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K of Combat Studies Group to Speak at March 8th LVA Meeting

K of Combat Studies Group will be the featured speaker at the March 8th, 2018 Lower Valley Assembly of the Whole in Prosser, WA. His topic will be digital security. 90 altre parole


The Wanderer

Happy Monday!  I am off work again today.  Yay, long weekend!  I have been working on a few blog photos the last few days.  Trying to take advantage of my free time while I have it.  99 altre parole


14.02.18 - 18.02.18

So this is how we actually spend most of the Valentines we’ve shared: Not planning anything really, then realizing that hey it’s Valentines and we can actually make it! 198 altre parole


Y and K 2/18/2018 Pipa

地点:受亚协邀请在Galleria mall举行的中国新年音乐会(地点在商场的一层,靠近萨克斯第五大道精品百货店)

时间:Sunday, February 18 at 2pm and 4pm

在2-4点之间有两场演出 每场各半个小时


Parking: the closest parking available is in the yellow garage. Parking on the 3rd level will get you closest to the changing rooms. 98 altre parole

Kids Activities


I don’t know what to do or give you…