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A Short Analysis of John Donne's 'The Good-Morrow'

A reading of a classic Donne poem

‘I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I / Did, till we loved?’ With these frank and informal words, … 1.250 altre parole


On John Donne and Fish Pedicures

In an earlier post I mentioned worrying about landing a job. (I think I’ve written about worry in every blog post, but I won’t in this one!) I am grateful to say that the Fear of Unemployment ship has sailed for me. 844 altre parole

Rose of Sharon, John Donne and Happiness

As I drew the curtains back this morning, the sight of our neighbour’s Rose of Sharon looked as if the sun were rising over the wall and I thought of a favourite love poem, John Donne’s The Sunne Rising, which you will find under the photo of the bright golden sunshiny flowers. 254 altre parole


Thoughts on the Recent Chaos of 2016

2016: An Agenda Setting Year?

I am not sure if 2016 will be remembered in the same way that 1968 has been, but recent national and international headlines suggest a lot of consequential and often tragic events are occurring in rapid succession.   1.124 altre parole


Declaring more than one's genius

If you asked me to pick one book to recommend to everyone, it would have to be The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin.  I first read it about twenty years ago and its joyously irreverent approach to Golden Age crime never fails to lift my spirits.  903 altre parole

Oxford sketch

Oxford sketch

Oldness etched into the stone and wood
the worn steps of precedent and tradition

cloisters in which prayer has fallen silent
quadrangles with manicured grass and… 61 altre parole