Technological Addictions book chapter

My latest publication is now online;



Hussain, Z. & Pontes, H.M. (2019). Personality, Internet Addiction, and Other Technological Addictions: An Update of the Research Literature. 23 altre parole


Excessive Internet can alter your brain

The Internet has revolutionized the communication space in the world and the life of the individual. But now it is also found to be altering specific regions in the brain, responsible for attention, memorisation and social interaction. 219 altre parole


Education through Time- then vs now…

Technology has changed the way people learn, no matter what our age is.

New developments have been integrated into classrooms with the aim of improving an individual’s learning or teaching experience. 739 altre parole

CMN276 Social Media

Children and Technology Use

I recently came across the following notes from a conference talk on the use of technology among children. There were some interesting points made during the talk;



Stepping Into the Future:Like It or Not

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Well, for some time now, I have been debating on starting a blog.  

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How the internet can harm us, and what can we do about it?

Written by Gianluca Quaglio,

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The internet has received much negative news coverage in
recent years. Articles focus on major privacy scandals and security breaches, 1.136 altre parole


Social Media... a Mindfield for Teachers

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Today in class we had a guest speaker, Jesse Miller, who unveiled the ugly truth when it comes to the use of social media as a teacher. 430 altre parole