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The Wolves of Rome

Chapter 6

March 13th, 2023
It was with no small amount of humble satisfaction that Giovanni strode down the Via della Conciliazione, having just crossed the River Tiber. 2.626 altre parole

Cities Eternal

The Wolves of Rome

Chapter 3

February 19th, 2023

It was with a sigh that Giovanni pulled himself up the rusted iron ladder built into the tunnel wall. Bright light streamed down from overhead and he had to shade his eyes briefly under his hand as he pulled himself into the emptied basement above. 3.199 altre parole

Cities Eternal

Where Does the Time Go? - Mobile Suit Nuzlocke Challenge Weeks 20-23

Oh man, has it really been almost a whole month since I last updated the challenge? That’s worse than I thought… Truth is I just haven’t been much in the right sort of mood for the potential kick in the teeth that the Nuzlocke run has been threatening me with as I near the end. 326 altre parole

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Top 5 Traveling Essentials for Naturals...

Vacation time has arrived and I am pretty sure a number of you are planning to leave your home state. I, myself have planned some trips before my baby girl arrives. 372 altre parole

Natural Hair

Giovanni Invigorating Shampoo, Tea Tree Triple Treat, 8.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 3)

Enriched with certified organic botanicals. No animal by-products. Cruelty free. Increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling. Removes all traces of dirt, oils, and build up. 73 altre parole

First and Last Competition

So I entered these two portraits of Master Giovanni into a competition, where you had to enter your first attempt at a project and your last attempt. 331 altre parole