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Gestures #4 - Breathe in; breathe out

My next step in learning how to draw a gesture drawing is to move on from being able to mechanically make a gesture on the page to being able to make something with some value, depth or even, perhaps, beauty.  604 altre parole


Gestures #3 - Finally I'm beginning to get it...

At the beginning of today I still couldn’t work out how to really get into gesture drawing.  So I went back to the video I first looked at… 360 altre parole

Gestures #2 - Details, Ink and Improvement

This is my second day working on a type of figure drawing called ‘Gesture Drawing’.  I began by watching this video…

I really like the video.  397 altre parole

First Attempts

Well these are my first attempts at Gesture Drawing.  When I did these I only really knew what gesture drawing is supposed to be and even then I didn’t really ‘get it’ completely.  393 altre parole

BeWareable: Gesture Sensing Helmet made at Hackn'Talk 2015

The Cycling season is on! To help kids safely cycle in the cities we created a Gesture Sensing Helmet during the Hack’n’Talk 2015 held at the Ryerson Fashion Zone from 1-3 May 2015. 152 altre parole


Bacaan : Gesture

Judul : Gesture (Mengungkap Makna di Balik Bahasa Tubuh Orang Lain dari Mikroekspresi hingga Makroekspresi)
Penyusun : Zaka Putra Ramdani, S.I.Kom
Penerbit : PT Hafamira… 661 altre parole