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Shibuya Station: Hachikō Exit

Shibuya Station is Japan’s fourth largest transit station and sees 2.4 million passengers on any given weekday. While it may be one of the busiest places in Tokyo, the real star is actually located by the Hachiko exit. 210 altre parole


Tokyo’s newest mascot character: a smiling bright pink turd laid by Japan’s most famous dog【Vid】

The unofficial ambassador for Shibuya and Harajuku makes sure to keep the statue of famously loyal dog Hachiko clean. 683 altre parole


Hachikō - a loyal dog!

I had cried very emotionally when I had watched the movie ‘Hachi: A Dog’s tale‘. I remember it was my mother, my cousin Veena and I who had watched this movie together, we had all cried in fact. 379 altre parole


Tokyo; Walking Tour no.2 - Meiji Shrine, Hachiko, Yasukuni Shrine, & Tokyo Tower - (VLOG)

If anyone tells you that walking around Tokyo cannot be done, don’t believe them. Of course it can. Although I would pack plenty of water and a sturdy pair of boots as the trek can be a long one. 452 altre parole


Travel Blog: Tokyo Pt. 2

Hello from sunny-side-up Shibuya!

This time I had my luggage with me, so the first thing that I have to do is find a locker in Shibuya station. 1.010 altre parole


What does Hachikō mean?

Hachikō (Lord 8, but more at “oh look at you, you widdle cutie wootie eight, you’re a good boy, aren’t you, yes you are, you’re a good boy”) 3.741 altre parole

Japanese History

Japan: Week 1!!

Hello everyone! I’m finally back after my month long hiatus to the land of anime! Yeap, Japannnnn! It’s been an amazing trip and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys. 906 altre parole

Cherry Blossom