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Ever Wonder ?

Saturday, 12:27 pm

Ever wonder when you close your eyes, don’t you sometimes feel you’re so scared to fall asleep cause you’re afraid what happens today, will just *poof* away? 476 altre parole


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Kindergarten: Complex Color Wheels

After two weeks of hard work, we are coming to the close of our color wheel projects. Kindergarten did a value color wheel by combining lines and shapes to make an unique and interesting designs for each student’s “wheel.”


Anonymous Confession to Boyfriend.

Saturday, 2:31

~Thursday (3rd Sept’15), 8:08 am.

Good morning. Not a bright one for me.

I woke up to something, something I’m not happy with. 397 altre parole


And just like that we are back to school!

The first day of school went off with a bang.  We woke up bright and early and headed into the school room and got busy. 55 altre parole

Mommy Blogger

Just So You Know - To: Male

Saturday, 1:50 am.

I know it’s late, in the middle of the night. But I couldn’t sleep and I just have to say it.

So here’s my story, dear readers. 546 altre parole