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Arrival at The Land of the Rising Sun

It is a year in waiting and a month in planning. With my friend Tere, we travel across Japan from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka in 11 days. 452 altre parole


Sadly, seven sudden snow Hachikos in Tokyo are probably too cute to be true

Twitter users claim that after a recent snowfall Tokyoites were greeted by eight times as many Hachikos as usual. But is it a loyal doggy miracle, or just an adorable bit of photo editing? 379 altre parole


Tokyo Trip, Dec 2011

These are the photos taken during our trip to Tokyo in Dec 2011. It was my first trip to Tokyo but for GK it wasn’t. GK was living in Tokyo for 7 long years before moving to Nagoya. 86 altre parole



the canine mind knows no concept of time
this poodle sits at home, patiently waiting
at the slightest noise he starts to whine
testing himself and hasty debating… 76 altre parole


Tokyo (October 2015): Tokyo Skytree/Shibuya/Tsukiji/Ginza

Our schedule for the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum press junket in Tokyo was jampacked but hah! We’re koboys & creative enough to squeeze in some time for fun under the Tokyo sky and enjoy casual strolls in the Land of the Rising Sun. 1.025 altre parole


Chapter I

Sitting in class, her black wavy hair pulled back in a braided ponytail so tight that it separated her hair into two distinct varieties.  1.787 altre parole