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Marimo! (and bonus DnD Story: Sway and Breeze)

I learned about something I didn’t know existed this week!


Marimo is a moss ball! The name for it literally means “ball” “seaweed” (referencing the seaweed green color, I believe). 1.067 altre parole

Nothing Goes to Waste

Carving was in full swing two weeks ago. I created a record of sorts when on that Saturday, I carved up seven Citizens of Gigglesville in one seating. 58 altre parole


GNOME, welcome to GitLab!

This is cool. I wanted to contribute to GNOME documentation a few years ago and it was just really hard to find a way to jump in. 22 altre parole


[GNOME] putting your application in the menus





首先,你需要寫一個GNOME desktop file,內容看起來會像是這樣:

  1.  基本上每個gnome desktop file的第1行一定要是這個
  2. Encoding 設定這個desktop file實際的編碼
  3. Name application的名稱
  4. Exec 你希望這個application執行的檔案
  5. Icon application的圖示
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Journey of a World Builder – Part 10

The Koth
Not Your Ordinary Reptile Men

Some of the strangest and most mysterious myths around the world pertain to humanoid reptile people or lizard men as they are sometimes called. 1.740 altre parole

Fantasy Fiction

Where Is The Suspend Button In Ubuntu 18.04 With Gnome Shell? Easy Solution Inside

New Ubuntu 18.04 users might notice that the suspend button is missing from the Gnome Shell user menu, which has only 3 options: Settings, Lock Screen and Power Off. 157 altre parole

Club La-La Land Crafts

2 Friendship Cards with the May 2018 Product Kit

Happy Tuesday Crafty Friends! Today for my Club LLLC Design Team Project I am sharing with you 2 fun friendship cards I made with the… 112 altre parole

Card With Tutorial