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Two Scenes From the Campaign Trail

We spent much of Thursday celebrating the folks’ 60th wedding anniversary, which is such a rare accomplishment these days that we thought it worth mentioning, but we spent enough time perusing our usual news sources to come across two intriguing and starkly disparate accounts from the day in the still-slightly-in-doubt Republican presidential race. 668 altre parole


Who’s Afraid of Communism?

Source: New Republic

Author: Malcom Harris

Emphasis Mine

With the Berlin Wall barely a memory and Airbnb in Havana, American anti-communism is probably at its historical nadir. 1.557 altre parole

On Participating In A Course On Resilience

At the Archdeaconry Conference last week we had a person from LPP Consulting come to talk to us about ‘resilience’. I thought I would share with you some of what was important to me about what he said. 1.169 altre parole


Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.—Karl Marx

Mainland China

China as we know it got its start when Mao led his army of peasants with swords and pitchforks from southern China north to Beijing—with the majority of the peasants dying along the way—and beat the pants of the western-backed Nationalist Party, who literally had tanks and machine guns. 479 altre parole


One Poem. One Planet. -- Robert Gray

Karl Marx was playing a parlor game
with his daughters. To their question
What is the quality one should most abhor?
he wrote: Servility. 37 altre parole

Sea Monster

There is a specter haunting Europe, the specter of Communism. – Karl Marx http://ift.tt/1rhdTvD

Karl Marx

Marshall Berman: A Life Steered by Our Human Possibilities

By Vince Boudreau, director of the Colin L. Powell Center

Marshall Berman was a distinguished professor at CCNY, a designation that, like associate and full professor, requires a formal review and recommendation process, including the review of his scholarly work, and testimonies to their significance.  634 altre parole