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IMI. Una Storia (volutamente) Dimenticata dallo Stato Italiano.

« Vedi quelle sentinelle dietro i reticolati? Sono loro i prigionieri di Hitler, non noi. Noi a Hitler e Mussolini diciamo no, anche quando ci vogliono prendere per fame.

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Italian style thick hot chocolate

What’s better than a hot chocolate in the cold or wet days? The kind I like is thick and creamy. It makes me think about winter holidays in the mountains. 222 altre parole


Chocolate and vanilla plant-based spread

Having breakfast or a snack with a sweet spread is so indulgent and satisfactory. Italian children would do it every day! But what if you could make the sweet spread exactly the way you like, in a few simple steps, and even make it much healthier? 277 altre parole


Warm and frosty mousse combo

On many occasions, I have prepared these two mousses as an appetizer. Both are a guaranteed success. The first mousse is a creation of mine of many years ago. 406 altre parole


Fragrant Sunday pancakes

‘Frittelle’, as we call them in Italian or pancakes, always makes me feel happy. It’s like having a little party, every time you prepare them. This particular variation is packed with flavor but still really light. 295 altre parole


Sweet and savoury figs risotto

Figs risotto is a delicious and sophisticated recipe, but still so easy and quick to prepare. The time we can really get ahold of good tasting figs is so limited, that I think it’s important to make the most of it. 397 altre parole