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Spring in Japan - part 3

Still Day 2 – Ramen Ichiran, National Museum of Nature and Science, Shinjuku, dan Shibuya

Jam 12an karena perut sudah merasa lapar kami keluar dari Zoo dan berjalan menuju ke Ichiran Ramen, ramen terenak di Tokyo menurut saya. 920 altre parole

All About Japan

Day 5 "Loyalty"

Nothing says loyalty quite like a dog and one of the most famously loyal dogs was Hachikō. This Japanese legend walked with his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, to the train station every day. 174 altre parole


Tokyo #6 Harajuku, Shibuya dan Shinjuku

Heloo! Ini hari ke 6 sy di Jepang. Hari ini kami pagi jam 8 sudah sampai Tokyo dengan willer bus. Hal yang paling sedih adalah di bus ga bisa tidur! 534 altre parole



That innocent heart,
Keeps waiting all the time,
For someone he loves,
For someone, who, once loved,
Drown in the memories,
Not knowing the truth of the reality,
Not knowing how long he has to wait,
And its the saddest of all tragedies,
To not know the truth of all pains,
To wait for his love who has already gone,
Never to return again! 145 altre parole

Stop, Look, and Listen

By: Aaron Knapp

“Stop, look, and Listen,” three well-known words for crossing the street. Only this time it’s on the grandest of stages.

I received a fountain pen from a friend in Japan. 299 altre parole


Shibuya and Yokohama (Day 2)

Excited for today! Mainly because we can stroll around fresh and baggage-free, hahaha!

Seriously though, after 22,000+ steps yesterday, I assumed my legs will feel numb today but I didn’t feel any pain at all! 281 altre parole


Shibuya Station: Hachikō Exit

Shibuya Station is Japan’s fourth largest transit station and sees 2.4 million passengers on any given weekday. While it may be one of the busiest places in Tokyo, the real star is actually located by the Hachiko exit. 210 altre parole