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Munday Runday: Surprise Hill Training

Maybe I’m crazy, but when I see a hill, I think about running it. Sometimes I even get excited and plan on running the crazy hills… 177 altre parole


Potential Men

My Mom and aunties want to introduce me to some men, some potential men to marry with.

As if they don’t know that I’m having this relationship with K. 106 altre parole


.excation part 2

The Revelstoke mountain coaster was next on the list!! Now, some advice for people wanting to do this coaster; go early in the day and plan for a long wait! 229 altre parole


1981 Honda CB 750 K Chain Guard

1981 Honda CB 750 K Chain Guard

The Chain Guard is mounted to the Rear Swingarm and protects the Chain from debris. The Chain Guard also protects you and your motorcycle from the grease and dirt that flies off the moving chain. 54 altre parole

Kindergarten: Color Wheels

I am so excited to welcome our new Kindergarten class! We used our first week to decorate folders and get to know each other and get used to the classroom set-up. 46 altre parole


🖨 God is Amzing Free Printable

A letter size free printable. “God is Amazing”.


.excation part 1

I recently went through a pretty tough break-up (at least for me it was) for purposes of this post I will refer to him as Pid… 370 altre parole