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NEET eterno

Retomando la frase hecha de las Asociaciones de Alcohólicos Anónimos, buenas tardes a todos, tengo 28 años, vivo en España y nunca a lo largo de toda mi existencia he tenido eso que llaman “un trabajo decente”. 670 altre parole



Hikikomori: Adolescence without end (1998) (2013 translation) by Tamaki Saitō is a fascinating book about the Japanese phenomenon of the hikikomori, young people withdraw into their parents house in adolescence or early adulthood and stay there for years, often not talking to anyone or just their family. 312 altre parole

Morioka Moriko's Recovery

Let me start with an old Shinbo Akiyuki interview, in which he expresses his view on hikikomori:

The character Erio is a bit of a hikikomori.

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Efficacy of a Multicomponent Intervention with Animal-Assisted Therapy for Socially Withdrawn Youths in Hong Kong (Wong et al. 2017)


This is an evaluation study of a pilot multicomponent program with animal-assisted therapy (AAT) for socially withdrawn youth with or without mental health problems in Hong Kong. 135 altre parole


New Job Anxiety

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Have you ever gotten anxious over starting a new job?

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