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Sick day

Poor K is sick today. D was sick yesterday but really with just a cough.

It’s days like today that really make me appreciate being a stay at home mom! 9 altre parole

Priming Ignition :: Moodie Black Readies The Release Of 'LUCASACID'

Moodie Black certainly marches to the beat of their own drummer, nobody can deny that.  The outfit continues to push the boundaries of what music can be and how it can affect the listener, both emotionally and intellectually.  89 altre parole


I've had a good run of a few days.

I’ve always acknowledged that I’m a very lazy person, and also a very emotional person.

But today, it’s hard to explain – but I feel like I just gave up. 300 altre parole


Kindly post ideas, suggestions , and all sorts of creative but legal ways to dismiss a stalker.



45. Blade Runner 2049

The robot, K, and his hologram, Joi, are in love. Real love. Blade Runner 2049 is often dark and violent, but the romance is sweet. Two scenes – one in the rain and one in the bedroom – feel genuinely tender. 317 altre parole


Kindergarten: Relief Sculptures

Last week, I talked to the kindergarten class about different types of sculptures. We started with relief sculptures, which are not free-standing. Instead, they are raised up off of a backing of some kind. 82 altre parole


PSL Saturday Squad

Thank you for the collab ladies!!! Had a great time! <3 :)

Doutzen’s Credits Soon Here
Geena’s Credits Soon Here

Justine (Middle):
Skin – DeeTaleZ… 123 altre parole