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Today I decided to look around my home town and ask the locals around. I came across a park and spoke to a obasan who happens to live about 3 houses down. 234 altre parole


TOKYO – Here I come! (Part 1)

T.O.K.Y.O – the city of dreams ;)

After 7 days in Japan exploring Osaka & Kyoto, comes the time for me to set my foot in TOKYO! 959 altre parole


Hachikō - a faithful dog

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Dog is the best friend of humankind. One dog in Japan proved his undying loyalty, waiting for his master’s return in the same location every single day for 10 years after his master’s death. 814 altre parole

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Jalan Jalan di Tokyo. Day 1

Tokyo adalah salah satu tempat favorit aku, why? karena Tokyo merupakan pusat Ekonomi, Budaya, Politik sampai Akademis. namun yang terpenting bisa dibilang disinilah surganya buat kalian para pecinta anime, toys, gadget, tempat belanja murah sampai kosmetik juga adaa. 929 altre parole


Hachikô「ハチ公」, the faithful dog

Hachiko, probably the most loyal dog ever had been waiting for his owner returning back from work at the train station for almost a decade. Unfortunately, his master and passed away, Yet his four-legged friend, the enthusiastic dog got so used to this joyful encounter, that he visited the train station for almost 10 more years, after the death of his master. 574 altre parole


An ending...

After the main Ozashiki the guests for the evening started to file out and wend their ways home as our regulars stayed behind for the private ceremony that is the (literal) end to Sakkou. 447 altre parole


Hachiko, the Loyal Dog

March 8th marked the 82th anniversary of the death of Hachiko. Hachiko was an Akita dog owned by Hidesaburō Ueno, who was a professor at the University of Tokyo. 114 altre parole