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Poetry podcast for the Second Sunday of Advent


from La Corona

by John Donne

Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb,
Now leaves His well-belov’d imprisonment,
There He hath made Himself to His intent… 193 altre parole


Favourite Poets: John Donne, Elegy VII: Nature's idiot, I taught thee to love

Nature’s lay idiot, I taught thee to love,

And in that sophistry, oh, thou dost prove

Too subtle: Fool, thou didst not understand

The mystic language of the eye nor hand: … 287 altre parole

Marshall — Haunt of Ancient Peace

Marshall, Emma. A Haunt of Ancient Peace: Memories of Mr. Nicholas Ferrar’s House at Little Gidding, and of His Friends Dr. Donne and Mr. George Herbert. 16 altre parole

17th Century

The Ear Repeats: A Chase

There seems to be a poetic schism between the eye and the ear in certain texts. The eye is seen as an engine of great dispersal, while the ear is a funnel that gathers together in an intimate sense. 532 altre parole

Annunciation by John Donne

The poem I have chosen for December 3rd in my Advent Anthology from Canterbury Press Waiting on the Word, is The Annunciation by John Donne, and once again it is accompanied by a beautiful illustration from the book of responses to these poems by… 456 altre parole


My Cultural Discoveries

I’ve had an affinity with the arts ever since I learned to hold Crayolas, I designed my own comics to entertain myself as a child, I wrote poor naive poems in primary school and shockingly bad stories in secondary school (hopefully I’ve moved on since then!), I’ve always read, I studied art & design and photography in college, I qualified as a graphic designer and later studied philosophy, and made many attempts at playing a wide range of musical instruments (attempt being the operative word), and now, after twenty-odd years in a technical, very non-cultural career, I’m back at university studying for a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature. 474 altre parole


Kneidel — Rethinking the Turn to Religion

Kneidel, Gregory. Rethinking the Turn to Religion in Early Modern English Literature: The Poetics of All Believers. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillna, 2008.

Contents: Introduction: rethinking the turn to religion in early modern England. 33 altre parole

George Herbert