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kiss- kis. verb.

You tasted like spearmint, a spicy kind of cool.  Your mouth was firm against mine, and the smell of your cologne overpowered everything around me, and your leather jacket was cold against my shaking hands, but you pulled me closer into you, away from the bitter wind, and time froze for a moment to watch us, as I’m sure everyone else around us outside that restaurant did too.


kindling- ˈkindliNG. noun.

“Why are you talking to him, and not me?” “Don’t you want us to be together forever?” “I’m planning my entire future around you, why won’t you do the same for me?” Little pieces igniting an uncontrollable flame.


Ku Cinta Kau

Video dan lirik lagu Jeffry S. Tjandra: Ku Cinta Kau.

Saat ku dalam kesesakan,
Kau jamah hatiku,
beriku penghiburan baru,
hanya di dalamMu. 57 altre parole


Kindness in Goodness, Passion & Ignorance.

In the Vedic literature, charity given to a person engaged in spiritual activities is recommended. There is no recommendation for giving charity indiscriminately. Spiritual perfection is always a consideration. 301 altre parole


The Cost of Kindness

Kind: adjective, kinder, kindest.

1.of a good or benevolent nature or disposition, as a person:

I am often told that I am a kind person. So much so by people who are essentially strangers that I tend to have a hard time accepting their compliments. 822 altre parole

Reading, Basketball and Band

E has been learning to read for some time now but it always seemed like it was such a chore for him. He fought reading and would act silly to get out of it. 438 altre parole