Dark Mysterious Shadow in Sky - What is it?

I recorded this dark mysterious shadow across the sky. Do you guys know what it is?
Here is another view of that dark shadowy line. 148 altre parole

Have you missed some Anonymous messages

Anonymous – The Truth About World War III.

ANONYMOUS Warning ⚠ 2016 Do You See What I See ~Anonymous

Anonymous – World War 3 Update… 988 altre parole


(HAARP?) "Sonic Boom" Attack on New Jersey/New York Leaves Millions Rattled

Residents report feeling ‘tremors’ in New Jersey and Long Island after sonic boom
POSTED 2:32 PM, JANUARY 28, 2016, BY ALLISON YANG, UPDATED AT 06:58PM, JANUARY 28, 2016… 186 altre parole

PS 1-23-16 *Today, *MOE-Sky, Gaia, Happenings, Astrology

*First a few comments:


  • The phrase: “Darkest before dawn” comes to mind.

That’s what went through my mind this morning after setting our alarm for 5:30a, just to phone the “recording” where Sylvia and I work… in order to hear it tell us that the building is closed for “snow”. 1.279 altre parole

Global Currency Reset

Crippling Blizzard and the Malaysian Airlines Link to Super Bowl 50

FEET NOT INCHES =71. EXTREME WEATHER =71. ACT OF GOD =71. HIDDEN HAND =71. Eye spy with my little eye, a coded Revelation=49/121 reference: Feet – 4 letters; Not Inches – 9 letters. 399 altre parole


The World Series Earthquake and Another HAARP Catastrophe Teed Up For Super Bowl 50

But first, a blackout:

“At approximately 5:19 p.m. local time on December 19, 2011, Candlestick Park experienced an unexpected power outage just before a Monday Night Football game between the 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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