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Dream about a Mage -- February 23, 2017

I was at my childhood home. The carport was empty. Some idiots had parked in the front yard, something that never fails to irritate me in this particular dream. 159 altre parole

Dinosaur Warm Up Sketches

5 min each T-Rex warm up sketches 9×12 Sharpie and Copic Markers on Rough News Print


Gesture sketches

Warm up gesture demos from today’s watercolor class.

Urban Figure

52 DPH (Drawings Per Hour

It is my opinion that we are too often too meticulous and careful in our actions in work and play. Surely,these actions have consequences, but sometimes the best actions and decisions are made in a fraction of the time. 229 altre parole

Drawing And Painting Samples

Week 1 lecture- what is interaction design?

You could say that I’m pretty confused right now. Like what the heck am i learning


Pretty item of the day: Will you be my bridesmaid set ✨

I might not be engaged but a girl can dream. I saw this lovely little will you be my bridesmaid set from Up Over And Down Under for £27:99, you can’t put a price in a cute gesture right? 23 altre parole