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A trip to London

For ten years London was the place I called home. The city resides in my heart, wrapping it with a patchwork of a worn out upholstery fabric. 407 altre parole


Christmas all wrapped up in one

There are many paintings to choose for an, albeit it belated, Art History Christmas blog but this year, I thought I would introduce the Portinari Altarpiece by 15th Century Flemish artist Hugo Van der Goes. 1.250 altre parole

15th Century

Faces of the Distant Past: Botticelli, the Medicis and ephemeral beauty

Three years ago, on the fifth of November 2014, a very unusual painting was auctioned in New York. Although made in 1922, it was no modernist work, but captured on its canvas were the faces of those long dead. 1.246 altre parole


The Corsini Collection Auckland Art Gallery

We are lucky to have the Corsini Collection in Auckland.  It is grand to see Italian paintings in their real size not reduced in books. There may be some reservations about attribution but many of these paintings are off the beaten track and not found in the books on major painters nor in the collections at prominent public galleries in Europe. 977 altre parole


Encounter drawings at the National Portrait Gallery review ***

The Encounter: Drawings from Leonardo to Rembrandt

National Portrait Gallery, 7th September 2017

Short, sweet and eclectic. The exhibition of 50 or so portrait drawings at the NPG contains works by some of the greatest draughtsmen revered by art history from the Renaissance and Baroque, but blink and you might miss them. 306 altre parole