an introduction

Hey there! My name is Ellis K. Adams and I’m a 21-year-old university student who was once heavily addicted to the internet. As an introduction, I thought I should share my story. 291 altre parole


Time Priorities in a Frazzled Culture

Today, in the past 24 hours, how much time have you spent on social media? How long you do linger over the news on the internet, all the while clicking on the adds, the promos and the links…the eternal, never-ending links for the “up- next- breaking- news” items? 699 altre parole

Articles Of Interest

The cultural dimensions and the usage of Internet in post-soviet countries

Lejiņa L., Mārtinsone K., Ļevina J.

Currently, the development and the usage of information and communication technology incorporating the Internet is increasing sharply. Yet, the diffusion of the usage of technology is not equal worldwide. 2.214 altre parole

Cultural Dimensions

Does Your Brain Change with Internet Use? - 57

Yesterday, I finished reading The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, and I must say it’s a fascinating and somewhat foreboding read. In the next few days I hope to have some summarizing thoughts for you all, but I just wanted to whet your appetites with a brief passage today. 383 altre parole

Pop Culture & Politics

Experts say too much time online can be harmful to your relationships

According to the CRTC’s Communications Monitoring report for 2016, Canadians under 30 spend more time and money on mobile wireless devices like cellphones, than any other age group. 623 altre parole


Dear James (A)--Lent, Fasting, and Gluttony

Dear James,

I read with real pleasure of your intention to fast during this Lenten season. It seems to me more important than ever, in a disembodied and Gnostic age such as this one, that we humans strive to bring our bodies into alignment with our souls. 1.083 altre parole


Microsoft Patents Real-Time Parental Monitoring Technology of Internet Usage

Microsoft was recently granted a US patent application for real-time monitoring technology of internet usage (US patent 20170055200).  The system moves beyond traditional parental internet security measures of banning certain websites or imposing time restrictions on access to websites.  125 altre parole