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Chapter 173: Outside Shibuya Station (Hachiko & Children Statues)

Shibuya crossing is one of the most crowded places in Tokyo. Outside the station you’d see at first glance some statues! A globe with children playing and the famous, Faithful Dog Hachiko Statue.



Preparing for Erikae

Going back in time a little now… (life as an Independent Artist has been busier than I expected), to remember my preparations close to entering the phase of full Geisha (Geiko) for Hachiko. 406 altre parole


Data YEARNS to Feel

Data is facts, figures, numbers, images, mailers, spread sheets; pretty much anything that attempts to inform you.

Did you know that false structures and scaffolding were constructed around the Taj Mahal through different conflicts to confuse German, Pakistani and Japanese bomber pilots? 371 altre parole


The Travelling Trooper Pays His Respects To The 47 Ronin Warriors

Those familiar with this image will know the heart-wrenching story of Seymour from Futurama.

In that episode, Fry makes a friend for life after feeding a starving dog on the streets. 2.114 altre parole


Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno and Odaiba

Shinjuku Terrace illumination takes place around the Southern Terrace and the Odakyu Group-controlled area that reaches toward the West Exit.

Shibuya is symbolic as a center of youth culture. 163 altre parole

Japan 2017

The Reunion of Hachi's Family

When I wrote about Hachi (Part 1 / Part 2), I wondered what Mrs. Yaeko Ueno’s later life was like.

Talking of hardships, in my opinion, Mrs. 764 altre parole


Creature #9- Hachikō the Akita Dog

At Shibuya station in Tokyo, there is a famous statue of a dog, an Akita breed.  This was no normal Akita though, it was one of the most loyal mammals any human has ever seen!  319 altre parole