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TOP 5: Treinadores em Alola

Já falei aqui o quanto me animei com o anúncio de treinadores de outros jogos da franquia Pokemon em Pokemon Sun & Moon, a nostalgia chega a transbordar. 810 altre parole


Dispatches From Syria 

They say to save the best for last, but I’ve never been one to follow what “they” say anyways, so I’m going to jump right into this blog with one of the most incredible non-fiction books I have ever had the pleasure of reading – “The Morning They Came for Us” by Janine di Giovanni. 615 altre parole


Get Ready for a Treat for 2 New Episodes of Pokémon Generations Are Out Now!

Once more Friday has come and this time instead of one episode of Pokémon Generations for us to enjoy, there are two and both continue to take place in Johto and you can see them both below: 62 altre parole


Johneffer Does a Brief Q&A

The following article is a BodyMaxing.com exclusive


Name: Giovanni Constantino DelBiondo AKA Johneffer
Height: 6’2″
Off-season weight: 275lbs
Competition weight: 225lbs
Instagram: @johneffer
YouTube: 1.337 altre parole


Team Rocket's Giovanni must have abs of steel

How else could he be enduring Qwilfish’s sharp spikes?


The Governing Council of the Rossillini

The ten most senior Rossellini have formed a council to govern the family in the wake of the disarray amongst the main Giovanni clan. The gossip is that Rosaura would qualify, given her age and skill, but many wonder if her true loyalties lie with Ambrogino Giovanni, rather than with her family. 78 altre parole


The Wolves of Rome

Chapter 33

April 18th, 2023
The early morning mist had not yet begun to settle on the grass of the rolling hills. The still morning calm remained unbroken save for the light calls of the morning birds and the odd patch of sunlight that broke through the thin shield of clouds overhead. 2.492 altre parole