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pentru un film scurt. foarte scurt, max. 3 minute.

lumină gri filtrată prin jaluzele verticale. un pat de spital, cu o persoană învelită în cearceaf. close up pe degete lovite, pe vânătăi, catetere şi branule, bandaje, fire, tuburi de dren. 100 altre parole


You were in every blade of grass I passed this morning, in every cold breath.
You were in the fog that moved through the mountain, caressing the edges of your death. 28 altre parole


10 yo AP (my son) -0.75-0.50 x 180

My very own son , AP  was detected to be nearsighted this year when he went to the pediatrician in January and didn’t see the 20/20 line.   236 altre parole

A Coffee Story

The stories we tell have become ingrained in who we are. It defines how we perceive the world and conveys the different parts we play: as either the observer of stories or the envoy; ever-changing in our exchanges. 1.472 altre parole


Great things are often in the horizon but don’t forget the greatness that has been and most importantly, the greatness that is.


Just go and make the world better. 🚀


Thoughts in jars, a distant memory

The hurt categorically on the shelf

The chaotic mind now compartmentalized ⠀

Unburied the dusty sense of self