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Harold Lloyd: A Golden Era Comedian.

The first movie I ever saw Harold Lloyd on TV was his famous clock hanging scene ,from that day on as a kid I was fascinated by him and his movies. 435 altre parole

Harold Lloyd's The Freshman leads the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival kicks off another exciting season with a June 1 screening of Harold Lloyd’s 1925 campus comedy The Freshman at the Castro Theater, accompanied by the… 859 altre parole

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Review: Money For Nothing

He’d been bemoaning his fate, on the basis that outrageous things did not happen to ordinary people, but now, focusing on those long narrow strips of yellowy light from the outside world below, bars of butter across the dark ceiling, he reminded himself that anything could happen to anybody, and that only science contains impossibilities: Time does not reverse, for instance, the apple does not fall up, the sun does not circle the earth.

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Hollywood's Silent Echoes - 2017 FIAF/FLC Tour

[Tour download] Late in 1921 a mob of angry police chased Buster Keaton down a narrow Hollywood alley towards Cahuenga Boulevard. Entering the street Buster saw to his right a corner where “America’s Sweetheart” Mary Pickford filmed a scene in 1918 beside what is now an adult book store. 327 altre parole

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April 20: Happy Birthday Jessica Lange and Harold Lloyd

Six-time Oscar nominee Jessica Lange is celebrating her 68th birthday today.  Lange spent several years traveling and working as a model after graduating from college, and made her screen debut in 1976 in Dino De Laurentis’s remake of… 1.015 altre parole

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April 20th in history:

The mass shootings at Columbine High School near Denver occurred on April 20th, 1999.

The Red Baron shot down his last two targets… 64 altre parole

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Online Movie Swap: Plain, Simple Tom reviews . . . "Safety Last!" (1923)

Organised by V Donovan from Coolbeans4 and Matt from The Album, this Online Movie Swap was set up for film fans to blindly watch films that they haven’t seen before, films that they wouldn’t necessarily have sought out themselves, films suggested by other film fans. 506 altre parole

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