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Arrrrr! 'appy Easter!

Arrrrr! ‘appy Easter!

I didn’t even have to make a new one for this, which means I’ve already done this joke. Thankfully, there’s nothing stopping me from doing it again.

Audi Easter Hunt.

Had so much fun working on this piece of artwork. Ok, I know Easter is long over :P But how many Easter Egg can you find? Haha…


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Double standards regarding international law; the "Happy Easter" bombings of Belgrade

From Voice of Russia 

West countries had their interests in bombing Yugoslavia – expert
April 16, 2014
by Jay Johnson

Photo: RIA Novosti

On April 16, 1944, British and US allied forces carried out air attacks in the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade. 419 altre parole

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

A graphic artist I am not.