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A bilingual guide to Johnny’s Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo

Untuk panduan dalam bahasa Indonesia, geser terus ke bawah!

We think, of course, Johnny’s Jimusho needs no introduction. The agency has spawned popular group after popular group for decades. 1.546 altre parole


E-girls - Anniversary

E-girls – Anniversary
“Anniversary!!” es el single 13th publicado por E-girls

E-girls – Anniversary
Lyrics: Utsugi Hana
Español: Ivaan… 577 altre parole


Every Little Thing - ANATA TO

Every Little Thing – ANATA TO
“ANATA TO” es el single 47th publicado por Every Little Thing, la cancion se utilizo para el commercial Menard Fair Lucent series. 309 altre parole


Ayumi Hamasaki: Photography exhibition

A photography exhibition dedicated to Ayu will be held from 4 to 7 June in the THEATRE CYBIRD in Shibuya!

The two photographers Shuichi Maiyama and Tadao Matsuda, have followed her on the shooting set and during the rehearsals of the arena around 2015 to capture these “moments of truth”. 23 altre parole


Tomomi Kahara - Hajimari no Uta ga Kikoeru (はじまりのうたが聴こえる; The Song of Beginnings Can Be Heard) (Single)

“Hajimari no Uta ga Kikoeru” is the 28th single released by Kahala Tomomi. It was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. 42 altre parole



A singer songwriter from the UK writing songs in English and Japanese. I released my English album “Passion and Dreams” in March this year and am currently working on the Japanese version of the album which will be released in June. 8 altre parole

Claire Nicola

angela - ONE WAY (Album)

ONE WAY is the seventh studio album released by angela.

Released Date: 2015.05.20


1.Exist (イグジスト)

2.Different colors

3.Sidonia (シドニア)

4.Sail away

5.Kirakira-go-round (キラキラ-go-round; Twinkle-Twinkle-go-round) 39 altre parole