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Jewel of the day: Susan Alexandra Guggenheim Bracelet

New York-based Susan Alexandra photographed this Guggenheim bracelet with candy allsorts and it’s easy to see the connection. Or as she describes it on her site, “Graphic shapes swimming over a milky sea of magic.Inspired by that neato Frank Lloyd Wright building. 41 altre parole


La seducción del inocente


Como han cambiado los tiempos. Lo que antes era la piedra angular de todo aspirante a artista que pasaba por evitar el tener que depender de cualquiera estrategia que tuviera que ver con la mercadotecnia y el marketing comercial como medio de subsistencia y visualizacion de su obra, hoy es la norma. 599 altre parole

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The pilgrimage to MONA

“Have you been to MONA?” is a question pressed upon self-professed arty types in Australia these days so that the country is now split into two parts it seems – those that have been to MONA and those who dream of going. 633 altre parole


Spanish Serendipity

Long story short: Spain had always been a dream of mine. Had the chance. Didn’t think twice.

My trip would only last a week so I knew I had to make things happen if I wanted to see all that I had in mind. 300 altre parole


Alexander Calder's Red Lily Pad returns to the Guggenheim

Alexander Calder’s 1956 monumental mobile Red Lily Pads will head back to the NY Guggenheim Museum ahead its installation for the exhibition celebrating the Guggenheim foundation’s 80th anniversary, … 48 altre parole


Art Museum in NYC -Museum Mile -

今年はもっと芸術に勤しむ年にしたくて、元旦からMuseum Mile(アッパーイースト5番街)をお散歩しました。 ニューヨークはMuseum Mileを中心に、テーマも規模も様々な美術館が至る所にあります。 特別展なども頻繁に行われるのでアート好きにはもちろん、 515 altre parole