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NHK ni Youkoso! (Welcome to the NHK)

When I started watching this anime, I didn’t have any specific expectations. It has a good score on MAL, but still I don’t pay attention to the score so much, because it’s not like I will like that anime just because it has a high score, or the opposite. 623 altre parole


Diary Entry #20

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile….yet again :T I am currently caught up in playing LoL & trying to learn the game because I am desperately trying to “Git Gud” in the words of all the haters that have flamed me in-game countless times over. 489 altre parole

Just Plain Life Instances :T

Anime - Welcome To The N.H.K. [REVIEW] - The Hikikomori Social Life

MyAnimeList Rating: 8,39/10
Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Drama, Romance
Studios: Gonzo
Author: Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Seiyuu: Yutaka Koizumi, Yui Makino, Daisuke Sakaguchi

What is this? Is this a conspiracy? 424 altre parole


Storyville- Tokyo Girls Review

On Tuesday night the BBC aired a one-hour documentary based on the life of Tokyo-based ‘idol’ Rio Hiiragi, and her legions of ‘brothers’ who will seemingly stop at nothing to follow her, attend her concerts, and buy her merchandise. 2.720 altre parole

Morning Musume