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Tips to help make your child's Internet usage safe

Everyone is online these days, in one form or another, because it is so useful. The Internet offers a multitude of ways to interact with the rest of the world; but it can also be a scary place for parents with young children. 585 altre parole

Cyber Safety

Corrupt: "AT&T hit with $100M fine for its 'unlimited' data plans"

“AT&T Mobility LLC has been hit with a $100 million fine for offering consumers “unlimited” data, but then slowing their Internet speeds after they hit a certain amount.” 70 altre parole



Hey Kids,

I woke this morning to a comment to yesterday’s blog left from half-way around the world, from Australia. The author and I have since exchanged a few comments on each other’s blogs and as fate would have it, he’s a motorcycle guy. 248 altre parole

Life's Truths

My Recent Experience Without Internet

Last week, my girlfriend Sara and I were watching some sweet NCAA action when our Internet decided to take a snooze. We did a lot of screaming, and then pouting, maybe a little crying. 580 altre parole


Watched Are We??

The idea of ‘INTERNET’ is quite remorse these days. Even better if one uses a billion security apps and software’s and feels like their content is secured. 255 altre parole

More Life Changes, More Dating Screw-ups.

Once again, I haven’t written a post in 5 months, so there is a fair bit to fill you in on.

After The Body and I had a weird little thing (which yes, you guessed it, didn’t last very long…) I did what I always end up doing – got straight back on Tinder. 834 altre parole

TheSkimm.....Do you Skimm?


So this is just a quick little post to share a great email news letter that I found a while back called TheSkimm. Recently they have become more and more well known, and it is so very much deserved. 121 altre parole