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EP Review: Liz Bills – Liz Bills

EP Review of Liz Bills: Liz Bills

This brand new self-titled four-song EP – it’s scheduled to drop on Saturday, November 18th – is the first solo release by… 832 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Live Review: Eric Schwartz at The Backyard

Eric Schwartz

The Backyard, Brighton, MA

November 5, 2017

A series of scheduling conflicts have kept me from getting to The Backyard earlier this year. 943 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Album Review: Savoy Brown – Witchy Feelin'

Album Review of Savoy Brown: Witchy Feelin’

Yes, that Savoy Brown. Legendary British blues rockers you’d know mostly from the ’60s and ’70s, though they’ve been releasing music pretty steadily ever since. 559 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Live Review: Corey McLane at Hudson House Restaurant

Corey McLane

Hudson House Restaurant, Hudson, MA

October 27, 2017

One of the cool things about hearing a talented hard rock singer like Corey McLane doing an acoustic cover night is that you get to hear songs from a variety of musical styles delivered by a power voice. 837 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Album Review: Sam Sherwin – Iodine Cocktails

Album Review of Sam Sherwin: Iodine Cocktails

Straightforward rock ‘n roll from New Jersey. With roots in the ’70s and ’80s, Sam Sherwin‘s Iodine Cocktails… 523 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Album Review: Richard X. Heyman – Incognito

Album Review of Richard X. Heyman: Incognito

I’ve crossed paths with Richard X. Heyman a lot through the years. At least, I’ve crossed paths with his name. 836 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur

Live Review: Bob Malone at Barn #81

Bob Malone

Barn #81, Hopkinton, MA

October 14, 2017

Bob Malone is one of the great rockin’ blues keyboardists of our time. Period. Berklee-trained, Bob has chiseled and honed his style among some of the best local musicians in Los Angeles, his performance skills polished over years in the studio and on the road. 937 altre parole

Geoff Wilbur