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The Accidental Stuntman - Safety Last! (1923)

Scaling buildings.  So this is about a shop clerk (Harold Lloyd).  He only wants to impress the girl that he is interested in (Mildred Davis), but he somehow gets roped into a publicity stunt that involves him climbing the side of a tall building without a safety net.  393 altre parole


The Sunday Intertitle: Snubbed

Snub Pollard (and unidentified frail) in YOUNG MR. JAZZ, a Harold Lloyd-Bebe Daniels comedy from 1919. Very nice, slightly disposable sort of film. To be really memorable, Harold needs more at stake, and he needs to suffer more. 438 altre parole


The General (1926), dir. Clyde Bruckman & Buster Keaton

Screening at Cinema City, with a Q&A with UEA film scholar Peter Kramer

 The General is a film everyone knows. Every time we see a train depart off its intended course, it owes at least something to… 1.756 altre parole


Exile On Stain Street

Come in, sit down, what seems to be the problem? no, don’t tell me, let’s guess:

  • Have you just been hit firmly amidships by an armoured rhinoceros?
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Record Collecting

A very mellowed yellow

Right now I’m working in a fairly corporate/industrial area, and when I went for a walk around lunchtime, my surroundings were pretty bleak. Until I came across this on the sidewalk… 10 altre parole

Kitten Party

That's a Wrap with a Publicity Photo of Harold Lloyd, 1920s

by Paul R. Spitzzeri

Harold Lloyd was one of the great silent film comedians of the 1920s, ranking up there with the great Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.   673 altre parole


An Education in Silent Cinema

Last weekend, I had a truly unique cinematic experience.

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra (pictured above) came to the Wayne Theatre in Waynesboro, VA, and set about to recreate a typical 1910s/20s American film-viewing scenario for a contemporary audience. 1.688 altre parole

Charlie Chaplin