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A gnome by Geoffrey Prince, ‘All the galaxies’ by Diane Caney and ‘Lap, lap.’ by Miriam Dale

A packet
of poems
to put in
your pocket


for you to
unlock it …

-Geoffrey Prince

All the galaxies

To the little pirate: 1.064 altre parole

Australian Poetry


spore + shite + gnome

sham atb


olich + omce +

Amsterdam, Holland.


Hello Planet GNOME!

My blog was recently added to Planet GNOME, so I’d like to introduce myself to the new audience:

My name is Jiří Eischmann and I work as an engineering manager responsible for apps in Red Hat. 91 altre parole


New Food Related Pins :)

So I thought all my foodie friends on here might get a kick out of the Hot N’ Spicy & Kawaii Sweetie Pie button set Max and I made up with last night! 66 altre parole


The future of GNOME Calendar

Today, the Calendar Team had the first meeting in history. Isaque, Lapo, Renata, Vamsi and I attended it, and the meeting was extremely productive! 564 altre parole


The Rain in the Trees

Mopey was there to greet me at Flighty Mood. He asked if I wanted a cold brew, as that was what I ordered yesterday, Sunday, when it was a warm and sunny afternoon, and when he said to me, “Welcome back!” (I am becoming a  402 altre parole


Gedit for Mac version 3.20.4 was released today

Today we released Gedit 3.20.4 for Mac OS X Gedit has been fully ported to GTK 3 and will run on OSX 10.11 or higher. You can find it listed in the… 128 altre parole