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I was tagged by Stephanie from Adventures of a Bibliophile to do the 3 Days 3 Quotes tag/challenge/meme/thing! As you can see already, I don’t much have a way with words so let’s move onto the entire point of this challenge which is to post a book or reading related quote every day for three days, tagging three people at the end of each day’s post. 623 altre parole


I Am An Island, Entire Of Myself

The Boomtown Rats, here’s one that was far more interesting than I remembered it being.  First let’s shelve all we know about that Monday song thing and the Famine-ator, they’re worthy topics some other time, this is all about… 788 altre parole

Record Collecting

John Donne, Erasmus, and Religious Warfare

he work of John Donne has traditionally been subdivided into that of “Jack” and “Doctor” Donne, based in the topical breach that occurs over Donne’s career from the bedroom to the pulpit. 5.406 altre parole


Mom's Roommate Is Dead

The mattress was gone and all her belongings except for a Town and Country magazine laying across the metal rungs of the bed frame. Mom and Florence* had been roommates since Mom moved into the Actors Home in September 2014. 491 altre parole

Radical Acceptance

Patterned and Paired

(This review appeared in the Spring 2016 Poetry London. This is a slightly longer version – by two bonus paragraphs – with a proofing error corrected. 1.721 altre parole

Reviews (some Antique)

‘Enjoy your summer all’ - John Donne

While much of the country rails against over-testing of primary aged children, let’s celebrate the rot-stopping at the other end of school life, at least for many. 288 altre parole

High School

"Death, be not proud" - John Donne

The norm about death is that it is all conquering, that all great people eventually succumb to death. John Donne does not see it this way, to him death is a slave, and I agree. 215 altre parole