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A day at the Guggenheim: fluidity, balance and simplicity

“Form follows function -that has been misunderstood.

Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union”

-Frank Lloyd Wright-

So, on the top of my list (when visiting New York) was to explore the Guggenheim, I LOVE architecture, so I could not wait to go to this architectural masterpiece, built in 1959 by the great Frank Lloyd Wright. 246 altre parole


Picasso: Woman Ironing

I stayed for so long that the museum guard joked, ‘You can take it. I won’t stop you.’

In a painting by Picasso, all cool melancholy blue-grays, a woman leans heavily on her iron.  178 altre parole


ART - Lessons We Can Learn from Kandinsky

As a new gallery of Kandinsky’s work opens in New York, we examine key lessons that can be learned from the legendary painter and art theorist – which is perfect for what MATTERS for life in general.

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A Symphony of Power… 15th July 2015

Braving the subway in peak hour, we descend the steps deeper and deeper beneath the earth. Running for the already packed train this was do or die. 537 altre parole


NYC Day 3 - Central Park, The Upper East Side and Times Square

Early birds will be rewarded if they visit New York in the Summer. Because it tends to get so hot in the afternoon, you can’t really beat an early stroll around the city. 298 altre parole


No No Ikebana

This series of 3 chromogenic prints by Sharon Lockhart, 2003, show Ikebana arranged by Haruko Takeichi. Ikebana is the Japanese art of aesthetically arranging florals. Takeichi is part of a rural community that creates Ikebana with vegetables and crops as a response to the elitist aspect of the art. 84 altre parole