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Being taken for granted ...

I let someone into my lane this morning. It was 7:30 am and I was trying to catch my train to work. But traffic was unusually bad this morning and everyone seemed on edge. 375 altre parole


Part 1 - Exercise 1 - Form & Gesture - Warm-up

I was standing on the platform and saw this dummy lying on the ground.   Took a photo and thought afterwards that this was an acceptable composition… 211 altre parole


Episodes #02

Date: 21-Oct-2016

This guy I know, from not so long, got me half a cake on my half birthday!

Talk about sugary sweet surprises…I am all smiles today.


We know each other

by scent-gesture-bark


foxy synchrony


October 17th 

Starting to work on a collage project for drawing class. I started by tracing past drawings and overlaying them in different ways before I decide what kind of composition I want. 7 altre parole