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GNOME To Do 3.24 release, and it's shining

GNOME To Do is a personal task manager for GNOME. It uses GNOME technologies and integrates very well with the desktop. And now, it’s finally being released! 436 altre parole


About the Fedora and GNOME workshop at Flisol Lima Norte 2017

Yesterday we have celebrated the Flisol 2017 at UPN Lima Norte, as it was announced here

Thanks to the organisers that invited us to do a workshop of GNU/Linux commands… 324 altre parole

Julita Inca

Sunday Gnomedays 4-23-17

Inspired by Earth Day yesterday. Giant Mother Space Gnome watching over the planet.

Javascript news from GNOME 3.24

Welcome back to the latest news on GJS, the Javascript engine that powers GNOME Shell, Endless OS, Polari, GNOME Documents, and many other apps. 1.385 altre parole

Rated N

Day 019/100

It’s the last pair of challengers in the Charming Creatures division: Tato the Gnome and Fat Unicorn! Your votes will determine who moves on!


Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected

This is a bit of a nuisance, after a fresh install of Ubuntu Gnome, I was not able to install extensions from extensions.gnome.org.

Firefox asked me if I’d like to install the extension but after a Firefox restart I still wasn’t able to install any plugins. 48 altre parole


The Roaming Gnome

Wanderlust – a strong, innate desire to travel or roam about. Mine started with the Travelocity commercials or perhaps the movie, Amelie.

I wanted to be that gnome sipping a pina colada on the beach, skiing down the mountain, causing all kinds of mischief and shenanigans while my “owners” sat dumbfounded wondering about my whereabouts. 187 altre parole