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The Gag Man review: a brutal insight into the silent comedy business

The consensus view on Clyde Bruckman was summed up by Tom Dardis, biographer of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton: “he was not very funny, and he drank too much”. 487 altre parole

Silent Film

Cinecon 2016 Silent Echoes Hollywood Walking Tours

The block of Cahuenga south of Hollywood Boulevard was the setting for more silent movie filming than any other spot in town. I’ll be leading walking tours of this historic site at the upcoming… 239 altre parole

Silent Movie Locations

The Sunday Intertitle: Silly

More Harold Lloyd. In NOW OR NEVER (1929) he hangs under a moving train and runs along the tracks, a feat accomplished in the studio (Lloyd wasn’t as addicted to suicidal risk-taking as Buster Keaton, despite all those carefully-prepared skyscraper-climbing scenes). 183 altre parole


Week of August 12th, 1916

One hundred years ago this week, Grace Kingsley attended a private screening of Arctic explorer and documentary filmmaker Frank E. Kleinschmidt’s war films. She wrote: 853 altre parole

The Look #4: Harold and Sybil get camera-shy

At the end of Harold Lloyd’s BUMPING INTO BROADWAY, previously discussed on Sunday, Harold essays a trope that would become quite familiar, and may have been old even in 1919, I’m not sure. 482 altre parole


The Sunday Intertitle: Boy Meets Girl

I had started feeling like I was neglecting Harold Lloyd a bit — you know, that feeling you get when you’ve been neglecting Harold Lloyd a bit — so I watched two shorts from 1919, BUMPING INTO BROADWAY and BILLY BLAZES ESQ. 283 altre parole


#3 Safety Last!

Watched: July 31 2016

Directors: Sam Taylor, Fred C. Newmeyer

Starring: Harold Lloyd

Year: 1923

Runtime: 1h 10min


Safety Last! was a new one for us, although the above image of Harold Lloyd dangling from the clock was familiar. 425 altre parole