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Survey asks Japan’s ex-NEETs if they miss their lazy, carefree days after finally getting a job

Japanese people not in employment or education have said “If you get a job, you lose!” but how do they feel once they actually join the workforce 423 altre parole


This Eerie Mental Health Condition Has Locked Thousands of Japanese Away From Society

“Hikikomori” is becoming a health crisis.

Hayashi Kyoko started becoming a social recluse when her high school principal started talking about university entrance exams on the first day of school. 1.194 altre parole


Am I dreaming,or I am awake?

Every life is a story, just like some event or phenomenon of our days. And yet, sometimes, there are facts that are not mere stories and telling them could highlight all those social, alienating mechanisms, even horrible and sometimes bizarre treatises that afflict our society. 881 altre parole

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Growing up in a “fewer things” environment is not the same thing as growing up today’s day. Nowadays as everybody knows we have mechanical voices and other gadgets that help us create friends, find answers for things and even make things for us without paying a dime or a need to learn or memorize. 339 altre parole


2018.1 Insight #hikikomori @TheLancetPsych @drchrisharding

Mr X is a 40-year-old man who has spent half his life—the past 20 years—barely able to leave his room in his parents’ house. For many years aside from attending a monthly outpatient appointment he was asleep while everyone else in his household was awake. 42 altre parole


Online counseling for hikikomori

From January 2018, I offer online counseling, including online counseling for hikikomori subjects.

I use Wecounsel for Secure Video, IM Chat, and Email that is HIPAA Compliant. 47 altre parole


Psychiatrist Sekiguchi Hiroshi's View of Hikikomori

“In Japan today, many young people are disconnecting themselves from society. They have come to be known as hikikomori (recluses), or more formally shakaiteki (social) 118 altre parole