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Kalvaitis the celestial smith lives by the water’s edge at the end of the world where he hammers out a new sun every morning. In 1431, the missionary Jerome of Prague complained that the Lithuanians not only worshipped the sun but also an exceptionally large hammer, which helped rescue the sun from imprisonment. 11 altre parole


Back to the Future Tuesday

4/4 participation

Trend: Layered shorts. 3 with tights, 1 with mini shorts.

Most imaginative outfit was Kristen in a mesh long sleeve and black diamond tights. 51 altre parole


Morita Masakazu cứ làm phản diện là bị dìm không thương tiếc

Quả thật là dù cái nhân vật do chú Morita Masakazu dub đáng ghét đến cỡ nào thì mình vẫn bớt hận thù chỉ vì do giọng của chú =))  625 altre parole


Running With Manners

Manners aren’t something you think of when you think about running. When I hear “manners,” I think of remembering my “pleases” and “thank yous” or all of the table manners like “no elbows on the table” and “remember your napkin on your lap.” But, there is a such thing as running manners! 233 altre parole


KINGDOM & McKnight + Stroope on "Why Do Christians Speak of 'Mission'?"

by Scot McKnight, Pathos, 4/7/17.

Michael Stroope has a full scale analysis of the Christian usage of the term “mission” and terms associated with it, like “missionary” and now today the very happy, fuzzy term “missional.” 697 altre parole

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