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Leaking Keystrokes

Windows 10’s IE11 continues to send your keystrokes over the internet in plaintext as you type in the address bar, a part of the “Search Suggestions” feature: 90 altre parole


HTTPS or die

Serving any content on a non-secure line will slowly kill your business

Google is pushing for all websites to serve all content on a secure connection only, using HTTPS. 1.039 altre parole


Your Questions Answered on HTTPS Migration

Last year Google made it public that when switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS holds a small SEO ranking benefit. How big that is, nobody could really tell with tests that were done or there was no real benefit at all. 620 altre parole


SSL: 03 Force HTTPS using .htaccess

Hi! :) Once you have installed the SSL certificates on apache, you can proceed to force HTTPS on your domain. Here are the steps in brief to force https using .htaccess file. 121 altre parole


Using client certificates in .NET part 8: working with client certificates in OWIN/Katana II


In the previous post we started adding the necessary OWIN-related libraries to our Web API project: a couple of NuGet libraries and the Startup class. 1.471 altre parole


Startup guide to SSL certificates

Making the BEST choice when considering your online security options.

Whether you are an individual or a company, you should approach online security in the same way that you would approach physical security for your home or business. 14 altre parole