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Sisterhood of the Traveling HOMTV Mug: #HOMtostay

When I was interviewed to work at HOMTV I said I planned on being here for 5 years. Ha! I’ve been HOM to stay since that interview. 316 altre parole

Infestation of Gernumbli gardensi

She lingered in that charming little garden to say hello to the gnomes, such a glorious infestation!
How few wizards realize just how much we can learn from the wise little gnomes-or, to give them their correct names, the… 701 altre parole

Rural Life

Designate this

Psychiatrists have finally recognized Baseball Player Personality Disorder–sometimes known as On the Schneid Syndrome. In “The Sabermetrics of Stinking Up The Stadium,” Dr. Ferris Wheeler states that, next to striking out while being intentionally walked, the most painful moment in a washed-up player’s career occurs when he is cut from the team with a bolo knife. 578 altre parole


Mage Unions, Defunct

There appear to have been two Mage unions in Gnomeregan, one a public work Guild and the other a secret society.

The Secret Society called themselves the… 176 altre parole

saint Thomas Aqui-(something). . .

I hate it when that happens.  And I went and lost my favorite dark shades’ glasses. Also called cheaters.  And the odd thing is I don’t recall having put them down.   137 altre parole

Defunct Gnome Unions - Warriors

I’m having the library at Gearshaft University added to the binary buzz box system.  That’s where I got all that Gnome Zodiac stuff from.

Looks like their used to be Gnomish Unions.   304 altre parole