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special announcement

Ready for the big announcement?? Childhood Unplugged is partnering with the crazy talented and creative folks @momazine and are shaking things up in a fun and exciting way! 108 altre parole



I created a hashtag on Twubs called #LinkYourLife. You can join the Twub here, or employ the tag on Twitter. Use it to share work or moments that best capture who you are. 136 altre parole


Don't Be a Hashtag Hack.

Last weekend I opined on Twitter that news outlets should start using location-specific hashtags for traffic updates. Just as Colorado has a wealth of opportunities for this (#i70eisenhower, #mousetrap, #6thFederal, #36turnpike), certainly other locales across the nation could make use of hashtags for folks searching for traffic updates and alerts. 192 altre parole

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We planned our Sunday around our regular weekly gym session. The wife and I had made a pact that we are to exercise regularly and eat moderately this year. 198 altre parole


Soaring the Twittersphere: changing how we search for science

By Nathan Emery and Yvonne Davila

Dwarfed by the large gold mine that is Google hides a potential diamond to the world of the search engines. 1.157 altre parole


Yablong Podcast 5: NHL Draft Lottery/Blackhawks Stuff/This Week In Yablong

All right, all right, all right, new podcast. I rant about the NHL Draft Lottery, the Blackhawks, and various things. Also, Andy, I will figure out how to let you call in eventually, give it time. 11 altre parole