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Mannequins in Motion!

Anatomy and Figure students combined their understanding of basic gesture lines, contour drawing and creating value through line in the “Mannequins in Motion” project.

They were asked to create a series of 6 drawings that convey a progression of motion. 47 altre parole

Poem to read when you want to help someone but don't know how

I think of this poem every time I’m feeling helpless because a friend or family member is sick or in physical or emotional pain and I want to do something, anything, to help….Not knowing what else to do I often give them a card or poem or book or silly little toy. 48 altre parole

One minute gesture drawings.

One minute each on drawing paper, it is 18″by24″ with conte crayons.

The model was moving with every pose, so we had to get it down as fast as possible. 16 altre parole


thoughts on gesture

“Gesture is paradoxical: it is both part of the universe of meaning and a reminder of mute physicality and unmeaning.”

Dillon, B (2009) On the Elements of Drawing: in (ed.) Biggs, B. 124 altre parole

zaubetraur megalith dance

Listening again, I dance across the drawn megalith, the traces of my movement recorded by the charcoal dust.

On reflection, a choreographed piece would be interesting – a tension between the controlled, organised dance, and the chance traces it will make on the image. 172 altre parole

Apple/PrimeSense patent describes using hand gestures to control a Mac

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Apple has today been granted a patent for using hand gestures to control a Mac. The inventors named in the patent are from PrimeSense, the company that developed Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, and which Apple… 349 altre parole