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The Cult of elementary OS

elementary OS isn’t just a community. It’s a culture. And this culture has its own conventions; its own way of doing things. 230 altre parole



What linux is this?
This is pias (pain-in-ass-system). Pias is based upon debian testing and is a rolling release; install once and update into perpetuity. Because of this, it will always be version 0 and won’t follow any versioning except for the date and will only be found in documentation and the names of the images. 998 altre parole


The init rift in GNU/Linux

Lately there is much discussion (both heated and sensible) about the new init system that is sweeping itself across GNU/Linux distributions.  Of course we all know what that is, systemd. 539 altre parole

Install online CUPS printer in Raspberry Pi | Installing CUPS-PDF printer

If we have a usb printer and a Raspberry Pi system, we can easily setup a network printer. In order to make it active, we have to install the… 332 altre parole

Gnu/linux Tips

How to find the connected ip address' in your network

It is very easy to find which all computers (or any other network devices) are connected to your private network from a gnu/linux computer. There are many way to find this. 36 altre parole

Gnu/linux Tips