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Don’t watch #JohnWick or #IamLegend!
#Hachiko #9gag @9gagmobile

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Japan: Land of Kindness

I am in Japan!  Twenty-eight years ago, I lived and worked in Japan for three years and three months.  I left 25 years ago and this is the first time I have come back. 865 altre parole


Sorrowful swan can’t get over losing helpful human buddy

Meet the new winged Hachiko of the field. You could probably stage a ballet out of this story somehow. 324 altre parole


7 Days in Tokyo: Day 3 - Shibuya

This was one of my favorite days in Tokyo. Clothes, cosmetics and souvenir shopping in Shibuya! We walked across the district’s famous pedestrian scramble, which is known as one of the busiest crosswalks in the world (pictured above). 284 altre parole


A week in Tokyo

On reading the word Tokyo, one may instantly picture brightly lit commercial streets, neon lights, busy crossroads and maybe bullet trains. Believe me, the city has so much more to offer in terms of its cultural elements – from beautiful bonsai gardens to benchmark-worthy customer service experience. 423 altre parole


Backpack to Japan Day 2: Shibuya and Roppongi

Japan could not stop me behave like I own this world. I was late for an appointment with a client. I tried to find the right direction, but I was lost. 452 altre parole