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Tokyo Trip Redux

For a city obsessed with the technological marvels of futuristic robotics, Tokyo is somewhat of a wonderfully archaic society. It has been more than ten years since my last visit, but some things have, despite all odds, remained the same, which can be a comfortable realisation for me. 498 altre parole


Shibuya's Hachiko has a new feline pal, and they look absolutely adorable together!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, cats and dogs are very much adored in Japan. Every now and then, a new furry face rises to online stardom, much like how celebricats… 343 altre parole


Shipping Up to Shibuya

Picture this: you’re standing in one of the world’s busiest crosswalks, where nearly 3,000 people cross every minute. To your left is an older woman in a traditional Japanese kimono, and on your right is a young teenager dressed head to toe in the latest brand name fashion. 672 altre parole


JaFUN: Yamashita Park and Shibuya

Our kind Aunt took a day off from work and went with us on our second day in Japan. Of course! A trip won’t be complete without going to Chinatown. 124 altre parole


Shibuya Crossing

It is unacceptable to any traveler to be in Tokyo and not have a glimpse of or at least experience going to Shibuya.

Shibuya Crossing is the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. 105 altre parole


Shibuya - A Window to Japan's Urban Culture

Shibuya is known all over the world as an iconic metropolitan venue with tall buildings on every side, as well as a sub-culture haven.

Getting off at Shibuya station via JR Yamanote Line, once you get out of Exit No. 353 altre parole