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I've just read the Napoli section of Goethe's 'Italian Journey'

There are names I heard at school that are still buried beneath teacher dust. Names I’ve never looked at again – unreachable, academic names.  Goethe was one of them. 421 altre parole


thephraser l'ha ribloggato su The Phraser e ha commentato:

  A look back (first published on 6 January 2016): Naples is not a 'do-in-a-day-city' - it's a city with roots, a city that takes time, a city that feels like it might be time itself. Even Goethe lost his rhythm here.

Gegen Populismus: „Be the better candidate!“

Ja, ich habe lange nicht gebloggt. Auf Twitter geht alles schneller und für Fakten sowíe für die eher fundierten Meinungen ist Twitter mein Primärmedium geworden – im empfangen von Informationen jedenfalls. 635 altre parole


Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)

The next great leap in symphonic writing after Beethoven, came from the Frenchman, Hector Berlioz. This composer was as mad and crazy as he was original and inventive. 1.200 altre parole

Classical Music

On love


Love is a true renovator.

From Goethe’s Maxims and Reflections

We went cross country skiing today and it was lovely, as it was really the first weekend that our particular stretch of the Rocky Mountains (well, one of two our little town is near!) had enough snow to get going.

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Turnips and chestnuts

Maxim 507 from Goethe’s Maxims and Reflections

Let us be many-sided! Turnips are good, but they are best mixed with chestnuts. And these two noble products of the earth grow far apart.

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The Danger of Safety

The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is  safety.



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe — Sausage Dog?

Author’s note: As a child I did not know how to pronounce the surname of the German polymath Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

If you have the same problem, it sounds something like “GUR-tuh” — which may not be important in the grand scheme of things, but it has a certain relevance to the clerihew below….. 205 altre parole