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#OTD in 1954 – Birth of Bobby Sands in Abbots Cross, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim.

Bobby Sands was the leader of the 1981 hunger strike in which Irish republican prisoners protested against the removal of Special Category Status. During his strike he was elected to the British Parliament as an Anti H-Block candidate. 201 altre parole

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2008 – Death of Brendan ‘The Dark’ Hughes, aged 59.

As leader of the Belfast brigade of the IRA, Hughes led one of the most effective campaigns seen during the Troubles. But he also endured the worst of the British prison regime at Long Kesh, spending 13 years in jail. 346 altre parole

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Shit-smeared walls and degrading bum searches

Sinn Fein hosts fascinating ‘Living History’ talk on the 1981 hunger strikes


Organized by the Sinn Fein cumann in Cloughaneely, an engrossing talk by former Irish Republican prisoners, Danny Morrison and Breige Brownlee took place at The Yard, Falcarragh, Donegal this weekend as a ‘Living History’ event about the tragic 1981 hunger strikes. 1.629 altre parole


1981 – Twenty-seven-year-old Michael “Mickey” Devine, from the Creggan in Derry dies on the 60th day of his hunger strike.

Fuar siad bás ar son Saoirse na hÉireann.

Mickey Devine was the third INLA Volunteer to join the H-Block hunger strikers and he was the last of the group to give their lives in order to retain their status as political prisoners. 205 altre parole

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BOBBY SANDS 66 DAYS breaks Irish Opening W/end Box Office Records

BOBBY SANDS 66 DAYS has achieved the highest opening weekend ever at the Irish box office for an Irish-made documentary.  The film, which was released in Irish cinemas by Wildcard Distribution, is now the second highest (non-concert) documentary opening of all time, after the international cinema hit Farenheit 911.  326 altre parole

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1981 – Thomas Elwee, Irish Political Prisoner, dies on the sixty-second day of his hunger strike in Long Kesh prison.

Fuair siad bás ar son Saoirse na hÉireann.

The tenth republican to join the hunger strike was twenty-three-year-old IRA Volunteer Thomas McElwee, from Bellaghy in South Derry. 107 altre parole

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