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The Grand Gesture

Maybe we are all waiting for the wonderful grand gesture of love. You know, the part where the guy rocks up on his modern day White horse, sweeps you off your feet and proclaims to the whole entire world that he is totally and utterly head over heels for you. 634 altre parole

What our hands say: Exploring gesture use in subgroups of children with language delay

This study investigated whether children with receptive-expressive and expressive-only language delay differ in their use of gesture, to examine relationships between their use of gesture, symbolic comprehension and language, and to consider implications for the nature of problems underlying different profiles of early language delay and for assessment. 60 altre parole

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January – April 2015

I’m out of Auckland for my sisters incredible wedding, i’m on my laptop applying for jobs in London. I can’t believe I am leaving this beautiful country, my family, my friends and the best summer I have ever had with Trouble – for the unknown – in two days! 480 altre parole


It is all about Gesture!

In my last post I mentioned I was starting a new online class.  The class is with Roz Stendahl – Drawing Live Subjects in Public. 345 altre parole



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