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‘ We lay aside letters never to read them again, and at last destroy them out of discretion, and so disappears the most beautiful, the most immediate breath of life, irrecoverably for ourselves and for others.’


Poetry Saturday―Seize This Very Minute

Lose this day loitering, ’twill be the same story

Tomorrow, and the rest more dilatory.

Thus indecision brings its own delays,

And days are lost tormenting over days. 46 altre parole

Let's Wrap it Up Compassionately

Was once again searching for definitions of compassion and one of the images was cropped so the word read, “compass”. So do I have 24 hours to switch this to “moral compass”? 122 altre parole


Shadowed Color

This watercolor is based off of Goethe’s ideas of shadowed color and duality:


The German Enlightenment: A Serendipitous Ending to a Course

This coming week will be the last of the spring semester and Monday will be my last lecture in what has been, for me, a wonderful exploration of German thought in the 18th Century. 780 altre parole


“Kimi iyi bir dost olduğumu söyler, kimi ise soğuk ve mesafelidir der.
Aslında beni anlatırken herkes, hak ettiği resmi çizer.”


Quote of the Day 4-15-15

“At bottom, however, we are all collective beings, pose however we please. For how little we have and how little we are that we can, in the strictest sense, call our own! 123 altre parole