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242 Easter Goody Bag Kit

This kit is for 8 people. ($10)
Includes 8 of Twist ties, Cross tags, Plastic sleeves and Crinkle Papers.
You can choose the design of the cross; Crown of Thorns / Pink Clothing / Mixed… 6 altre parole

Happy February!

Happy February!
Here is my cover page for my planner – I could not resist the peacock page and it was one the first one I completed. 281 altre parole

the voice of the fridge


( the voice of the fridge by a poetrys of poem )

my magnetic poetry kit

told me parrot jet armpit

turnips bastards moss pentecost

wetlands uplands placate dross

cherish dowager eczema vole

flapjack mithras scroll loophole

signets porous plinth screed indeed


( & i agreed )



Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

I didn’t even have to make a new one for this. The one for Friday the 13th fit already. Then again, so could the one for Thanksgiving: 26 altre parole