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This is my second post ever

I like cats. And beans. I like cats. And beans. I like cats. And beans. I like cats. And beans. I like cats. And beans. 223 altre parole

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To certify or not to certify: the great organic debate

Last night we attended a great panel on the up sides and down sides of farmers certifying their produce as “organic.” It was one of the most interesting and informative talks we’ve been to in a while, so we wanted to share our new found insight with all of you! 841 altre parole

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Let’s face it…most dog owners view their furry little friends like children. We are protective parents who only want the best for our cuddle muffins! How can we make sure that they are safe, and our planet is well taken care of at the same time? 189 altre parole


Windows Down Please

It may not seem like it with all this cold rain, but eventually it will return to the scorching triple digits we were feeling last week in Southern California. 260 altre parole


Vegan is not ALWAYS eco-friendly.

When most people hear the word Vegan they think to themselves…”if it is vegan that means no animal products were used, so it must be eco-friendly.” Think again! 383 altre parole

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Let's Make A Toast To A Green Future

It seems as though we see the word “organic” on absolutely everything these days, but do any of us really know what it means. Yes, it means that the ingredients were grown without pesticides, but do 100% of the ingredients have to be pesticide free? 443 altre parole

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Who's In My Parking Spot?

Today we attended an amazing event in Laguna Beach, CA called Park(ing) Day. Park(ing) Day is an annual event that takes place all over the world. 267 altre parole