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Makin Seru infoteratas.com Dan Islamnesia.com Diburu Pemiliknya Karena Suka Menyudutkan Pihak Tertentu

Dunia maya dihebohkan dan Makin Seru dunia interet indonesia karena infoteratas.com Dan Islamnesia.com suka framing dijudul dan banyak warga net memburu Pemilik dari web tersebut Karena Suka Menyudutkan Pihak Tertentu dan menjadi kontroversi… 12 altre parole

Out with the old and in with the new!

I loved my old webpage. But I created in while in a classroom, with a teacher, learning how to create a webpage using HTML. No problem I thought: if I forget how to do this, I have my notes.  72 altre parole

Changing Website

Amazon acquires 5 percent stake in Shoppers Stop

Amazon has recently acquires 5 percent stake in fashion retailer Shoppers Stop, the e-commerce giant gave official confirmation on Saturday and also stated that as they are planning to expand its presence in India and focusing on the bricks and mortar market. 215 altre parole


Download Berbagai Macam Ebook Gratis Bahasa Indonesia

Pagi yang indah sekali. Hmm… ditemani secangkir kopi hitam nan pekat, saya menemukan link sebuah website yang menyediakan berbagai macam ebook (bahasa indonesia) yang bisa sahabat download gratis. 24 altre parole


do you subscribe to newsletters

I tried to subscribe to a news letter today… a local suitcase markets newsletter. I thought it would be nice to know when they were on and go visit them occasionally. 289 altre parole

Life In Modern Australia

JS Questions: What's the Event Loop?

This is the eleventh in a series of posts I’m writing that aims to provide concise, understandable answers to JavaScript-related questions, helping me better understand both foundational concepts and the changing landscape of language updates, frameworks, testing tools, etc. 488 altre parole

Teaching Topic

Adblock Plus frena la minería de criptomonedas

Ante la inminente noticia que causo revuelto en la red sobre el sitio web The Pirate Bay, en donde los creadores del sitio implementaron un archivo JavaScript… 461 altre parole