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August 2016

The Old Fitz Hotel Theatre, Sydney. My second attempt at watching Low Level Panic. A few weeks previously, my first viewing had ended at intermission when I had suddenly come down with a virus. 1.596 altre parole


#MeToo Making Hollywood Scandal Resonate With Women In North Texas

DALLAS (CBS11) – Even if you are not a victim, you’ve probably seen the two-word rallying cry: #MeToo.

Tens of thousands of women—and some men—are taking to social media at the encouragement of actress Alyssa Milano to say that sexual harassment and assault are far more common than many may realize, or want to admit. 398 altre parole


Hashtag Debut with "ㅇㅇ" (Hue)

Once again kpop company baffles me with a group name that’s very hard to search on google and youtube. Seems like they want to keep people away from finding their artist. 14 altre parole


How I generated a Twitter audience in 2 months

An important way for journalists to stand out and make an impact on audiences is through social media platforms such as twitter. Social media has transformed newsrooms, speeding up news gatherings and enabling recourse to wider ranges of sources and material. 483 altre parole

How to gain Twitter followers

 Image by No No Kuni Wiki- Fandom

The thought of have to start tweeting was quite scary at first but I’d have to admit that after a while it kind of grew on me. 504 altre parole

The twitter experience

Twitter is a social network where people get together to interact with another about different issues all around. Twitter also allows its users to create hashtags that create awareness around a topic which people may engage in and add their two cents of information. 200 altre parole