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The Social Media Facade

As a growing culture of distraction our dependency on social media is increasing while our comfort in our own skin is apparently disintegrating. The obsession we have with our own image (likes, followers, etc.) is more time consuming and self-fulfilling than it has any right to be. 473 altre parole


Nami acude al salón de belleza 'MAREVE' (18/01/2017)

Nami ha ido hoy al salón de belleza ‘MAREVE’, por primera vez en este año.
Nami at beauty salon MAREVE today.


Top 10 Fav Instagram Accounts

Millennials are the experts on social media.  We were the first to use it to market ourselves for fame; Colbie Caillat (MySpace), Justin Bieber (YouTube), Jeffree Starr (MySpace),  Tyler Oakley (YouTube), and Pentatonix (YouTube) – to name a few – have all rose to stardom from the Internet! 781 altre parole


Has social media changed the way we date?

I don’t remember dating being this difficult. Ten years ago it was much simpler. Here’s two scenarios ten years apart:

Bar Scene 2007

With my girlfriends at the bar. 418 altre parole

Los Angeles