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Happy Easter

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Greek Easter 

You know what’s good about being Greek? Well lots of things actually, but today what’s great about bring Greek is that we get to celebrate Easter all over again!!! 68 altre parole


Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!

Today Orthodox Christians mark Easter. I too Orthodox Christian! Yesterday I went to church and I saw a lot of people there. I liked it.  113 altre parole


Happy Easter Sunday {April 5, 2015}

Hello My Friends:)

Hope that you had such a great time celebrating Easter with all the Family and Friends.

 I celebrated Easter Sunday with my boyfriend and  family. 65 altre parole

Hearts Life

Happy Easter 2015 everyone :D

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! I know most of you already celebrated Easter last Sunday, but in my country and religion we celebrate it today! I wanted to wish to everyone Happy Easter either you celebrate it today, last Sunday or any other day of this year. 11 altre parole