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Quote to Ponder ~Goethe

Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is.  Treat a man as he can be and should be and will become as he can and should be.“~Goethe



I’ve often heard, “It’s not as good in the translation,” and “It loses a lot in the translation.” I used to think, say, believe that, too. 229 altre parole


Goethe Galore

As an experienced language learner and an avid reader, I find I learn the most quickly by reading as much as possible in the target language.  837 altre parole

Robert Fallenstein | BurgStadtMenschen #9


Zunächst mal:

Herzlichen Dank an die Offene Burg dafür, dass die Wiener Brut 2016/2017 erstmals ein generationenübergreifendes Unternehmen geworden ist. Kennen tat ich die „Brut“ schon länger: habe als Zuschauer die Brüter*innen im Sommer 2016 im Kasino gesehen und Renate Aichinger seit einigen Jahren bereits im Rahmen des Bürgertheaterprojekts am Landestheater Niederösterreich als Regisseurin erlebt. 308 altre parole

Mr Tambourine Man: cultural references (1)


Some critics have said that the “Mr Tambourine Man”  is about drugs, but Dylan has always denied that. Other commentators have interpreted it as a prayer to the singer’s muse for inspiration, his search for transcendence, or a reflection of the audience’s demands. 128 altre parole


Happy Endings

Every story seeks to provide a happy ending.  Certainly Goethe’s fairy tale brought a satisfying conclusion to the ending.  The Prince and Lily came to a common place and commenced a life-love experience.   505 altre parole

Monday Inspiration

Very simple and very true. I am trusting myself right now, I have an urge to learn more. My reading has led me to Carl Jung, and then to Goethe and to Faust. I like it.