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Com a hashtag #MeuAmigoSecreto, as mulheres estão relatando situações de machismo nas redes sociais, aproveitando as mobilizações pelo Dia Internacional de Combate à Violência Contra a Mulher, que foi no dia 25 de Novembro.


I really hope I can start something to change society. I know being just a small time blogger it may not get that much attention, so if you agree I would be so very appreciative if you would just share it. 258 altre parole


Trending N'at: How Would You Describe #BlackFridayin3Words?

Depending on how you look at it, this Friday is either the greatest shopping day of the year, or the worst.

Black Friday has become a holiday in its own regard, as people spend hours preparing for it whether they work in retail and have to report to work early on Thanksgiving night, or as a shopper going through stacks of sale circulars to scout out the best deals. 186 altre parole


Pod Trek episod 11: Eira beams onboard!

Det tog hundra år (mest p g a dålig planering från Eriks sida) men vi har äntligen lyckats få hit Eira!

Det pratas all things Trek så lite… 62 altre parole

Star Trek

Hashtag Undateable LIVE

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I am a social media whore.  I know this.  I live it. I embrace it. I am ok with it.   1.124 altre parole


Things I Don't Get

Getting Through Anxiety did a post on funny things they don’t get (follow them also!!!). Their list was funny, logical and made me realize that I don’t get some of those things either. 213 altre parole