1959 Military Documentary Reveals Plan to Melt Arctic Ice

Produced by Walt Disney for the US DoD

‘Eyes in Outer Space”

Major predictions in this 1959 Disney production include ability to steer hurricanes, manipulate high and low pressure systems and melt arctic ice to turn frozen regions into lush, temperate landscapes. 460 altre parole


The Mystery Of Iniquity At Work In Our Skies!

The race is on to find out what is going on in our skies. Many people are looking up into the skies and witnessing strange cloud formations and long trails that are left by jets that spread out and cover the whole skies. 1.093 altre parole


US Plasma Beam Opens “Hyper-Dimension” Over California

November 8, 2015
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The High Command of the Aerospace Forces (HCAF) is reporting today that its Space Forces (SF) have detected a “hyper-dimensional” “opening event” occurring over California after the firing of a US Navy Trident II missile. 782 altre parole


Angels don't play this HAARP

Climate change! Much discourse is consuming countries across the globe. Catastrophic weather events are almost becoming the norm to evening news bulletins but very little, if anything, is reported on the activities of The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program also known as HAARP. 543 altre parole


Nepal's First Female President and Deep-Coded Earthquakes

Nepal has elected its first female president, a casual 187 days after the devastating earthquake of April 2015. If you’re familiar with hip-hop culture, you know that 187 is the police code for homicide. 359 altre parole