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JULY 2, 2015


Yesterday I mentioned thatĀ sitting around and talking could often produce spontaneous portrait studies, and that like street photography, if one was observant some rich gestural images might come from it. 108 altre parole


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Gesture drawing

I’ve just finished a wonderful conversation with a friend over a coffee. Always make sure you have a pencil and paper when you go out so you can draw! 41 altre parole


Gesture Drawing Trio

After not quite getting the technique for gesture drawing for last week’s canvas.net course assignment I settled down with my sketchpad to have another go. Lacking people to pose around for me, and being away from the puter I ended up flicking through my Total Film magazine for possible source images. 185 altre parole

Artwork - Drawing


Autograph: (n) a signature, especially that of a celebrity written as a memento for an admirer.

Life is an elevator.

The same blessing that takes you up is the shaft that brings you down. 290 altre parole

A Words

Little things

All the great things start small. From babies taking their small steps to learning how to jump and run. Starting from 0 to infinity. From a cornerstone to a church. 281 altre parole

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