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Facebook-owned Instagram getting into shopping

Instagram on Tues aforesaid it’ll begin testing options that allow smartphone or pill users simply get things they realize on the popular picture and video sharing service. 283 altre parole


FCC Approves Foreign Takeover of U.S. Broadcasters

While we are focused on the election, the giving away of American interests moves into high gear. Last week, control of the internet. One the most important assets of our country and important so that any dissident voices can be heard. 302 altre parole


What Got Us Here Won't Get Us Out Of Here (What The USA Should Do Right Now To Recover From The ICANN Mess)

The barn door is wide open and the horse is long gone. So, is there still anything that the USA can do to attempt to mitigate some of the risk from the USA Department of Commerce (DOC) not renewing the contract with the Interent Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN)? 1.732 altre parole

Professional Development

Cold Digital Windows

The night comes on

Blue light is reflected from dirty spectacles

And time wastes by on the screen

Phone, Laptop, Tablet, TV

Chips, Soda, Blanket, Emptiness… 57 altre parole


How to like a blog when..

Today it is overcast and gloomy. Little bursts of rain are falling down. We had to chop down part of a tree in order to get a good line of site for our satellite. 58 altre parole


Ditching the office to work in paradise as a "digital nomad" has a hidden dark side

After launching NomadList and RemoteOk, Pieter Levels became something of a common name in the burgeoning digital nomad community. Online he could be seen posting photos from Hong Kong one day, and tweeting from Thailand the next. 1.232 altre parole