Chemtrail Activity in South Carolina. About 1 1/2 hours West of Columbia, SC, Scene of Much Flooding

I happened upon this story regarding a documented lithium chemtrail program in Oregon, experimenting upon specific populaces.  Yeah, don’t be “Shocked!”.  You don’t have to imagine this “might” have been going on for years now — all you have to do is look up, look around, and pay attention. 169 altre parole


69: The Number of the False Flag and the Guatemalan Landslide

Notice that the Guatemala landslide occurred on 10/3/2015 – a date with 48 numerology (48 = Illuminati / Propaganda / Hoax / Evil / Crime / Blood). 68 altre parole


Nevrijeme na Balkanu i teorije zavjere

Dok neki odmahuju rukom i tvrde da je posrijedi teorija zavjere, drugi su apsolutno sigurni da ciklona “Tamara” nije došla tek tako i kao posljedica klimatskih promjena.

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Nikola Tesla

HAARP @ work

HAARP @ work…somebody get HAARP…


Anyone Else Find Things are getting super weird?

You Know, Last night was a full moon. But not just any full moon. It was huge! and a blood moon (I really wanted to see this one.. 747 altre parole