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$20 bed bench is already half done thanks to @homedepot


Shopping with Their Ladies: The 'Miserable Men' of Instagram

@miserable_men is a parody Instagram account that shares candid photos of men shopping with their ladies at the mall. Of course it goes both ways when couples shop together; but the purse holding, phone staring, and the ultimate-the pass out-make for a pretty entertaining Instagram feed that has

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Mainstream Media Creeping into Social Media

Before the birth of social media, mainstream media was the main source of news and media content. As the television became a more common device people used, people referred to the evening news and hourly news updates on the air to get their information. 399 altre parole

National Puppy Day

Okay so all the National Puppy Day photos got the better of me and I had to add my own :-) He’s not a puppy in this picture (taken in 1987? 456 altre parole


#Nature and #Me


Nature is weird. Weird as in we all are part of Him or Her(can’t say about others, but I am) and She or He is equally a part of us(again, if not your part then only’me’). 204 altre parole