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Harold Lloyd versus Snarf: Old Plots in New(er) Settings

“So, you know that episode of Thundercats I was finishing?” my husband asked one morning.

“Urnghuh? Um…sure,” I answered, my foggy tones conveying that no, I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet. 493 altre parole

Safety Last: Harold Lloyd


One of the most hair-raising sustained scenes of physical comedy ever filmed. Only Buster Keaton could rival Harold Lloyd when it came to feats of physical stamina and inventiveness on the silent screen. 26 altre parole


Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd in Hancock Park.

Hancock Park,my favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles. The streets are lined with mansions from the 1920s and looks almost the same as it did then. You can see why the academy award winning 2011 silent film The Artist used Hancock Park for their locations. 412 altre parole

The Freshman (1925)

Directed by Sam Taylor and Fred C. Newmeyer
Written by Sam Taylor & Ted Wilde & John Grey & Tim Whelan

Harold Lloyd is the underappreciated, underseen silent comedy star. 698 altre parole