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Phoenix Talks: Japanese Pop Culture Overall - Abused Terms

Oh boy oh boy. I have been thinking about this article/commentary for a long time. Like several months of talking it out in the shower, writing and re-writing and research. 2.081 altre parole

Episode 5: The Breakdown

Shayla finds the life of a celebrity is too much for her.  She has developed a terrible British accent and becomes a hikikomori, a recluse.   Her boyfriend Wade is supportive and her neighbor Annette are reassuring but is that enough to draw a crazy woman out of her bedroom? 35 altre parole

Katina Corrao

[Anime is Culture] Hide to Survive: Otaku, NEET, and Hikikomori

Continuing from the last article (Jason’s note: Here’s a link to it, published close to a month ago … yikes, I’m sorry!  I’ve been a bad and terribly busy editor …) 1.078 altre parole


Hokkaido and Osaka team up to send NEETs to agricultural sectors to do some productive work

It’s time for Japan’s recluses to step out of their comfort zone and change the world. 350 altre parole


The Hikikomori​: Japans Lost Generation

When the societal pressures for success become unbearable, over a million Japanese youth escape by confining themselves to their rooms.

This phenomenon has been referred to as Hikikomori. 230 altre parole

Social Anxiety & Shyness

Waifu Wednesday: Chiru Kondo

You know sometimes you see a character and immediately know you’re going to be into them? Yeah, that was me and Chiru, one of the two new main heroines from… 1.043 altre parole


Japanese Hikikomori: How a Group-Oriented Society Encourages Social Withdrawal

It’s true, I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks, and by “much” I mean “not at all”. As trite of an excuse as it is, I must say that my life has been incredibly busy and I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and write blog posts. 4.499 altre parole