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The Virtual Monastery on the Electric Mountain

This is the fruit of many years’ labor.  I feel I am finally reaching a point in my life where I may be capable of attaining the peace afforded by the simple living of a hermit while simultaneously maintaining my worldly, social obligations and interactions. 10 altre parole

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GNU/GCC Optimization Trick

GNU/GCC offers tons of optimizations flags, which are grouped in the ‘-O’ flags. It does that by gathering the most information about the source being compiled as possible, cutting off “useless” branches, simplifying loops, etc (not an expert here). 452 altre parole


Ejecutando comandos con parámetros en bash

Cuando hice el script para arreglar un libro escaneado a doble cara, me topé con varios problemas, porque no entendía cómo un script recibe parámetros desde bash! 137 altre parole

Installing and Configuring MAME on Fedora 23

Ok, this is downright simple once you know what’s up.

  1. Installation
    1. MAME 0.172 (the current stable version) is available via RPMFusion, so if you trust those repositories, simply install…
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Information Technology

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS available

Last week (on April 21st) a new version of Ubuntu Linux OS was released, a long-term-support (LTS) version.


How to install Debian GNU/Linux - Netinstall

Why not build up an operating system from the command line up the Debian way?

For this tutorial we’ll be installing the stable branch of debian to be a desktop operating system. 1.400 altre parole


PyOpenGL keyboard won't respond?

Below code generates above beautiful image. One problem is keyboard wouldn't respond at all. keyboard() takes a string value when any key is pressed, ESC or q quit the program. 725 altre parole