s Bush in the London suburbs and as such, he was as far from being the usual sort of occupant of a police court dock as one could get. 324 altre parole

"Aloof" He Cried!

Well day 3, post number 4 and more likes and followers, thanks guys!

Developments from yesterday,  include a shit load of facebook comments from Ginge and a late night text followed by two today! 534 altre parole

Drunken Texting

The Rise Of A Lincoln Man

To some “Mr. Lincoln” is just a flashy title. To others it is viewed as a popularity contest, but the ones who know the real worth of the title Mr. 491 altre parole