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Teach Free Software and programming

We have been putting a lot of effort into teaching kids to program, over the last few years. This is a good thing, bit is it having the effect that we want? 318 altre parole


Arch Linux - Remotely Install Arch Linux in Virtual Machine Using SSH

Arch Linux is one of my favourite Operating Systems (after Gentoo) because it follows rolling release approach. And because I just HATE distro upgrades! 709 altre parole

How To

¿Qué es una dirección IP?

Para empezar IP significa, Internet Protocol, vamos, es un protocolo de comunicaciones a través de la red (Internet). Por otro lado, y es en lo que nos vamos a centrar en este post, tenemos… 1.218 altre parole


Puppet, OpenStack, where to start? Ceph

Ten months into this job, and I still feel like an OpenStack novice, but it feels better than a couple of months ago at least. In fact last week we had what I felt was a big automation win, where we deployed a Ceph OSD node from bare metal to joining the cluster without any ‘manual’ intervention. 475 altre parole


CMus is amazing

CMus is a console music player written in C, for GNU/Linux and macOSX. I am pretty sure that many you have already heard this name. 393 altre parole


run gnu/linux cmd line tools under windows with wsl

you can run linux cmd line tools under windows with wsl if you are using windows 10 64 bit 1607 14393 or windows 10 64bit 1703 15063 or windows insider 10 64bit 1703 16215… 55 altre parole


Do You Know Uruk GNU/Linux?


It’s a new GNU/Linux distro that follows FSF’s FSDG. The most interesting things (after Uruk’s strong commitment) are it’s desktop oriented, it’s… 45 altre parole

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