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Okay now that I have someone’s attention … what the hell is going on with this world at this point in time?  I mean seriously, we have our own people hating each other and a president whom condones hate groups.  151 altre parole


when life gives you depression....

Hey, I’m Gabby and this is a blog about my life now but here is a bit about my past to catch you up…

basically, I have depression (and a few other things >_<) In 2016 I had isolated myself from well everyone basically I hated people, the sound of their voices, their happy lives everything basically everyone could go f*k themselves I would sit at home on my Xbox and play games to keep the negative thoughts at bay and head to my local shop to buy junk food as late as I could possibly leave it to avoid people. 124 altre parole


Why investing in AR and VR is the next thing you should do?

VR and AR is the next big thing, they have had a tremendous impact over the world this year. Today’s smart phones are being offered with VR capabilities, leaving developers scrambling to find innovative and ground-breaking ways to make use of this hot technology that everyone with a Smartphone has access to.  393 altre parole

Running downhill in the dark

I think it would be appropriate if I were momentarily serious while discussing my recent and actual brain surgery.

If you have had brain surgery you may be thinking “Who gives a flying burrito about… 678 altre parole


Apple Finally Invents Instagram, Revolutionizing Your iPhone Photos

(Source: www.forbes.com)

It’s almost September so you know what that means. It means that is gearing up for its annual iPhone related keynote, in order to satiate the masses with another new slate of hip phones. 527 altre parole

Money Matters



.EscalateD. – Bella Hair – VSSR Exclusive
[ MUDSKIN ]_You Are My Universe @ POWDER PACK LELUTKA (August) (NEW)
3D Tattoo – Love me – Butterfly… 66 altre parole


Generation F#ckTag

As I stand here before the jury with both hands atop the Good Book; I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 757 altre parole