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My journey in understanding the anime culture

This will be a growing list of topics (and resources) that may help others in understanding/navigating the culture and phenomena around anime. This won’t be a comprehensive guide (nor will it solely be about anime); the topics presented here are centered around themes that I have a particular interest in. 685 altre parole





Mình vừa đọc được một bài viết rất hay về Hikikomori

Hikikomori là ai?

Hikikomori là những người tự nhốt mình trong không gian an toàn của họ, không hẳn là họ anti-social, mà họ chỉ muốn trốn tránh xã hội. 210 altre parole

Memories of a Culture Past

Recently a long-time friend asked my wife to talk to a local minority boy who wanted to learn about Japanese culture.  The friend assured her this minority boy has a strong desire to learn and is in many ways an outstanding person who shows much promise. 447 altre parole

Popular Culture

Traumatic dimensions of hikikomori: a Foucauldian note (TAJAN 2017, Asian Journal of Psychiatry)

Free access to my letter to the editor of the Asian Journal of Psychiatry.

Clicks until May 05, 2017: free access to the article (No sign up or registration is needed) 51 altre parole


Hikikomori: The Japanese Cabinet Office’s 2016 Survey of Acute Social Withdrawal


In September 2016, the Cabinet Office of Japan published the results of an epidemiological survey focusing on acute social withdrawal (hikikomori). This article summarizes and assesses the major features of the survey. 39 altre parole


Music video shows what it's like to stay indoors too long in a Japanese room

This mesmerising video gives us a unique perspective of what it’s like to be a Japanese “hikikomori” social recluse. 399 altre parole


Can “ Pokémon GO ” rescue shut-ins (hikikomori) from their isolated world?

Article by Kato et al. published online in

December 2016 in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Open access: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/pcn.12481/full

PS: “To date, there has been no evidence showing a correlation between the use of personal computers (PCs) and/or information technology (IT) and the occurrence of… 6 altre parole