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Guggenheim Museum to Stage Danh Vo Survey in 2018

This coming February, the Guggenheim Museum in New York will present a comprehensive survey of Danh Vo, the Vietnamese-born artist whose installations, photographs, sculptures, and actions have, over the past 15 years, focused on authorship and crisscrossing peoples and cultures. 7 altre parole

Day 34 - Interior description

It’s a cold grey, wet and windy day outside, I hurry up the sidewalk and head for the automatic doors, looking through to the warm, dry and bright lobby on the other side.  228 altre parole

An internal battle is reportedly being waged at $240 billion money manager Guggenheim

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

All is not well at $240 billion money manager Guggenheim Partners. 

Ten senior staffers have left the company and returns have suffered in the past 15 months amid a power struggle between the firm’s two top executives, according to reporting from… 190 altre parole

Money Matters

Day Fourteen - Exploring Manhattan

Today I set off to West Village in search of a shop that only sells British food. It is much smaller than I expected and sells an awful lot more teapots than I expected. 257 altre parole

New York Street Photography

This past week, we headed to New York to sightsee and get a feel for the big city life. After all, Ann Arbor hardly qualifies for a big city (although it’s been fondly nicknamed “The Big Little City”!). 395 altre parole


The Bridge in Bilbao Leading Over to the Guggenheim

This is the bridge in Bilbao that leads over to the city’s famous Guggenheim Modern Art Museum.

Frank Gehry designed the Guggenheim to incorporate the designs of pre-existing architecture that surrounded the new museum.

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There's something about Bilbao

Have you ever traveled to a new city, and as soon as you arrived, it somehow just felt right?  Like you could easily move there, and fit right in?   137 altre parole