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Motor Insurance Made Easy

Driving a vehicle comes with a responsibility, of safety, both for you and for fellow passersby. With the high toll of accidents and traffic injuries on the Indian roads, it is most justified why the government has made motor insurance mandatory for all vehicle owners. 645 altre parole

Secure With Insurance

When there is a Vehicle Theft- Getting a Motor Insurance Claim

A situation which probably most of us just wouldn’t want is a vehicle theft. It is not just the financial loss of having lost a vehicle, for most of us it is an emotional attachment too.  693 altre parole

Secure With Insurance

Follow-up to the classroom-worthy visual analytics example

Did you have a chance to see the sum-to-fifteen game I learned about last week?

Here is an animated version of playing it:

And here is what it looks like if you arrange the numbers in just the right 2d grid:

A classroom-worthy example of the power of visual analytics

I started reading an “economics of diversity” book recently, and stumbled across a great example of the power of visual analytics (included early in the book to demonstrate the value of diverse representations): 61 altre parole

Reflection on Imaging and Data Visualisation

At the beginning of the second semester I could barely use Maya and this module was very useful for me to practise working in 3D. The lectures were very informative, giving me a basic knowledge that I could use while working on the projects, not just for this module. 232 altre parole

Imaging And Data Visualisation

Final Retopology

After starting all over with the head model mostly knowing what I was supposed to do, I am satisfied with the outcome. It was hard work to keep an eye on not making any meshmistakes and creating a proper edgeflow. 74 altre parole

Imaging And Data Visualisation

Retopology part1

Before starting the retopology, I’ve made a bit of a research. I found a good tutorial on the 3DArtist website by Steve Holmes on the subject (in references). 120 altre parole

Imaging And Data Visualisation