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Dear Hachikō and Shibuya

Salah satu teman terbaik yang bisa dimiliki manusia adalah binatang. Hubungan antar makhluk hidup ini bisa berjalan seimbang dan mencipta harmonisasi yang kadang bikin kita terkagum-kagum. 804 altre parole


Max (Personal Review)

Just saw Max and since I am dog lover, I was hyped and had high hopes about this movie but it failed to live up to my expectation. 311 altre parole


Ōedo Line: Aoyama Icchōme

Aoyama Icchōme (Green Mountain, first block)

This area derives its name from the 青山氏 Aoyama-shi Aoyama clan who had their lower residence here. The family originated in Tokugawa Ieyasu’s native 三河国 Mikawa no Kuni Mikawa Province. 547 altre parole

Japanese History

Tokyo Trip Redux

For a city obsessed with the technological marvels of futuristic robotics, Tokyo is somewhat of a wonderfully archaic society. It has been more than ten years since my last visit, but some things have, despite all odds, remained the same, which can be a comfortable realisation for me. 498 altre parole


Shibuya's Hachiko has a new feline pal, and they look absolutely adorable together!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, cats and dogs are very much adored in Japan. Every now and then, a new furry face rises to online stardom, much like how celebricats… 343 altre parole


Shipping Up to Shibuya

Picture this: you’re standing in one of the world’s busiest crosswalks, where nearly 3,000 people cross every minute. To your left is an older woman in a traditional Japanese kimono, and on your right is a young teenager dressed head to toe in the latest brand name fashion. 672 altre parole


JaFUN: Yamashita Park and Shibuya

Our kind Aunt took a day off from work and went with us on our second day in Japan. Of course! A trip won’t be complete without going to Chinatown. 124 altre parole