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Undead Capital

Earlier this week I was really pleased to have had an article published as part of a special issue on animal agency in the history of science. 616 altre parole


Eleanor Marx: 'Mother of socialist feminism'

Eleanor Marx has been called the ‘mother of socialist feminism’. She was a political agitator, literary translator, actress and campaigner for workers’ rights – deserving of accolades in her own right as more than just the daughter of her more well known father. 878 altre parole


Book Review - Dead White Guys

Dead White Guys: A Father, His Daughter and the Great Books of the Western World by Matt Burriesci

Matt Burriesci takes the “great books of the Western World,” everything from Plutarch and Aristotle to Shakespeare, John Locke and Karl Marx, and distills them down into short lessons for his daughter. 87 altre parole


Policing the Pulpit & The Johnson Amendment

Policing the Pulpit & The Johnson Amendment- “People of faith do not want partisan political fights infiltrating their houses of worship.”

by Bill Lockwood

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Donald Trump

Another Peek at Marxist Extremists - Antifa

4/24/17 (just before the carriers arrive off NK)

Quick article to share a link showing one of the VIOLENT Marxist organizations behind the anti-patriot / anti-Trump demonstrations — especially in Berkeley. 604 altre parole


Fun with Flags Monuments

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The top left photo was taken in Darmstadt, on the campus of the university.  The sculpture is called “Bedrohter II” (the threatened II) by Waldemar Grzimek. 114 altre parole

Marxism and Nationalism

Marxism and Nationalism

Marxist contributions made to the study of nationalism have been minimal. For Karl Marx, the nation as the primary component of identity was not an effective way to analyse society. 288 altre parole