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Set a deal - buy / sell an old vehicle?

Quick tips:

1. How do you calculate the selling price or buying price of a used vehicle?

Answer: Check the IDV value of the insurance policy of the vehicle and add… 89 altre parole


3 - Concept/Crit

As the end result we wanted to use different charts and graphs, so we chose a line, bar chart and radar graph. However, the radar graph is hard to represent the data accurately, within the time we had we could not make many changes. 119 altre parole


3 - Prototype

For our first experiments, we used our data manifested from the Health App and created three line charts. This helped us visualise the uneven data and determine what kind of narratives we would use for each dataset. 49 altre parole


3 - Research

We came across a news article that the Health App was used in a murder trial, which helped learn about the case. The data could be manifested and help lead to answers in about the murder. 150 altre parole


3 - Initial Ideas

At first, we wanted to experiment with three.js for this project. Unfortunately, within the two weeks timeframe, we could not use it with our little knowledge about it. 78 altre parole


2 - Concept/Crit

The final concept of the project is a month’s radar chart showing each day of the week’s activity in days. The chart creates heptagons that show a comparison of each week in the month. 170 altre parole