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Let's go to Target...

and grab a tall coffee at Starbucks.  I have been getting  coffee at Starbucks for years and always have the same.  A tall coffee with room for cream.  286 altre parole


Smiled at the Romantic Gesture

The sunset caught on the petals
Kissed them with the colors of fire
They glowed against the ivory wall
Smiled at the romantic gesture
While sitting alone… 76 altre parole


Anatomy Sketches/ Quick Studies

I’ve been looking for new websites to practice my gesture and anatomy sketches. The website I am use too does not have that big of a choice when it comes to pictures, so you sometimes do end up drawing the same things over and over… But here are my last ones :)


Project Soli

  1. About  ::
    1. Developed by Google ATAP.
    2. Google is experimenting to put gesture controls everywhere with its Project Soli.
  2. What is it??
    1. Project Soli makes the user’s hands and fingers as an interface for devices using radar.
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Little things.

We are so accustomed to live everything for granted, that every small gesture becomes insignificant.

Yet a pat on the face, a kiss, a hug should never be taken for granted. 40 altre parole


Dissertation: Photographic Gesture

The basis of this dissertation was a critical look at the way we design in response to previous experiences we accumulate across our architectural experience, and how we could retain some notion of emotive response in an art form. 169 altre parole

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