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Throw Back Tuesday

Looking back I love to see the journey that my art has taken. And mostly when I look back I have so memories attached to these little sketches. 85 altre parole


Jonathan’s Gesture Distinguished Him As Generous, Gracious Man – Buhari

The president said it was such an incredible development that a man who had occupied various political offices as a deputy governor, governor, Vice president and president could easily relinquish power to the opposition party. 687 altre parole


Drawing with Celestial Light

This week, I took time to visit The Drawing Room and The Photographers’ Gallery to attend the exhibition “Double Take”. The exhibition draws inspiration from William Henry Fox Talbot’s “Pencil of Nature” and refers to the gesture, which can be found in both drawing and photography.  518 altre parole


Hand Gestures Play Tetris

There are reports of a Tetris movie with a sizable budget, and with it come a plentiful amount of questions about how that would work. Who would the characters be? 185 altre parole


Google Project SOLI

Project SOLI is google’s new technology which enables to use hand gestures. Project SOLI works like a miniature radar which is embedded in a single chip as small as 8mm x 10 mm. 78 altre parole

COTD 27.05.16:For you...

For you…

27.05.16 – Today’s COTD is the 2 of Cups

Yesterday’s bonding moment seems to be lingering today, as a special someone offers you a piece of themselves for you to keep. 56 altre parole