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Htagg - Amazing New SEO & Content Creation Tool

So, you’ve written a great blog post or put together an amazing brand video. Now it’s time to post it across your social media channels & make sure that the world sees it! 509 altre parole


#SundayBlogShare - The Biggest Twitter Party Of The Weekend!

Last week I posted different ideas to help increase blog traffic. One of those ideas was to connect with others via Twitter in the various hashtag parties that take place throughout the week. 686 altre parole


Using Leverage to Efficiently Market Your Books While You Write

Fleur Camacho has kindly been sharing my posts on her blog. She came up with a great idea for a post on blogging efficiently in order to promote your books, which I was more than happy to host here. 2.272 altre parole


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White Girl Wasted?...




*28 ‘selfies’ later*

“Hmm, I don’t like any of these!! Maybe if I stick my tongue out more or do duck lips…” 19 altre parole



March 24, 2015 marked the official starting date of streaming website, Netflix in Australia and New Zealand. Netflix started using the hashtag, #NetflixDownUnder at the beginning of March to start the hype of the famous website. 52 altre parole


Sometimes I see trending hashtags & I have an instant thought.

No, I didn't stop at Taco Bell on my way home… …& dispose of the evidence.

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