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Youth social withdrawal behavior (hikikomori): A systematic review of qualitative and quantitative studies (LI & WONG 2015)

Full text:  Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry


Objective: Acute and/or severe social withdrawal behavior among youth was seen as a culture-bound psychiatric syndrome in Japan, but more youth social withdrawal cases in different countries have been discovered recently. 241 altre parole


Speaking of portmanteaux...

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Asians On Film Festival – Winter Quarter 2015 Winners!

We are so proud to announce that our very own Akiko Shima has won the Best Supporting Actress category in the Asians on Film Festival… 360 altre parole

Social Withdrawal and Psychiatry: A Comprehensive Review of Hikikomori

Retrait social et psychiatrie : une revue de la littérature sur le hikikomori (résumé en français disponible en ligne)

Article in Press available online (in English) 32 altre parole


"420," Drug Testing, and Creating a Dropout Culture

Ever call a drug testing center? I have, just to check on my pee sample. I sat there for a long time on hold, just to find out they can’t really tell me anything about it except that they had received it and it was being tested. 562 altre parole