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Men O' War

United States Draft Registration Cards are a useful genealogy resource. They are freely viewable at FamilySearch, both for World War One and Two. 260 altre parole

James Finlayson

The Soilers

1923 silent film comedy with James Finlayson as ‘Smacknamara’.
Starring Stan Laurel. Directed by Ralph Ceder. Produced by Gilbert M. Anderson and Hal Roach.

James Finlayson

Frozen Hearts

1923 silent film comedy with James Finlayson as ‘General Sappovitch’.
Starring Stan Laurel (and also featuring Mae Laurel). Directed by J.A. Howe. Produced by Hal Roach.

James Finlayson

"Nothing but pie-throwing"

The best thing in Sunday’s New York Times was this article:

“The greatest comic film ever made — because it brought the pie-throwing to apotheosis,” the novelist…

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On The Loose with Thelma Todd and ZaSu Pitts

ZaSu Pitts. Not really a household name anymore, although at least a name you sometimes heard, when I was growing up. Probably it’s from the way the syllables fall together. 332 altre parole


2015 Blind Spot Series: "The Champ"

Hidden under the guise of a ‘down on his luck boxer’ movie lies one of the most vibrant and authentic father/son relationships ever put on film. 480 altre parole

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