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Macebearers, mortarboards and millions of impressions – how Warwick nailed its graduation coverage on social media

Last week campus was awash with the unmistakable buzz of our summer degree ceremonies – six days where excited students descend on campus with their families and friends to make the journey from graduand to graduate. 1.642 altre parole

Social Media


If he or she can’t make a commitment to God, how can you expect them to make a commitment to you?


The Hashtag and Selfies Craze

Most of us wonder what happened in our world. How did it become so …. Not sure there is word to describe this state we are in. 920 altre parole


Look out where your attention flows

In the recent days, I’ve often read lines like „I’m scared of looking at what’s trending on Twitter as it’s mostly about new attacks“ or „this feeling of fear when you see a city trending and you… 1.177 altre parole


Because Life Deserves Design

Jessica Whitlock, Director of Marketing

In the Mohegan tribe in upper Connecticut, children receive descriptive names when they’re young. As they grow into adolescence, they receive a new name that reflects their experiences. 382 altre parole

Celebrity A Drink On Twitter

People had some good ideas this morning about #CelebrityADrink that is trending on twitter. Like it sounds, you just turn a celebrity name into a drink. 42 altre parole


Review: #Hashtag Parfums EDT

Hashtag originated on twitter to help facilitate the searching and referencing of topics but within the ages it has become a trend to use it in every day communication. 180 altre parole