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Gasp: Windows 10 Is Actually Pretty Damn Good

The single worst tech mistake I ever made was to install Windows Vista onto a previously entirely workable Sony Vaio computer that had been running Windows XP. 910 altre parole

Google Chrome's new Data Saver tool removes images to cut data use by up to 70 percent

Google’s latest Chrome feature includes more ways to improve your web browsing experience by reducing data consumption by up to 70%. Chrome’s Data Saver achieves the impressive consumption savings by blocking images when the web page initially loads, although it does give users the opportunity to manually select to show images if they want to. 238 altre parole


Rdio Enhancer

While there isn’t a way to automatically import my favorites from Rdio, I finally installed Rdio Enhancer — a Google Chrome extension — which adds features like  88 altre parole


Back to Basics: Understanding Web Video

For those of you who keep hearing the terms ‘Web Video’ and ‘WebRTC’ floating around these days but aren’t sure what it all means, you’ll find the following information quite useful!  327 altre parole


The browser battle – who was 2015’s winner?

PC World has put Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera to the test in a battle of internet browsers.

They’ve been tried, they’ve been tested, they’ve been simulated and a winner has prevailed. 204 altre parole

General News

Dell does a Superfish, ships PCs with easily cloneable root certificates

In a move eerily similar to the Superfish debacle that visited Lenovo in February, Dell is shipping computers that come preinstalled with a digital certificate that makes it easy for attackers to cryptographically impersonate Google, Bank of America, and any other HTTPS-protected website. 197 altre parole

Firefox Comes Out on Top of Marvel's 'Jessica Jones,' on Netflix

Update: This story has been updated with comment from Mozilla and response from Netflix. 11/24/2015 6:38 PM.

Usually, when a computer or cell phone turns to the camera in a movie or TV show, what the viewer sees doesn’t look anything like a recognizable computer program. 286 altre parole