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Batman Adaptations - An essay

So here we go again with another university piece which I’ve been working on. This first section of the essay introduces the concept of adaptation theory and intertextuality, looking at how Batman adaptations have been so successful for 80 years. 2.043 altre parole

University Work

Canon and Textual poaching within the Spider-Man Universe (Understanding Media essay)

Figure 1: Video of the original Spider-Man theme music (YouTube 2008)

In this essay I will be exploring the ideas of two concepts and how those two concepts link to my chosen case study. 3.796 altre parole


How has Doctor Who adapted over the years and maintained a strong fandom?

After five decades many shows don’t have a following, let alone are still airing on television. To be able to bring a show into the next millennium and reintroduce it to a whole different generation of people isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. 4.086 altre parole


Enabling a participatory culture

Navigating the vast ecosphere of online media for knowledge and information comes as a new territory for me. Writing this blog has led me to encounter various facets of mass communication and enablement for young minds preeminating a culture in today’s society that is enabled by the myriad forms of technologies available to everyone. 434 altre parole


Overwatch – A fan cultures research report part 3.

This portion of the report consists of a critical bibliography of 5 books, all of which contain useful starting points if you want to research around fan cultures and video games. 1.224 altre parole

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Got Fantasies?

Spreadable Media by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green has been a refreshing read. Fantasy, humor and parody could be used to attract an audience pretty much the exact same way the media can. 357 altre parole

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