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Key kisses kitchen knob.
Kitten, kingly, keen, kneads knowingly,
Kid kneels, knees knocked, knight-like,
“kindly keep kennel kempt.”

Kindred Knaves
or K., an exercise in restraint


Kings // Melancholy

One of my favorite animes to date is K. I’m a sucker for graceful art, and K must be one of the best. It’s more than the bishounen and their resonating voices or, of course, the fanservice. 654 altre parole


Komagata Maru

The Komagata Maru “incident” is important to B.C. history because it shows the attitudes that people had towards immigration. People didn’t want people of other ethnics to move to B.C., or Canada in general, and tried to make it as difficult as they could for that to happen.The government decided that the best way to do that was to make an impossible problem so that it seemed as if they were giving a chance when really they weren’t. 76 altre parole

His Dreams .10 : City of Drama 4

City of Drama:

Shelters for old cats.

Criminals who occupied the shelters in 1980s and never left. It is their generations that rule these localities in the City of Drama. 10 altre parole


Gender behaviours

I have been a tomboy, all my life. I’ve had my gay moments from time to time, but I have been a tomboy for most part – and I like it. 64 altre parole


Malwadi and Maher

Pune is a city with a population of 5.9 million situated, 150km East of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, on the Deccan plateau. This, although 3 states North of Kerala, still comes under the umbrella of South India. 1.482 altre parole

p i n k t o k k i via Tumblr on We Heart It. http

p i n k t o k k i via Tumblr on We Heart It. http