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Da Giovanni! Carne alla brace!! Una braciola, una fetta di coppa di maiale, una salsiccia, due pezzi di pollo, due bicchieri di cocacola alla stevia.


Giovanni Wicked Texture Styling Pomade, 2-Ounce

Each Giovanni Organic Hair Care formula contains a blend of exotic organic oils, ripe-harvested from renewable plants at the peak of their freshness. The oils are cold pressed and refrigerated immediately to ensure maximum purity.
How do I get..

Climate change animations

Here’s the animation made by Bridget, Giovanni, Jay and Keira:

The Hype - 12 - Plan 9 From Outer Space

We are back! It’s bad movie week at The Hype and we started it off with a movie that will make you want to watch literally any thing else. 76 altre parole


A-Z Challenge: G is for Giovanni Magaldi

“Do I really have to talk to these people, Dad?” Giovanni asked, looking at the papers in front of him.

Dougal grinned at his son. “They’re potential employees, Gio. 888 altre parole

A-z Challenge

Track : IBJ - Neem De Tijd | @IBJ020

Its been quite a while since the Amsterdam based artist IBJ released new music, but he breaks the silence today with the release of his new single ‘Take Your Time’ which is based on a real chapter in his life where he’s still trying to win over the woman of his dreams. 38 altre parole