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The only times Tatsuhiro Satou ventures out of his tiny apartment are for the basic necessities of life, and even then, he doesn’t go far. 22 years old, a college dropout, unemployed and living off a meagre allowance from his father…Satou seemingly has no hobbies or interests beyond sleeping, staring at the walls, or getting drunk/high. 797 altre parole


Hikikomori - Isolation and Virtuality


  1. spending most of the day and nearly every day confined to home,
  2. marked and persistent avoidance of social situations,
  3. symptoms interfering significantly with the person’s normal routine, occupational (or academic) functioning, or social activities or relationships,
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I had the most interesting conversation with a dear, elderly friend recently. Every time I do, it makes me lament even more how our culture doesn’t value the wisdom of the elderly. 216 altre parole


Hikikomori, jóvenes japoneses aislados de la sociedad

Los japoneses son extremadamente estrictos, estresados y su vida gira entorno al trabajo.

Investigando sobre la educación en Japón encontré varios términos y problemas dentro de la sociedad nipona: … 694 altre parole


Inkling Anime Review: Me!Me!Me!

Whenever I watch an animated video that’s audaciously provocative or thematically disconcerting, my gut reaction to what I’ve witnessed is usually one filled with a feeling of bewilderment and revulsion. 712 altre parole