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Spatial Metaphors, Sounds, Kala Rite, Sacred Spaces

As I think about ôl-vala and the Otherworlds, it occurs to me that the spatial metaphors we’ve built up are limited flaws. Beyond the “here” and “there” issue, calling the Otherworlds is often visualized as pulling forces, elthil, whatever from someplace, along a path, and “here.” However, that’s still in the flawed spatial metaphor. 569 altre parole


Naked Truth

“Just because I don’t support you doesn’t mean I don’t love you”Is the line I’ve heard a hundred times,

And 99 times the person saying it doesn’t even know they’re speaking to me. 193 altre parole


Method 1. Hack Windows 8 password
with a super Administrator account.
Inside Windows 8, there’s a secret
Administrator account, and it’s
different from the normal… 434 altre parole


Perez' two-run HR helps Royals sweep A's

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) – Jeremy Guthrie struck out a season-high seven batters in six innings and Salvador Perez homered to help the Kansas City Royals complete a three-game sweep of the Oakland Athletics with a 5-3 victory on Sunday. 105 altre parole


Monochrome Madness 2-17

This week’s Monochrome Madness, run by Leanne Cole is themed the letter ‘K’………my offering this week is a simple kiss. Mother and Daughter sharing a sweet moment, this was a such cute candid shot, taken during a family portrait shoot.

– Julz


Trancing, Spatial Metaphors

I went in on the 8th, the night of, and K and I made our way to the Dark Wood and up Elethis. As I made my way up the Root and then the Trunk, I became aware of a wind blowing down and out from the HW and how my wings unfurled from it, and it felt easy, almost tempting, to let go of the Tree and let the winds carry me, but that kept me away from my goal— 584 altre parole



 Indoui anjjogeuro  deureowa deureowa
 Hoksi dachiji anhge neol kkeureodanggigo
 Gati bap meogeul ttaedo  sutgarak jeosgarageul
 Naepkin wie ollyeo kkaekkeusi nwajugo

 Jami bujokhan achim ( o!) irago haedo… 246 altre parole