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Thought for Thursday #6

It’s Thursday and I’m thinking again.  Not that I don’t think during the rest of the week of course…

Today’s thought is another quote for an old favourite of mine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.   72 altre parole

Thought For Thursday

The Astonishing Parade of Nullity

The blurred line between image and reality, art and life…remains conscious and strong. Life outside yourself is difficult to grasp. It is useless to mourn the misfortune of being born closer to the death of civilization than ever before. 294 altre parole

Salon D'Or

Quotes: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

Whoever misses the first buttonhole, will never button up rightly.

„Wer das erste Knopfloch verfehlt, kommt mit dem Zuknöpfen nicht zu Rande.“ 47 altre parole

Alfred De Zayas

La Casa di Goethe and Creating Identity

La Casa di Goethe is a museum in Rome with drawings, paintings, and artifacts concerning Goethe’s life especially as it deals with the Grand Tour.  The museum is in Goethe’s apartment, the place he stayed while in Rome. 408 altre parole


GET THE LIST: Chicago Street Names That No One Pronounces Correctly

The girl’s name is Paulina (paul-ee-nah) but when it’s on a Chicago street sign it’s Pauline (paul-eye-nah). It makes no sense but that is just the way it is so we have to deal with it!!! 82 altre parole



The best genius is that which absorbs and assimilates everything without doing the least violence to its fundamental destiny — that which we call character — but rather improving it and enhancing it as far as possible…through training, instruction, contemplation, success, failure, advancement, hindrance, and ever more contemplation, the organs of man, in their instinctive, free activity, unite the acquired with the innate to produce a harmonious unity that astonishes the world.

everything (a quote from Goethe)

Everything is both simpler than we can imagine and more entangled than we can conceive.   –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe