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At last!  Right on cue as winter slowly turns the corner into spring.

After weeks of tantalizing green shoots, we finally have some flowers out.  71 altre parole


Fairy Houses & Gnome Homes for Sale in the Etsy Shop

There are new Fairy Jars and Gnome Homes for sale in the Etsy shop now.  These are such a cute and quirky little decoration.  They come with a flameless tea light candle to give the appearance of someone home with a roaring welcoming fire. 9 altre parole


Fedora: Testing Testing

Ok, so today is the first day I am exploring Fedora GNOME after my installation during the Open Source event. Being a Linux student who was also studying my reading, I decided to run some of the command in my reading and compare it for the fun. 435 altre parole

Open Source Comes to Campus @ CCSF and my first GNOME in Mac Installation

The first time I know that I was using open source was when I first got my Macbook, which did not had Microsoft Word. Mac MS at the time was more expensive than the PC MS. 757 altre parole

Three Hundred and Sixteen! 

My dad said “hey look it’s the Travelocity Gnome” but I’d like to think my guy is a bit more interesting! The snow that has been completely consuming my life inspired the landscape and although it was not intentional the sky appears to be my interpretation of an aurora borealis. 10 altre parole

Calla Fogarty

GNOME Usability Test: Scenario Tasks (Part 1)

A usability test consists of “scenario tasks” that the tester has to complete (read more about scenarios and scenario tasks here). For my usability test of GNOME, I selected four applications – Gedit, Notes, Music and Photos. 493 altre parole