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Living Life Artfully through Life Philosophies

Philosophers have expressed their thoughts and ideals for centuries in an attempt to give meaning to humankind’s challenges, tragedies, joys and wonderment of this journey we call life. 1.952 altre parole

Ramble 110: That was an era of literature, this is of technology: 5 reasons why!

The grandeur and splendour of a smoke belching world, of bad red-black bricks which overpower the identity of a common man and kill it slowly, mercilessly. 392 altre parole

Opinionated Opinions

The cold literary greybeard with the double chin

“Goethe, I said, felt most inspired to poetry, to the writing of his works in the morning. If he needed a stimulant however, he took that stimulant which in its nature takes least hold of the metabolic system, but only stirs it up via the rhythmic system, namely wine. 212 altre parole


Quote of the Day

“Tell me with whom you consort and I will tell you who you are; if I know how you spend your time, then I know what might become of you.”

Goethe, Maxims and Reflections

The bride of Corinth

The Bride of Corinth

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Once a stranger youth to Corinth came,
Who in Athens lived, but hoped that he
From a certain townsman there might claim, 1.306 altre parole


Tiger Tiger Words, Y'all

Writing is a lot like golf. Every sentence is stroke, every paragraph a hole, and every word an adjustment to your swing.  All a writer tries to do is string together one good shot after the next.   605 altre parole

Last Stop, Weimar : the Cultural Heart of Germany

My recent family visit to Germany during the Christmas holidays included stays in Berlin and Dresden and took us finally to Weimar, a small but historically and culturally significant city just a couple hours drive west of Dresden. 1.021 altre parole