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Operating system

Operating system

Operating system is a software create by programmers to operate a computer. Computer is an electronics device. First when you pressing the power button in a computer the computer do self test (because to know themselves and for user that what are the components are attached with the processing unit). 324 altre parole

Input / Output

MATLAB : Post 3 : Input and Output

Following are all input and output means we have on MATLAB

INPUT methods

  1. through command window
  2. through m files (will be done in later sections)
  3. 33 altre parole

Computer Devices

I have attach a link that gives information about which devises are input,process ,and output.

click here

Solo set at Avantwhatever Monthly, August 2015

I made a rare solo appearance a little while ago and decided to break out the acoustic bouzouki for the occassion, contact mic attached. The always wildly entertaining improv legend Garry Butler was also on the bill. 9 altre parole


Input Output

Friends in this chapter you will be given an input and some steps involving a certain logic which would help you reach your output. In order to explain you the method of solving such questions, I will first start with a simple question and tell you the steps you need to follow and then we would go through different varieties of questions. 686 altre parole

Cross Brothers @ The Tote

Pat and Dan asked Jesse and I to join them for a Cross Brothers set at The Tote recently, an all ex-pat Hobart affair. Here’s a portion of the result.