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Reflections: SAGTA Konferenz 2018

At the beginning of the month, in my role as a Goethe Institut Professional Learning Facilitator, I was invited to Adelaide to attend our annual, national meeting and to present at the South Australian German Teachers’ conference.  807 altre parole


Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives - #Travel - An Italian Journey - Writing and Healing by Sherri Matthews

Welcome to Sherri Matthews and her series of four travel posts. Sherri includes wonderful photographs in her posts and so I will give you a taste and then a link to view on her own blog where I would appreciate you leaving your comments. 905 altre parole


Sherri Matthews l'ha ribloggato su A View From My Summerhouse e ha commentato:

Every Thursday for the next four weeks, lovely Sally Cronin will feature one of my archived travel posts for her Posts From Your Archives series. The first today is about my visit to stunning Lake Garda in September, 2016, not long after the death of my dear, darling Dad. My grief left me unable to write, but I share in this post how my time in Lake Garda both healed and inspired me to write again.

Teaching Hegel to Lecture

I’ve been reading the two-volume correspondence between Schiller and Goethe and realize that questions about what constitutes successful pedagogy are eternal and the possible answers infinite. 418 altre parole

Setting Up for Sicily

“Without seeing Sicily one cannot get a clear idea of what Italy is.”


As I approach my June 29th departure date, I can’t say I feel any of the fear that engrossed me prior to my trip to Japan.

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Study Abroad

Light Darkness and Colour

In 1704, Sir Isaac Newton published *Light and Refraction*, his study of the interactions between sunlight and prisms. Newton was intent on achieving objectivity, which meant studying sunlight in isolation. 209 altre parole


A Mistake and a Lesson

June 16, 2018

Research Quote of the Day: “By seeking and blundering we learn.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hi. I just did something ridiculous.

After finishing my submission for an essay competition, I checked the deadline and discovered that the competition ended… 867 altre parole