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App Transport Security: the truth and the trouble

Apple have introduced a new feature in iOS 9, called App Transport Security, which is meant to make your use of the Web more secure. 1.872 altre parole

App Transport Security

Google tells developers how to bypass Apple’s new security rules so apps can continue serving ads

”Apple says it cares a lot about privacy,” Mark Bergen reports for Re/code. “Hence, its new iOS 9 operating system will boast a new feature, called App Transport Security, or ATS, which is supposed to require iPhone app developers to use an advanced security protocol. 248 altre parole


Google under fire for undermining Apple's security (again)

Google is all about advertising, and its choices to keep ads flowing sometimes land the company in hot water. The latest example is a set of instructions that Google provided to mobile ad developers who want to skirt Apple’s new security settings. 479 altre parole


Fiddler Certificate Generators

Fiddler and FiddlerCore offer three different choices for generating interception certificates:

  • MakeCert
  • CertEnroll
  • Bouncy Castle

If you’re so inclined, you can even write your own certificate generator (say, by wrapping OpenSSL) and expose it to Fiddler using the ICertificateProvider3 interface. 884 altre parole