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Chrome Problem

GOOGLE Chrome browser users warned after serious threat is discovered which allows hackers to infect PCs via the popular web browser.

With a 57 per cent market share, Google’s Chrome is by far the most popular most web browser in the world. 115 altre parole


Clear Google Chrome's Icon Cache (Windows)

I made a really terrible looking favicon for my website, and immediately removed it afterwards. But Chrome would keep displaying that favicon no matter what, even if I cleared the cache. 49 altre parole


Malware disguises as Google Chrome font pack update

A new technique is being used by attackers to trick unsuspecting users to download and install malware by prompting users to download a “missing font” for Google Chrome. 197 altre parole


Exton|Defender fc25 (Fedora 25) Super Rescue System with Cinnamon 3.2.8 and kernel 4.9.9

Exton|Defender SRS is a Linux system available as a Live DVD (based on Fedora 25, 64bit – version 170218 and on Mageia 5, 32bit – version 150701) for administrating or repairing your system and data after a crash. 330 altre parole


The Daily Show's MakeTrumpTweetsEightAgain is political commentary at its geekiest

Whether you agree or disagree with his policies, one thing is certain: making someone’s Tweets look like they were written by a third-grader is really funny. 199 altre parole


Writing Great Content for Your Website

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is “How can I make my website better and more appealing to customers?” Whether it comes from our long term customers just looking to improve their website or a brand new customer just getting started with us, the answer is content.  802 altre parole


CNET: Google wants to use Chrome to suck you into virtual reality

CNET: Google wants to use Chrome to suck you into virtual reality “Its latest version of the Chrome browser includes a technology called WebVR, which lets programmers create websites that present the computer-generated 3D worlds of virtual reality. 40 altre parole

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