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Beaglebone Black: Berbagi Koneksi Internet Pada Linux Ubuntu

Tulisan ini akan dibuat secara berseri yang berisi tentang trik Papan Pengembangan Beaglebone Black yang sekarang banyak dipakai oleh Embedded Linux Engineer. Beaglebone Black… 244 altre parole


Symmetric Multiprocessing Scheduler Improvement Forthcoming in Kernel 4.3

Thanks to Phoronix, here’s the Git entry.

This might actually substantially improve performance on KVM hosts with multicore guest domains, especially those with overcommitted processors.  72 altre parole

Information Technology

Using System Center Operations Manager with UNIX and GNU/Linux: Conditional Detection

So, one of the most basic things one might want to do with SCOM when monitoring UNIX/Linux systems would be to observe the syslog for certain kinds of entries, alerting administrators through rules and notifications when they occur.  210 altre parole

Information Technology

Composing and typesetting a funding proposal using LyX (SSHRC/ NSERC /CIHR)

This is one of the geekier posts I’ve written, in the sense that the number of people for whom this might be useful is… small and they are not likely to search for it. 843 altre parole


GNU/Linux Install Fest

It was the first grand session up for the registered GLUG members. With a huge response of about 143 members ready to participate in the “GNU/Linux Install Fest – Boot Camp”, it was decided to divide them into three groups. 178 altre parole


HP pavilion x360 and Linux, dual boot with Windows 8.1 (part 2)

The other problem I faced was reboot/shutdown not working and booting would get stuck approximately once out of three times. The fix is simple and involves disabling two kernel modules: “ 42 altre parole


The Debian Project Will No Longer Offer CDs for the GNU/Linux Distribution

Future releases of Debian GNU/Linux won’t offer Large CD sets

When I read this headline, I panicked. Immediately, I hoped they weren’t referring to smaller netinst images (what I use) and apparently, they’re not. 67 altre parole