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Fleet Commander: production ready!

It’s been awhile since I last wrote any updates about Fleet Commander, that’s not to say that there hasn’t been any progress since 0.8. In many senses we ( 715 altre parole


Automatic LUKS volumes unlocking using a TPM2 chip

I joined Red Hat a few months ago, and have been working on improving the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM2) tooling, towards having a better TPM2 support for Fedora on  1.816 altre parole

Just a recent GNOME convert's rant about the idiotic full-circle experience of trying every stupid thing out there... oh, and why I've decided GNOME rocks.

I've been hopping distros, DEs, wms, and even screen and tmux for a hot minute trying to find the perfect setup. I've A/B'd systemd against sysvinit for init (derrr), GTK+2 against GTK+3 against Qt4/5 for graphical environment, Openbox against bspwm against i3, lemonbar against polybar, dmenu against rofi… 556 altre parole



As always, Sunday’s are for DND. Today went amazing, and I’m excited for next week, bc I might be DM’ing the session. Let’s see how it goes.


Sunday Gnomedays 10-15-17

Time again :)

Also, Gnomevember approaches! Keep watch for a prompt list sometime this week.

Christmas Gnome by YarnandImagination Crochet Pattern

This is a crochet pattern by YarnandImagination. You may only use this pattern for personal use. You may not sell this pattern or the finished product. 1.245 altre parole


Newbie Emerge, Part 2

Unlike M2, who requested for an Octopus and a garden gnome, I decided to carve an owl, a special one though, for M1 and we Skyped on the idea several weeks ago. 50 altre parole