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Does capitalism still have a civilising mission? Marx's alternative - part 4

In the last post on Marx’s alternative to capitalism I noted that he extolled the achievements of capitalism, without which socialism could not be built.  In the Grundrisse he… 1.184 altre parole


A Critique of Ramachandra Guha’s Brief Intellectual History of India Since Independence

Ramachandra Guha’s article, “In Absentia: Where are India’s conservative intellectuals?” in “The Caravan” magazine published on 1 March 2015, as a brief intellectual history of India since independence, is much more significant in many other ways as a barometer of the current state of Indian culture than what the author identifies as the paradox:  The lack of conservative intellectuals in India while having a conservative government in power. 4.516 altre parole

"Karl Marx Gnome leading the liberation of the world's Data Gnomes"

Karl Marx Gnome leading the liberation of the world’s Data Gnomes

Karin + Shane Denson
Solid concrete

The six “Data Gnomes” are simultaneously products and agents of data mining. 105 altre parole


May 5 in history

553 The Second Council of Constantinople began.

1215  Rebel barons renounced their allegiance to King John of England.

1260 Kublai Khan became ruler of the… 667 altre parole


Das Kapital capitalises on international profile - Artbeat

With his bleached blonde hair, heavy undercut and pale skin, Kyle Brinkmann looks as progressive and subversively German as his stage name, Das Kapital. Dressed all in black, only the tip of his cigarette and his pale skin are dimly visible in the dark of the street beset by load-shedding. 170 altre parole

Chelsea Haith


As the fathers of Communism, Marx and Engels dedicated themselves to empowering the proletariat; at home, according to Gavin McCrea, their dedication to the workers was borne out by their choice of lovers. 575 altre parole

Primrose Hill

Revolution FAQs

We all remember comedy legends the Marx Brothers; Groucho, Harpo and Karl. No one will argue that Grouch was the funniest of the group, but when it comes to politics Karl was by far the more anarchic of the brothers. 1.407 altre parole