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AirBnb made me love Tolstoy

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is (arguably) a social networking site where people rent out their homes like hotels for periods of time.

And then…

I recently rented an older gentlemen’s house via Airbnb that is 4,000 miles away from where I live currently and I fell in love with Tolstoy. 318 altre parole


Few Flexible Ways for Stay At Home Moms and Dads to Earn Real Money

Being a stay-at-home mom or dad is a full-time job, but it doesn’t pay a full-time paycheck. This makes it difficult for some one-income families to earn enough money to pay for things they need, let alone grow their savings. 3.044 altre parole

Tips And Tricks

Invest in SEO! Do You Really Need to?

So many marketers will tell you that SEO is an important part of your marketing strategy. But is this the truth? You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about SEO, especially if you’ve been in the business for a while. 739 altre parole


Interesting facts about Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam is a renowned name in the genre of music .Basically he belongs to Indian music industry but he has large number of fan following all over the world.he is an indian playback singer singing mostly in hindi,punjabi,kanadian,marathi languages. 476 altre parole


Internet or Universe ???

After visiting the Wayne Dyer Tribute in London last week I watched a video in my hotel room (now, now, naughty !! ) by Mike Dooley and in the video Mike explained how we need to let the Universe take care of the details and outcomes of something we want and gave a scenario of someone wanting a certain type of relationship and while they were on one continent there ideal mate was in Italy and if they knew this they may start to panic and think how will the delicious Bruno and I ever meet but that’s not our business. 178 altre parole

The Blogger

I don’t know when the world transitioned from paper and diaries to computers and notebooks. However, being as we live in a extremely technological world where most of our daily life is consumed by a screen of some sort of another blogging has become an essential part of how people communicate. 387 altre parole


Tips to help make your child's Internet usage safe

Everyone is online these days, in one form or another, because it is so useful. The Internet offers a multitude of ways to interact with the rest of the world; but it can also be a scary place for parents with young children. 585 altre parole

Cyber Safety