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Can “ Pokémon GO ” rescue shut-ins (hikikomori) from their isolated world?

Article by Kato et al. published online in

December 2016 in Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Open access: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/pcn.12481/full

PS: “To date, there has been no evidence showing a correlation between the use of personal computers (PCs) and/or information technology (IT) and the occurrence of… 6 altre parole


Le Hikikomori entre Idiome culturel et expression actuelle de la souffrance au passage de l’adolescence à l’âge adulte (De Luca 2016)

  • L’Évolution Psychiatrique, Available online 26 July 2016,




Hikikomori is a syndrome involving withdrawal into the home for a duration of more than 6 months, identified among Japanese teenagers and young adults. 923 altre parole


The Self Is A Hell You Cannot Follow

1. “Frank, darling,” says Shelia “I’m going to break every bone in your body. I am going to pummel your face into the pillow and I am going to devour you fresh on the bed. 1.470 altre parole


the imaginary wife

There’s a segue here somewhere to John Irving’s memoir The Imaginary Girlfriend, (1996) but I can’t find it for love nor money — instead, today’s intellectual feast builds upon an earlier… 471 altre parole

Hikikomori Or Agoraphobe?

I’m agoraphobic.  The severity of the symptoms fluctuate, and during most of my life I’ve been okay with leaving home and following a routine as long as I don’t have to travel too far. 689 altre parole

Terry Crews's Porn Addiction, Hikikomori, Enslavement, And Your Means Of Escape

Read John 8:31-36.

Last post from the book of John we saw Jesus speaking to the crowd and right at the end of that passage, Jesus talks about being lifted up, a reference to his being lifted up on the cross. 1.395 altre parole

Bible Study

Living Japan episode 63

The latest episode of Living Japan is out. Here is the blurb:

On Episode 63 Dr. Michael Dziesinski, a visiting scholar from the University of Hawaii, joins us to talk about a social phenomenon of Japan: Hikikomori.

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