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Great News!!!

Pip the gnome here. I’m so excited! The next book in the Redemption series, Rebecca’s Destiny, is available for pre-sale on Kindle now and will be available for purchase on Monday. 150 altre parole

Fedora 23 - A new favourite!

I recently installed Fedora 23 just to see what is was like and too see what was different in this release of Fedora. This new version of Fedora comes with the Gnome 3.18 desktop, which features Google drive integration within the nautilus file manager. 155 altre parole

Yogyakarta, Kita Pulang

Rabu, 12 Agustus pagi kita pulang,
Naik bus khusus bandara dari stasiun paling dekat dari hostel. Tiket bus sudah kita beli dari awal sampai bandara PP 120SEK/orang. 208 altre parole


Elrooooy Jynxton...McFritz

Hey, everybody!

As I’m hoping to guess that you have guessed, my name is Elroy Jynxton McFritz, but don’t call me that. Call me Jynx. That’s the name given to me on my 37th half-birthday by my uncle’s third cousin on his mother’s father’s side and I must admit it fits me best, and it’s fun to say. 98 altre parole

Back Story

Gnome Paladins!

Gnome Paladins would be cool.  We’ve been in the Alliance sense paladins were ‘invented’.  Gnomes have priests, and are very strong in our convictions.  Just because you want to understand how something works doesn’t mean you don’t believe it. 128 altre parole

Hari ke 6 di Gothenburg, Swedia

Selasa-hari keenam, setelah sehari sebelumnya hari pertama BoF, kita runding-runding trus piknik dan makan malam bersama.

Pagi hari adalah masak-masak. Siska nyoba bikin spageti + saus tomat lezat beli dari supermarket sebelah penginapan. 279 altre parole