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ToK Essays 2018

Unnecessary to read Goethe to write that ToK essay and you haven’t got the time anyway.
I’ve read him so more about Goethe’s masterpiece and his philosophy when we meet. 11 altre parole

Bertolt Brecht

An IGCSE student was impressed by my short speech on German literature. When I write that I teach Brecht, what I don’t always also write is that I’ve read works by more than half a dozen German-language writers, from Goethe to Grass. 24 altre parole

Goethe Institute: Career Day

It’s very hard taking the first steps into pursuing what you want. Many don’t know exactly what they want or how to go about doing getting to where they want to be. 280 altre parole


The eye is formed by the light for the light

Schopenhauer’s dictum: “The world is my idea” or “without the eye there can be no colour, no light”. To this Goethe replied quite logically: “It is true that light cannot be perceived without the eye, that without the eye the world would be dark and silent. 67 altre parole


INSEAD share the Rolex spoils with Tuck in Santa Margherita

The final regatta of the Sunsail MBA Global Sailing League, the Rolex MBA’s Conference and Regatta, was as usual the biggest event of the year, featuring 50 boats and 400 sailors. 229 altre parole

Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Real rating: 7.7/10
Faust is a classic, a classic one is told to read again and again, though it is not always mentioned which one you are meant to read. 239 altre parole