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Un Plus Une

Claude Lelouch flings opens the doors, shows us heightened-colours of India, and lets love happen. Well, it doesn’t just ‘happen’ and herein lays the director’s genius: he carefully structures a story while at the same time leads us to believe it is an independent, meandering path. 411 altre parole

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On iPlayer: Ca$h

Anyone who saw Ocean’s Eleven and thought “If only this was in French” will be pleased to hear that Ca$h is currently on iPlayer. 130 altre parole


The Connection – out now on DVD and iTunes!

The critically acclaimed The Connection is now available on DVD and iTunes!

Marseilles, 1975. Young investigating magistrate Pierre Michel (played by Oscar winner Jean Dujardin, … 121 altre parole


Nespresso: instant self-satisfaction

The good old British cuppa has an image problem. According to recent reports, traditional tea drinking is in decline, as we succumb to the lure of green teas, tisanes and a bushel of fruity infusions. 505 altre parole

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The Artist (2011)


Arguably, The Artist relies a little too much on its silent-film gimmick at times, at the expense of engaging with its characters and the emotional impact of its story. 85 altre parole

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Silent Treatment (Film Review)

It’s Sunday! Oscar movies are back in business!

The Artist. The Artist was the Best Picture Winner of 2012. It was the first comedy to win the award since Shakespeare in Love, the first silent movie Since Wings at the very first Academy Awards, and the first French film to win ever! 567 altre parole


Take it easy.

Le lendemain, je cours je vole jusqu’au canal de Damme pour prendre le bateau et rejoindre cette petite ville apparemment charmante.
J’ai choisi d’y aller le lundi histoire de ne pas être serrée comme une sardine. 555 altre parole

Pâte à Tartiner