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To John Donne

This razor that you use each day
Carries both of our DNA.
You would love me even more
When with blunted edge you gently score… 33 altre parole


On Protagonism and Community

*Disclaimer: I am writing this for future Jessica, when she thinks she doesn’t need to invest in a community. This is my effort to negate the “those who don’t learn from history…” idea. 527 altre parole

The Lines "Nerve Pylon" 1980

Sonnets…what’s that all about? Why fourteen lines? Why ten syllables? Who made those rules? And yet what amazing portals into human consciousness have been opened up within that structure. 299 altre parole


How Complete Are We When Not Perceived by Others? - Thoughts on a Quote by Jennifer Michael Hecht

“We are indebted to one another, and the debt is a kind of faith, a beautiful, difficult, strange faith. We believe each other into being.” 480 altre parole


Nul homme n'est une île

Nul homme n’est une île, mais ne serait-il pas bien?

“No man is an island,” John Donne said, “unto himself,” but wouldn’t it be nice?