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The Laws of Motion by Nikki Giovanni

The laws of science teach us a pound of gold weighs as

much as a pound of flour though if dropped from any

undetermined height in their natural state one would… 317 altre parole


Pokemon Moon Comic 91: Costume

I 100% swear to you I came up with this idea before we even knew about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, let alone Rainbow Rocket.



Tell us about yourself. 

I’m GIOVANNI, an 18-year-old bedroom artist born in New York. I lived in Haiti 90% of my life and moved to Canada after the earthquake in 2010 (best thing to happen to me). 1.231 altre parole


I give easily by Nikki Giovanni

I give
because I have
taken It’s incredibly
to let people
give you what you need maybe
as difficult as
giving you what you want… 9 altre parole


Marcovaldo di Italo Calvino

Il libro che mi ha tenuto compagnia durante le vacanze di Natale è stato “Marcovaldo, ovvero le stagioni in città. Sono venti racconti ognuno dedicato a una stagione, e le stagioni continuano a ripetersi. 186 altre parole


Prepare for trouble - Team Rocket boss Giovanni gets an adorable Nendoroid

Have you ever wanted to terrorize the shelves around your room with a small-scale Giovanni figure? Well, wait no longer. Giovanni is getting his very own Nendoroid figure. 70 altre parole

Video Games

MAGIC BOX: How to Be A Redhead - January 2018

Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy Friday!  I’m back with the latest edition of the H2BAR box, and it’s got some interesting stuff!  The focus seems to be on eliminating dryness and frizz for hair and skin.  317 altre parole