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Álbum Review: Utada Hikaru - Fantôme (28/ 9/ 2016)


O Fantasma, a presença singela e omnipresente nos momentos mais sóbrios deste álbum. Notamos o peso da sua existência quando esta flutua nas margens conjuradas de “Ningyo”, no vácuo etéreo e sem rumo de “Boukyaku” ou na melodia do piano em “Manatsu no Tooriame”. 3.345 altre parole


Title : Radio Taiso / Artist : UNICORN

Title : Radio Taiso
Artist : UNICORN
11th mini album “Z II”

From wiki
Unicorn is a Japanese rock band, formed in 1986, consisting of Koichi Kawanishi (drums), Tamio Okuda (vocals, rhythm guitar), Isamu Teshima (lead guitar), Kazushi Horiuchi (bass guitar), and Yoshiharu Abe (keyboard, vocals). 75 altre parole

Title : Hi-Five / Artist : Superfly

Title : Hi-Five
Artist : Superfly
1st album “Superfly”

From wiki
Superfly is a Japanese rock act that debuted on April 4, 2007. Formerly a duo, the act now consists solely of lyricist and vocalist Shiho Ochi with former guitarist Kōichi Tabo still credited as the group’s composer and part-time lyricist. 171 altre parole

Silent Goodbye

Crystal Kay – Silent Goodbye
“Silent Goodbye” es una cancion pop grabada por Crystalito Kay y se encuentra como B-Side en el single”Lovin’ You”

Crystal Kay – Silent Goodbye… 525 altre parole


AKB48 - Hikari to Kage no Hibi

AKB48 – Hikari to Kage no Hibi
“Hikari to Kage no Hibi” es una cancuion grabada por AKB48, fue utilizada como tema para la emision Netto Koshien. 587 altre parole


Title : Lucy / Artist : HAPPY

Title : Lucy
Artist : HAPPY
1st Album “HELLO”

From wiki
is a group of young creative musicians from Ayabe City, an area of forested hills and green rice fields two hours north of Kyoto.Formed in 2012 by school friends (Alec (g. 211 altre parole

Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 34

Saki’s mission to forge an alliance with Kudo Miki of the Reishin Girls’ School has turned into a complete disaster. Under the hypnotic commands of Namera, Saki has attacked Miki in the middle of their ritual introduction. 22 altre parole

Subtitled Video Release