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You got to check out: We Don't Need To Talk Anymore by w-inds.

I also heard this song while listening to SBSpopasia on the same day I heard “Miss You” by Yan Ting. It’s sounds quite like many of the modern western electronic/dance songs you hear on the radio, right? 28 altre parole


The treasure in my life to stay gold

A month after the first reveal/performance of I’ll be there, my opinions still stand. I barely has anything else to add to that, and given how it remains on my ‘like’ status since then, i don’t think it’ll make it to my ‘love’ status. 868 altre parole


Sukeban Deka II – Episode 36

While Nishiwaki restrains Saki in the same holding cell she was brought to in episode one, a trio of assassins causes reversals of fortune in the struggle between the Ryozan Alliance and Seiroukai’s Wolf Revolution. 168 altre parole

Subtitled Video Release

Party Rockets GT "START!!" MV Released

Party Rockets GT have released the MV for their 8th single titled START!!

Out May 17th, the single will be released in 3 editions: Type A, B, and C. 160 altre parole


DAOKO: "Haikei Goodbye Sayonara" – Single Review

Released: April 15, 2017

In my opinion, J-diva Daoko has become one of the biggest newcomers in the fluffy land of J-pop. In fact, some of her hits like the intoxicating TeddyLoid collaboration “Daisuke” is by far one of the most impressive numbers in recent years. 304 altre parole


Song Review: Bullet Train (Choutokkyuu) - Chou Never Give Up DANCE

Bullet Train (Choutokkyuu) have never been the most subtle of groups. I mean, just look at that song title. If it wasn’t already demanding enough, they just had to go and capitalize DANCE. 271 altre parole


Please Stay With Me - Yui

Lirik Lagu Please Stay With Me

Soba ni ite kureru? jounetsu no sukima de sotto
Yasuragi wa itsumo higeki no saki ni mienaku naru
Chiisaku naru ai no kakera wo hiroi atsumete wa… 319 altre parole