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Laurel, Hardy and the Biggest Stoop You've Ever Seen in Your Life

The best, most memorable comedy is often based on a simple premise or formula.  That’s especially true of classic comedians, masters of laughter like Chaplin… 984 altre parole

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Movie Monday* 08.03.15: The Third Genius's Best Film

SAFETY LAST! (NR, 73 min., B&W, Silent, Hal Roach Studios Released April 1, 1923 Pathe Exchange)

He’s been called the third genius of the silent era comedians (behind Chaplin and Keaton). 331 altre parole

Turnabout (1940)

Ad man Tim Willows (John Hubbard) and his wife Sally (Carole Landis) are well-to-do, but money can’t buy happiness, and their marriage is proof of that. 530 altre parole


Men O' War

United States Draft Registration Cards are a useful genealogy resource. They are freely viewable at FamilySearch, both for World War One and Two. 260 altre parole

James Finlayson

The Soilers

1923 silent film comedy with James Finlayson as ‘Smacknamara’.
Starring Stan Laurel. Directed by Ralph Ceder. Produced by Gilbert M. Anderson and Hal Roach.

James Finlayson

Frozen Hearts

1923 silent film comedy with James Finlayson as ‘General Sappovitch’.
Starring Stan Laurel (and also featuring Mae Laurel). Directed by J.A. Howe. Produced by Hal Roach.

James Finlayson