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Night Sky & Behind The Shot

6,2 minute exposure taken with Sony A7M2, Tokina 17mm f/3.5 AT-X, Haida NDx1000 filter and Hitech GND soft grad 0.9.

Behind The Shot

Here’s a quick roundup of my processing steps for this exposure, which is done in Lightroom only. 33 altre parole


T-Grill Thali Time

If you ever been to Bangalore, then you might have had Andra meal at Nagarjuna. Unlimited Serving of Rice with Curry and Sambhar with quick service and consistence flavour makes Nagarjuna my all-time favorite place. 384 altre parole


Taking Steps Now to Determine Your HITECH Preparedness

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was signed into law in February 2009 by President Obama. The Stimulus or the Recovery Act, as the ARRA is also known as, was intended to promote investment and consumer spending and create jobs during the recession. 1.802 altre parole

Being a Frontend Engineer

The best thing about the Web is a browser that gives your the freeDOM to inspect.


Can Security Be Solved?: Healthcare Challenge

Every day brings a new report of a security breach or other security based problem within healthcare. The unceasing cycle of issues gives rise to the question of what can and is healthcare doing about security and in particular cybersecurity. 654 altre parole


You'll Pay for a Delay

The Office¬†for Civil Rights did not wait long into 2017 to issue its first settlement for a HIPAA related breach. The honor for Presence Health… 366 altre parole


Self-driving car is not A.I.

Self-driving car is just a bot with predefined instructions unless it lets you do stuff that human driver can do. Think about it, reaching just the destination anyhow is so dumb… 31 altre parole