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5. | Yokohama Chinatown & Shibuya

On the 23rd of November, there was a national holiday in Japan – Labor Thanksgiving Day – so work was cancelled and I had an extra day to explore Yokohama. 829 altre parole


Another Day In Tokyo

February of this year I returned to Japan for another training job assignment. Being its economic and cultural center as well as the most sought after tourist attraction, Tokyo was my first on the list to drop by for a revisit. 383 altre parole


Japan Trip 2017 [Tokyo & Osaka]

Day 5 (Shibuya: Hachiko, Mandarake & Mugiwara Store)

Kunjungan pertama ketika sampai di Tokyo adalah patung Hachiko yang letaknya ada di depan stasiun Shibuya. Ketika kami ke sana, ada pemandangan yang tidak biasa, yaitu ada kucing lagi bobok di patung itu, gemesss.. 561 altre parole


Vote out the Scandal in the Scramble!

Democrats Abroad, Japan hosted the event “Vote Out the Scandal in the Scramble!” on November 5th, 2017. I was there to film and get some perspectives of the attendees, as well as show my own support against the Trump administration and all it’s been doing since he and the Republican party took over the White House. 306 altre parole

Japan News

Tokyo: Love at first sight

I felt in love with Tokyo like a seasoned man in autumn falls in love with a fascinating woman… What strikes me the most in this city of over 40 million of population is its quietness everywhere and its order. 162 altre parole


The beauty inside

I’ve just watched the beauty inside (2015) on Netflix.

*spoiler alert*

The premise of the story got my attention. What if I woke up tomorrow and became someone else? 583 altre parole


#10 Funeral de Hachiko (1935), de autor desconocido

Dos alienígenas miran desde lejos una esfera azul y blanca que flota en el vacío, y uno le dice al otro: “Los humanos son una plaga peligrosa, potencialmente destructiva para el resto del universo e insanamente creativa a la hora de prodigar sus crueldades. 224 altre parole