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Global Automotive Gesture Recognition Industry 2015 Applications, Technological Factors, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts

The report is a summary of competitive analysis of the global Automotive Gesture Recognition market. The key local and international companies are examined in the research report by using industry standard techniques such as SWOT analysis. 70 altre parole

Outer VS Inner Snark

Outer VS Inner Snark
by FT Ledrew

the outer snark
cannot be mistaken:
it’s bold
and straight-up

but, the inner snark
is mischievous,
encrypted in the smirk… 25 altre parole


Up yours: The gesture that divides America and the UK

Sometimes a gesture can convey a message more satisfactorily than words. Why tell someone to fuck off when you can just give them the finger… 727 altre parole

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Flangiprop!.”

Flangiprop! (Flan·jee·prop) v.

To explain something using not just your hands, but also, and mainly, your fingers.

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Daily Prompt


This blog has been up and running for a whole year and I have filled 41 sketchbooks since July 2013.  This is not my first blog. 293 altre parole



Last week my laptop had to go in for repair, so I’ve had to do without a computer for the last few days. It’s been frustrating, given how much I use one! 68 altre parole