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That's why I put on hashtags

This is quite sudden, but do you have  any SNS accounts?  You might already know, but hashtags are very useful. My boyfriend is Polish, and thanks to Instagram’s hashtag I was able to connect with many international couples. 52 altre parole


The Multiple Sides of The Instagram ShadowBan

If you have Instagram, you may have heard of the problem of the Shadow Ban. This is Instagrams way of controlling your content and views by ensuring you don’t get views, followers and likes by non-followers. 886 altre parole


#Hashtags - a commentary

Hashtags may seem a peculiar thing to write about as an editor – they don’t generally feature in more formal texts, nor are they common on websites. 211 altre parole


Its been a while...

So, its been a while. I’ve posted as infrequently as I’ve worked out, but over the past 7 weeks that’s changed. What this video to check it out!



What the...

Well this isn’t creepy or anything….

This hoodie is at the Hashtag event until February 28th! Comes with different words on different colors on the hud… 127 altre parole

#HTG Feb.18.2018

It’s Black Panther Week as Black History Month continues on!

We’ll give you one more week to get caught up on Black Panther!

Next week Sunday we’ll have our in depth review of #BlackPanther… 101 altre parole