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His name is Hachikō (ハチ公?, November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935). An Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate, Akita Prefecture, Japan. 87 altre parole


Day 375 Loyal Like Hachiko

Good morning!
Last night despite the stereotype of Medicine student who just studies all day long, I did not study last night. Instead I watched two movies straight about dogs. 238 altre parole

Welcome in Tokyo: Visiting 9.375.104 People

Finally, on 18th of September around 2pm we reached Tokyo with the Shinkansen. Even though our whole vacation was a success already we expected Tokyo to be THE highlight. 909 altre parole


Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Hello guys! :)

A kinda old, dramatic movie for today, special for all of you dog-lovers out there.

Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) returns from work and at the train station he finds a puppy (or the puppy finds him) and he takes it home. 211 altre parole

Movie Review

A long year.. a big year. Sakkou time!

2016 was a big year for me as Maiko and Geisha.. I send thanks to the many who have helped and supported me! I am now a full Geisha having experienced my debut and other things associated with becoming more independant and reaching out with my art into the world. 266 altre parole


Konnichi Wa Haiku Series, Part 3



Autumn has no bees.

I have measured out my life

with Japanese leaves.

23 October, 2016


Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most famous neighborhoods. 216 altre parole


Meeting Hachikō

Its statue stands right in front of Shibuya Crossing, the busiest intersection in the world, but Hachikō seems really calm and it has a sweet look. 240 altre parole