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Meizu pro 7!! 

Technical specs:

Memory Max 64 gb not expandable!!

Ram 4gb!!

Android 7.0 nougat!!

Chipset mediatek help p25!!

Frontal camera 16 mp and 12mp Frontal camera!! 55 altre parole


Nubia phones!! 

This is the list of all the best nubia phones!

Nubia z11:

Technical specs:

Memory Max 64 gb expandable with a 256 gb micro SD!! … 185 altre parole


Huawei p10!! 

Huawei p10 is the best huawei phone and one of the best Android phones!!

Technical specs:

Memory Max 64 gb expandable with a 256 gb micro SD! 66 altre parole


2018 F2 season prepares for launch

In just under two weeks time, the Formula One circus will arrive at one of its most historic venues, the Royal Park of Monza, where the Italian Grand Prix is held, in front of thousands of die hard Ferrari fans, who will all be praying for the Prancing Horse to take a home win. 706 altre parole


Necessary equipment for Youtube. 

This is a simple guide for recording great videos for YouTube.

Let’s start

1. a great camera is obviously very important for great videos. For example a great reflex camera is nikon d3100. 117 altre parole

Sizing Hi Tech for Your Home or Building


Hi Tech air reactors have to be sized correctly for your building or your home. If your building is not equipped with the right number of Hi Tech machines, they will not clean the air adequately. 814 altre parole

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HITECH AIR REACTOR set up and Bulb installation

Learn how to set up your HiTech air reactor and install the bulbls

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