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Nespresso: "How Far Would You Go For A Nespresso?" featuring George Clooney & Jean Dujardin + Behind the Scenes

In this spot created by McCann Paris to promote the Swiss coffee brand, the french actor Jean Dujardin, stars alongside George Clooney, where they try to outwit each other in pursuit of the last Nespresso coffee capsule. 17 altre parole

Ad Campaigns

The Artist (2011).

A fantastic homage to the silent era of film making. 143 altre parole


Wanna win an Oscar?

Oscars are almost here. People are making predictions on who’s going to win. To make well informed predictions, we need to look back at the trend. 394 altre parole


OSS117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies (2006)

OSS 117 is a French institution, predating James Bond by four years and still hugely popular. Subject of 265 novels and 10 films, he’s Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, an American from Louisiana who works for the French intelligence agency OSS as well as the CIA. 490 altre parole


'La French' (Ο Άνθρωπος από τη Μασσαλία) - [6/8]

Ένας δικαστικός προσπαθεί να εξαρθρώσει μια εγκληματική οργάνωση που δρα στη Μασσαλία στην δεκαετία του ’70, και έχει μετατρέψει την πόλη σε διεθνές κέντρο διακίνησης ναρκωτικών.


Resolutions 2015: The Artist

TGIF, sweet readers! I tell you what, MLK Day off or no, it’s been a long one. I hope you guys have had a less crazy week than I have! 952 altre parole


Anna (Film Grimoire) l'ha ribloggato su FILM GRIMOIRE e ha commentato:

Here's my review for Cara's most excellent Resolutions series, where I was challenged to watch and review a film I'd been meaning to watch for a very long time. I chose The Artist (2011), and certainly wasn't disappointed. Cara's Resolutions series is so great, and I'd highly recommend reading the other posts in the series!