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Extended Validation - the Holy Grail of HTTPS?

Ever since I started tinkering with SSL and HTTPS, I have had an unnatural hankering to move over into Extended Validation. It sounded simple enough, as per these Microsoft articles… 97 altre parole

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Secure your Sitecore Cookies

So a Sitecore site I’ve been working on recently underwent a penetration test, which turned up an interesting item. The ASP.NET_SessionId and SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE cookies aren’t set with the ‘Secure’ flag.   112 altre parole

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Netin käyttö reissussa

Reissussa on tarve päästä aina välillä nettiin, ja nykyään useat majoitukset ja ravintolat tarjoavat ilmaisen nettiyhteyden asiakkaalleen. Jos nettiyhteys on salasanalla suojattu, tulee helposti tunne siitä, että yhteys on turvallinen. 380 altre parole

Why Consider Purchasing The Bulletproof Coffee Today

https://blog.bulletproof.com – The bulletproof coffee doesn’t use any type of coffee. This is actually an upgraded coffee that is free from mycotoxins, toxic m…

Halfway there! Firefox users now visit over 50% of pages via HTTPS

The growth and general evolution of the use of HTTPS has been great to see and experience over the last few years.  The IT security industry, along with conscientious browser developers, has truly dragged the web development world forward to force the use of encryption at the browser session level.  18 altre parole

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Halfway there! Firefox users now visit over 50% of pages via HTTPS

Here at Naked Security, we like HTTPS, the technology that puts the padlock in your browser’s address bar.

Using HTTPS isn’t any sort of silver bullet, of course: crooks can (and do) run encrypted sites, so the presence of a browser padlock doesn’t guarantee that the content you’re looking at is safe and secure. 654 altre parole


Create a self-signed SSL Certificate using OpenSSL.

In this blog I’ll be giving a little bit of insight on SSL certificates and then how to create a self-signed certificate using OpenSSL.

Let’s start with… 536 altre parole