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How To Hack WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. Millions of users use this app daily to chat with there loved ones. WhatsApp spends millions to protect WhatsApp users from hackers but.. 167 altre parole


Google Chrome Theme: 2B 2

YoRHa No.2 Type B or to make it short, 2B, is ready as a Google Chrome Theme for you to use. Yeah, we are spamming this Nier: Automata bombshell, because with a character as hot and badass as her, it would be a sin not to make a skin out of her. 62 altre parole


How to Capture Screenshots in Google Chrome without using Extensions

What some mayn’t know is that is the only newer versions of Google Chrome have a built-in screenshot capabilities are allowing to perform screen captures without using any type of extensions. 438 altre parole



In this post we will learn how to lock  most used browser like Google chrome and Firefox . With this trick you will be able to hide your history of your browser from malicious users . 479 altre parole


Log Into Another Google Account Using Incognito Mode

When I use my personal Gmail account, from Google Chrome, I typically log into two other Gmail sub-accounts that I can easily access or toggle to, from my main account.   225 altre parole


How to Surf on Internet Browser Safely?

Web programs permit web surfing or get to different site that likewise welcomes infection assaults and different dangers from cyber crimes. Making your Browsing safe is the most ideal approach to secure your PC and imperative information. 351 altre parole


Microsoft keeps pushing the envelope- I mean Edge

Another trip to the brilliant /r/assholedesign, another round of Microsoft fuckery.

Yes, Microsoft is using its own search engine to push Edge propaganda to new Windows 10 users looking for a completely unrelated rival browser. 106 altre parole