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Belleza, Maitreya & slink versions // Available in 2 colors : White & black… 110 altre parole



Here are some things we need to stop saying we are sorry for:

  • Your Personality

Repeat after me: I am not sorry for who I am. 278 altre parole



Is it weird to have like a “favourite drug packaging”? Because… I kinda do xD

It’s like “Hey! We know you struggle to remember the days, and whether you took your tablets so we write it on the packaging and leave you enough space to write the dates on it too!” 49 altre parole

Life As Ri

How Twitter Can Harness The Power of The Hashtag

A couple days ago Twitter released their quarterly results with mixed news. The positive take away is the growth of their user base to 310 million users. 441 altre parole


Social Media Fails

Hey everyone! I have a silly and fun post for today. As a Community Manager at a social media agency, people tend to assume I am an expert on all things social media. 230 altre parole


106 and Park (ave)

I wrote this poem (verbal collage?) exactly one year ago. I was on a business trip, sitting in a hotel in Florida when violence erupted on the streets of Baltimore. 228 altre parole

4 Beginning Twitter Tips for Business

From 2014-2015 the number of Twitter users grew by 50 million, and it’s estimated that close to 1/5 of Internet users have Twitter accounts. The average Twitter user follows five businesses so if you’re not trying to reach your customers on Twitter you’re missing an opportunity. 685 altre parole

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