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There might finally be a driverless car with some common sense

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Boston’s notoriously unfriendly drivers and chaotic roads may be the perfect testing ground for a fundamentally different kind of self-driving car.

An MIT spin-off called… 1.357 altre parole

Money Matters

10 YO AP (MY SON) 4 month report

AP first started the program February 27, 2017.  He’s been in the program for almost 4 months.  He is enjoying all the benefits of seeing clearly like other kids wearing soft contact lenses or glasses, but with the added protection of trying to… 277 altre parole

Bland tomtar och troll

Look at them, mother Troll said. Look at my sons! You won’t find more beautiful trolls on this side of the moon

John Bauer – … 13 altre parole


CALL FOR PAPERS - ISEE at 2018 Eastern APA

Submissions are invited for the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) group sessions at the 2018 Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA). The meeting will be held January 3-6, 2018, in Savannah, GA. 139 altre parole

Call For Papers

【STEM x 社會服務】:以科技助視障人士 





10 yo AP (my son) 1 month report

AP has been through our myopia control program for over 1 month.   His vision is excellent at 20/20 in each eye.  There is no eye irritation and he’s enjoying clear and crisp vision all day long. 183 altre parole


pentru un film scurt. foarte scurt, max. 3 minute.

lumină gri filtrată prin jaluzele verticale. un pat de spital, cu o persoană învelită în cearceaf. close up pe degete lovite, pe vânătăi, catetere şi branule, bandaje, fire, tuburi de dren. 100 altre parole