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GSOC on gnome-shell

So this year i’m a GSoC student again :), but this time not on Polari, but on gnome-shell.

Even though the projects are different, they still rely on the same technology (GJS) so it’s definitely easier for me to understand the code at first sight than it was last year. 69 altre parole


Stuck in the Challenge

My Sunday days are reserved for the GNOME Peru Challenge 2017-1 and one key action to  success is to get an application running, to fix a bug. 122 altre parole

Julita Inca

Code Search for GNOME Builder: Indexing

Goal of Code Search for GNOME Builder is to provide ability to search all symbols in project fuzzily and jump to definition from reference of a symbol in GNOME Builder. 513 altre parole


Sunday Gnomedays 

Happy Sunday Gnomedays again <3

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster kind of weekend. Anyone else feeling that? …..that said, I found this cathartically lovely. Hope you do, too.

California Love

The first week of June I took a trip back to where I grew up. From June 1st to the 7th I was in California. 518 altre parole

My Life

Even faster GNOME Music

Hello my GNOMEish friends!

This afternoon, I felt an urge to hear some classical music. Perhaps because I’m overworking a lot these days, I wanted to grab a good hot tea, and listen to relaxing music, and rest for a few minutes. 460 altre parole