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[JAPAN] Lost in Tokyo part three

April 1st, 2018. Hari ke-6 sudah di Jepang. Hal yang pertama dilakukan sesampai di Shibuya sudah pasti foto dengan Hachiko dan foto Shibuya Crossing yang terkenal banget. 319 altre parole

Food And Beverage

Traveling in Japan Part 5 (15 feb 2018 - 23 feb 2018)

Yappp hari ini adalah hari ke-5 kami di Jepang, dan hari pertama kami menginap di Tokyo.

1. Tiba di Shinjuku Station

Kami tiba di Shinjuku Station pukul 08.25. 335 altre parole

Suka-Suka Saya

The Small-time Jet-setter Chronicles: Loyalty and Loneliness in Tokyo

Tokyo was my least favorite among the places I visited in Japan. It’s because I’m not a huge fan of big and very crowded cities. And Tokyo is definitely a very big and very crowded city. 608 altre parole


Japan Day 3

Idk why but I’ve been getting up so early everyday despite having an active activity the whole day…

So I just went online until it was time to prepare for my adventure for today. 829 altre parole


Which film made you cry the most ?

The best thing about watching a good film is that it transports you to a place where you’re free from your actual life. You lose the sense of time, you forget all the responsibilities you have and you’re just engrossed and immersed in that world created by the filmmakers. 404 altre parole


Lilac Leaves Reviews: Nana

“Say, Nana… Do you remember the first time we met?”

These are the introduction to beautiful anime Nana by Ai Yawaza Nana. This anime left me head over heels for it within a matter of episodes. 858 altre parole


Once upon a time in Tokyo

Well.. who doesn’t get excited knowing you’ll be in Tokyo even just for a day or two?

My Tokyo story is nothing extraordinary for many, but to me it’s an amazing experience. 139 altre parole