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Cultural Marxism

We definitely are living in some interesting times. Up is down, right is wrong, and everyone is angry about some kind of faux injustice, no matter how petty it is. 702 altre parole

He Said That? 2/19/17

Hat tip to The Burning Platform for today’s quote, from Henry Hazlitt (1894-1993), American financial journalist, author, and editor:

The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate the man who is better off than you are.

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Silence: 2017

Richard Feynman, a renowned physicist, describes the idea of perceiving history or origin as one of many possibilities. This very fact forms the basis of quantum physics. 494 altre parole


The Karl Marx fraud

For anyone who still finds the work of Karl Marx influential on some level, click on the image to read a sobering biographical account of his ‘life and times.’


Black Lives Matter - Frauds

From 2-10-17

Originally started working on this one about a week ago – didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.

Here’s a link to analysis and review of this controversial, deceptive organization. 51 altre parole


Writing Marx's Life

Beautiful light today. Went running along the water’s edge.

Karl Marx‘s life has always fascinated me. When I hear his name, I imagine him restlessly working in the reading rooms of the British Museum, juggling his money problems and worrying about his family.  140 altre parole

Karl Marx