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hair product review and rant | shea moisture superfruit complex 10 n 1 renewal system hair masque + why giovanni 50:50 just wasnt cutting it

hey guys!

so after using shea moisture superfruit complex 10 n 1 renewal system hair masque for three weeks, i think that its about time that i share with you guys my experience ! 494 altre parole


A Night of Amore with Don Giovanni

I once again have found myself going to the opera. This time, I was prepared…well, at least I knew where I was going, and what might happen over the course of the next four hours. 386 altre parole


Junior Musical Kadanza

Ruim zes maanden geleden kwam de eerste oproep online. Studio100 en Ketnet waren op zoek naar een grote kindercast; 28 om precies te zijn. Kadanza is niet alleen een musical, naar ook een zoektocht waar alle ketnet-kijkers – ongeacht hun leeftijd – konden mee supporteren en oordelen tijdens de audities, de kans krijgen om meeleven tijdens de bootcamp en vooral, de kinderen en jongeren te zien groeien tot de sterren die ze nu op het podium zijn. 261 altre parole


Henna Mix #4 Hair Day Weekend

So I still had enough henna from the Henna Mix #3 batch to do a full application on just half my hair. As I discovered last year that this hair thing is truly time consuming (not complaining) but I’m also taking measures to cut time in half. 578 altre parole

Horsetail Oil

product review| giovanni 50:50 balanced hydrating-calming conditioner

hey y’all so this is this the first product review on shrinkxkinks (yay) and surprisingly one of the products that ive been resisting to try.  why? 407 altre parole


Echoes Through Time - Page 134: "Cold As Ice"

Master Giovanni, a high-ranking member of the Mage’s Guild in Stormwind, responds to the city alert accompanied by a bevy of female acolytes to apprehend the intruders. 59 altre parole

Echoes Through Time

Lesbian Talk Episode #84: Sub-Mariner Hates Us All

This week we hash over breaking Spiderman news, including the Spiderman World Summit, and we expand on What Went Right? with some other shows we think did their jobs and did them awesomely. 7 altre parole