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Silent Laughter at the Kennington Bioscope (Plus talkies – yes really)

Our favourite south Londoners are at it again. Fresh from staging a triumphant weekend-long event in June, the Kennington Bioscope team promise a full day of chuckles with a comedy festival in October. 479 altre parole

Silent Film

johnlink ranks THE MILKY WAY (1936)

It’s been a hectic summer, to say the least. My DVR is filling up with a variety of movies, most of which I won’t get to. 485 altre parole

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Harold Lloyd: Could He Save Your Life?

I’m still in an amusement park mood. But I haven’t got a good cartoon amusement park on hand. I can give a couple examples of 1960s cartoons but they’re, you know, episodes of… 306 altre parole


Movie Monday* 08.03.15: The Third Genius's Best Film

SAFETY LAST! (NR, 73 min., B&W, Silent, Hal Roach Studios Released April 1, 1923 Pathe Exchange)

He’s been called the third genius of the silent era comedians (behind Chaplin and Keaton). 331 altre parole

The "John Lennon" Eyewear Look and How to Choose Your Personal Version

During his lifetime John Lennon was photographed thousands of times. The iconic accessory that was associated with the world famous musician was his characteristically round lens eyeglasses. 620 altre parole