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Rapper Meek Mill has found himself in the worst place any rapper or musician can find themselves. The rapper this morning released his diss song ‘Wanna Know’ in reply to Drake’s Back to Back and quite unfortunately, people don’t think it’s as good as Drake’s and have started some very hilarious memes. See more of them below:


This Is Why Dating Makes People Crazy

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had an actual boyfriend. Now that’s not for lack of trying. My dating life has been pretty active ever since I left college in 2011 and only until recently have I began to make myself crazy. 795 altre parole


'Beautifully childish': #BlackLivesMatter activists adopt #AllLionsMatter as new call to action

We’ve all learned to tread lightly when fiddling with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, as both Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders learned at the Netroots Nation convention… 541 altre parole


The Hashtag

We just introduced the hashtag #SAStanfordian plus added a new twitter account @SAStanfordian. The hashtag will be used by all our local social media clients but hopefully more people from the village who are proud to be a #SAStanfordian. 52 altre parole


So it seems like Drake hasn’t called it quits even after Meek Mill seemingly apologized to Nicki Minaj for dissing Drake. The Canadian rapper dropped a diss song tittled Back to Back yesterday and it has resulted in the creating of some very funny and sarcastic memes which are trending on twitter. 7 altre parole


#HappySummer! + Pool Day

Hey, guys! I’m here again! <3 And I want to tell you something really cool. It’s summer now and some of you like to share fun summer photos on social network or e.t.c. 200 altre parole

#TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter Hashtag Has Famous Authors Venting and Bonding on Twitter

From Observer:

Writing is not a career for the weak.

It comes with seemingly everlasting periods of writer’s block, glooming fits of self-doubt and often little recognition or remuneration in return for great dedication.

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