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as real as a grocery cart

in the kingdom
of sickness, as the store

I belong to, as the lonely

enthusiast, as the candle… 40 altre parole

Dag 215 De wereld ontdekken

Kabouter trekt de wijde wereld in
Gnome is exploring the world


Gnome, Come Home!

On Thursday, my garden gnome that usually sits on my porch, was snatched.  Nothing else was damaged or vandalized.  I believe whoever took my gnome knew exactly what they were doing. 91 altre parole


Reflecting on my tattoos...

When I was 18 years old I got 3 tattoos. At the moment I only have 1.5 of them left.

The first one I got I had wanted for most of my teen years, and once I turned 18 I could finally get it: a compass. 804 altre parole


Gnome Poem

There is a gnome tracking my every move. I am sure of it.

I first assumed him to be a gremlin. He’s a him, I guarantee. 327 altre parole


Right Sized (or, Keep to the Forest)

A statement of intention. (Also missing at least one crew member, as I have been working on this for years and it was drawn before everyone was created, so whoops. 51 altre parole



In the spirit of MerMay, Junicorn, Smaugust, and Orctober (and any others I don’t know about), let’s make this a thing!

Draw a Gnome every day for the entire month of November! 21 altre parole