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Brown — Though It Be Not According to the Law

Brown, Meg Lota. “’Though It Be Not According to the Law’: Donne’s Politics and the Sermon on Esther.” John Donne Journal 11.1–2 (1992): 71–84.

17th Century

Short Story and Poem #4 The Good Morrow by John Donne and Reason by Isaac Asimov

Hello and welcome to part 4 of this continuing series. This week I lovingly bring you The Good Morrow by John Donne, and wish to reason with you with Reason by Isaac Asimov (Requested by a reader) 1.646 altre parole

Be Not Proud

an ode to Ragnarr, who had the heart of a dragon, so much that mere man-flesh could not no more contain.

death is the measure… 158 altre parole



I sing not, siren-like, to tempt, for I am harsh

-John Donne, To Mr. S. B .

Quotes Of The Day

"Faith in their hands shall snap in two"

I’ve been thinking about a line from the poem “Death Shall Have No Dominion,” by Dylan Thomas. First of all, my sense of the absurd is tickled by its presence on a site called “ 688 altre parole


I guess it worked

In the London Review of Books earlier this month, Thomas Jones wrote about nuclear warfare and its effect on his consciousness.  In the article, Jones quotes J. 769 altre parole

London Review Of Books

Poem-A-Day: John Donne

First, let me apologize for not posting a Poem-A-Day yesterday or last night. I fully intended to, but we had a birthday party for our aforementioned newly minted teenager last night, and it ran a bit longer than expected, and I was already wrecked from this week at work, so I just sort of forgot and went to bed before I could post. 833 altre parole