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Gnome: how to add to the console title the name of terminal (tty)

Sometimes I need to kill the process together with the terminal where I invoked it, e.g.: pkill -9 -t pts/20

So, to fast check what’s the name of the terminal, i.e. 49 altre parole


Fleet Commander is looking for a GSoC student to help us take over the world

Fleet Commander has seen quite a lot of progress recently, of which I should blog about soon. For those unaware, Fleet Commander is an effort to make GNOME great for IT administrators in large deployments, allowing them to deploy desktop and application configuration profiles across hundreds of machines with ease through a web administration UI based on… 282 altre parole


gnome sorcerer

motivated gnome sorcerer from an underwater monastery who is the twin of the local monarch

Gnomes didn’t put much stock in the monarchy.

It wasn’t that they didn’t respect kings, but they thought on the whole that swearing loyalty to one person and one place all your life was kind of stuffy. 373 altre parole


Argelès-sur-Mer and Port, Wednesday 7th February 2018

We are enjoying a hot coffee in the warmth of our van as we are experiencing some Arctic temperatures and it is blowing a gale outside. 549 altre parole


On GNOME 3.27.90, time management, and a goodbye

Greetings GNOMErs,

It’s been a long time I don’t write here. These past months were excruciatingly busy and intense, and lots of things happened but I didn’t manage to keep up with the blog posts. 760 altre parole


Sunday Gnomedays 2-4-18

This…was not what I had in mind, originally, but it’s what came out of the pencil. (Feels like a day for reluctant woodcutters, doesn’t it?) 25 altre parole

When an ELF meets the GNOMES

I’m more than happy to help out the Cheshire County Historical Society by placing a gnome on my head.

Rick Swanson wrote a wonderful article for the ELF arts and entertainment magazine of the Keene Sentinel newspaper.   323 altre parole