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Family Court Welfare 12

Family Court Welfare and its relationship with the Probation Service

My first impression as I move into FCW work from a criminal justice setting is that I am leaving the dry land of facts, political reality and objectivity into a more emotional, amorphous context. 141 altre parole

Scholars weigh in on new ideas about autism

A new paper that challenges widely held ideas about autism has attracted comments from more than 30 scholars across the disciplines of psychology, anthropology, education, and neuroscience. 8 altre parole


New genetic interactions that may impact cancer outcomes

Scientists have identified 12 distinct types of gene-pair interactions in which varying levels of expression in the two genes correlated with cancer patient survival. The results suggest that genes involved in such paired interactions could provide new targets for cancer therapy. 8 altre parole


Who Has The Time For That?

Have you ever found yourself randomly at a Target a 10:30am on a Tuesday and been shocked at the sheer number of people you see leisurely shopping? 662 altre parole