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Hachiko Statue

Hachiko statue which is standing close to Shibuya station’s west exit is seemed quite interesting to people who love dog, moreover a dog that well known for its unquestionable faithfulness. 226 altre parole


Me, The Wide-eyed Student-Tourist I Knew I'd Become

Sitting — or most often standing — in a crowded subway train, one experiences an array of emotions, especially upon encountering morning and evening rush hour. 466 altre parole

Temple Japan

Shibuya - Life In Technicolor

“What is Tokyo (東京) like nowadays ? Which areas / wards would define it’s identity the best ?”.

If I had to keep in mind only 2 places ? 1.020 altre parole


Till I die

I know you’ll come
maybe after thirty tick-tocks
or just before the bell

I know you’ll come
maybe after crushing rocks
but who’s to tell

I know you’ll come


Hachiko Reunites With Owner At Shibuya Station After Nearly a Century Apart

In one of the most heartwarming stories in recent memory, a memorial statue has been erected in Shibuya station depicting the dog who waited, Hachiko finally reuniting with his owner and best friend Prof. 99 altre parole


Reunited after 90 years!

Have you seen the famous dog statue in Shibuya?
Yes, the one called Hachiko.

This dog has become famous because of his loyalty.
For nine years, Hachiko went to the Shibuya Station and waited for his master to come home, not knowing that his master had died while he was away. 79 altre parole


Hachiko, Japan’s most loyal dog, finally reunited with owner in heartwarming new statue in Tokyo

Even in a country that adores its pets, none have captured the hearts of Japanese animal-lovers like Hachiko. The Akita dog touched the hearts of people across the nation by devotedly… 342 altre parole