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Was The ' #Medicated And Mighty ' Campaign Started By A Marketing Company?

For those of us involved in spreading awareness of the dangers of psychiatric medications through Twitter, most would be aware by now of the ‘#Medicatedandmighty’ hashtag campaign and the so classed ‘#Pillshaming’ campaign. 1.285 altre parole


The "Use It All Up" Challenge

Hey there world!

I have a serious issue. I am a beauty hoarder. I have more lotions than any normal person would need; plus the sheer amount of cleansers I have is embarrassing. 141 altre parole


What The Internet Has Given The World...

With the enormous rise in the popularity of social media sites and the variety offered to us on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we’re beginning to use online terms IRL (‘in real life’ for those who didn’t know). 524 altre parole


Controlled Chaos

As I stared at my feet, I realised I have succumbed to the ugly in her ways.

My head hung heavy as though I have been carrying old, redundant thoughts – I finally saw my surroundings. 121 altre parole


Saying #IDo To Technology

Hashtag generators, Facebook groups like The Wedding Connection, personalized websites, Pinterest, online registries and apps are sweeping the wedding industry. When I got engaged, I was introduced to all of the ways technology makes planning your big day easier for everyone involved. 919 altre parole


Filters that Falter

Sure, you can go through life hiding behind a falsified lens, but wouldn’t it be nice to see the real thing once in a while? In today’s world, we are all photographers. 297 altre parole


This tweet posted by famous artist, Taylor Swift, on September 11th seemed rather intriguing to me. Along with the hashtag #NeverForget, Swift tweeted about her memories from September 11, 2001 in 140 characters or less. 229 altre parole