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Tree fort

Playing in our little tree fort!

Cute ruffly dress at Hashtag until June 30th! Comes with a color hud.

*Dress: Cristina by Patty C.K. Fashion… 97 altre parole

Hashtag overkill: too many = little impact

Stop Hashtag Abuse!

The number sign (a.k.a the pound sign) has recently been recognized for something far greater than its original purpose. Since 2007 the number sign has been wearing the nametag “Hashtag” which was made popular by Twitter. 805 altre parole

Digital Marketing

Resident Evil 3:Something something talking about it.

So while cleaning my house awhile back I found my copies of Resident evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Overwhelmed with nostalgia and fresh off of beating Resident evil 7 and and RE1 remake I hooked up my ps3 and gave RE3 a go. 1.146 altre parole

Waiting patiently

This outfit is at Hashtag until June 30th! Comes with dress, color hud and c-string.

*Outfit: Burly by Fire Within  @ Hashtag Event *

Maitreya Lara body… 84 altre parole

#Summer Tag 2018 Updates

Good afternoon!

I know there are hardly, if any, people actively following this blog right now, but maybe someday there will be! Just in case there are some of you watching in the silence, I wanted to write a brief update for the Toumeihan tour this summer. 308 altre parole



Dress, shoes and mask are at the Hashtag event until June 30th! Comes with color huds.

*Outfit: Jane Outfit by Luxury Fashion  @ Hashtag Event… 87 altre parole

Airbnb chooses diversity & living local

As we’ve learned, storytelling is an effective way of building and maintaining a brand. Keenan Cummings, the Design Manager at Airbnb, shared his thoughts on how a story builds “product, teams, and purpose” at the… 759 altre parole