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What's to a name?

I had one of those moments the other day where an almost loss taught me how valuable something was to me.  The ‘thing’ in question, was the name of one of my oldest toons. 837 altre parole

World Of Warcraft

is this a hint, or is it just flavor art?

The illustration for the new “Lock and Load” card in the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion for Hearthstone (the sixth one in the Blizzard Watch gallery… 68 altre parole


Welcome Gnome Solar Statue

Welcome guests to your sleepy little hollow with this charming duo of a tired gnome and his lethargic tortoise pal. This solar-powered statue features a friendly welcome sign that lights up at night! 32 altre parole

Meem's Wonder Emporium

2016: #YearOfTheGnome

Ressa brought the PR firm back.  They ‘work shopped’ the campaign slogan I had.  (They called it a ‘workshop’ but they didn’t have a workbench or anything.)  I’m annoyed they insisted it not have my name in it.   24 altre parole

MonoDevelop and Gnome. Debugger workaround.

This is well-known that MonoDevelop on Linux doesn’t go along Gnome desktop environment well and cannot use default gnome terminal to debug you code.

However, I love Gnome on my Fedora 22 for it’s look and feel and usability, so I want to use MonoDevelop in Gnome, naturally. 313 altre parole