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Diary Entry #17

The time has finally come….After 12 days of waiting, I have finally received the game I wanted to play the most….PERSONA 5!!!!!! I’m so HYPU that I can barely contain myself & play it nonstop til I reach the end >w< I’ll probably be spending quite alot of my time playing this & considering that this game is pretty lengthy with all the grinding & all, blog updates are gonna slow down ;-; Well I’ll try to update it when I can but other than that I’ll probably be too invested to the game to the point where I completely forget about my surroundings & my sense of time will deteriorate as I go :D Well I guess that’s all I shall write for today because I’ll be playing my game now >w</


Génération #hikikomori disponible en ebook 28,99€

“Génération hikikomori” est désormais disponible en ebook 28,99€, sur le site de l’Harmattan (+ aperçu Google des premières pages).

L’ouvrage sera bientôt disponible en librairie, et sur Amazon sous 3 semaines. 11 altre parole


Our first Video Review!!

The folks over at Cinema Nippon enjoyed our film so much, they decided to do a video review of it.

What is Cinema Nippon?

From their Youtube channel: … 158 altre parole

Hikikomori - Những đứa trẻ bị mắc kẹt

Hội chứng Hikikomori là những người tự giam mình trong căn phòng đơn lẻ, không chịu ra ngoài và từ chối tham gia vào đời sống xã hội và gia đình trong thời gian hơn 6 tháng, 10 năm hoặc vĩnh viễn.  3.970 altre parole

Diary #11

Huzzah today after cram school ended & my bro pick me up, we both went to our usual game store (It’s called Heavy Arm & we always buy our games there :3) because I wanted to buy some steam wallet & a PS Vita game called “Code : Realize  ~Sousei no Himegimi~” because I wanted something to keep me busy when my mom drags me to a camp she signed me up for ( 391 altre parole


#NulisRandom2017 Day 3: Overthinking


Day 3

Aku baru saja selesai menonton serial tv yang baru-baru ini menjadi perbincangan. Ya, 13 Reasons Why. Aku tidak akan menceritakan sinopsisnya. Kalian bisa baca sendiri di wikipedia. 712 altre parole

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Génération Hikikomori : J-10

Depuis les années 1990, un phénomène très particulier touche la population japonaise. Chaque année en effet, des centaines de milliers de personnes disparaissent. Appelé hikikomori, « retrait social », ce phénomène désigne des personnes qui, enfermées chez elles pendant plusieurs mois (au moins six mois), voire plusieurs années, se coupent du monde et n’ont plus aucune relation sociale. 109 altre parole