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lentil sprouts, day 7 🌃

I’m not really in the mood to make my own lentils, can’t do it as good as one of those upscale places like Hale and hearty or the Soup Nazi. 51 altre parole

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The Hikikomori Pilot-fish of culture (a poem) 

Too many years have passed for the hikikomori
A life of mediocrity beckoning he
People crave an appearance on the Facebook feed                                                          Beguiled smiles, white sands blue seas… 334 altre parole

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🌾lentil sprouting, day ii

nothing particularly special about these Goya lentils, which is fine. $2/lb, this is 8oz which should be enough as a supplement to maybe two main courses. 55 altre parole

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Why Recovery of an MMO Junkie Starts a Positive Discussion|NEET in Anime

Recovery of an MMO Junkie [ ネト充のススメ], or Netojuu no Susume is an anime I’d heard whispers of back when I was actively not watching anime. 1.102 altre parole


Hikikomori - Accepting Myself as I Am

I talked a lot about self-endorsement, about the struggle to change my thinking from “I hate myself” to “I love myself.” I talked far less about how that affects my relationship with other people. 762 altre parole

Minimalism For Thoughts

What finally made me snap, and what I'm doing to support my hikikomori lifestyle. (The book)™

Not that that is anything to be proud of, but I don't feel like its anything to be ashamed of either. I recently made a rather large leap, I was living in a small town where I could only find part time work. 1.365 altre parole


Cuộc sống cô lập của những người Nhật sống khép kín

Ở Nhật Bản, có một nhóm người được gọi là hikikomori. Họ là những người, chủ yếu là nam giới, tự khép kín mình, không tham gia vào các hoạt động xã hội hoặc ít nhất luôn tỏ ra như vậy. 1.962 altre parole

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