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PAVEL BÜCHLER: (HONEST) WORK │ Ikon Gallery, Birmingham → 12 July 2015

“Îcon priznts ɖ most comprihnsv YC xbišn t dêt bî Pavel Bšler. Born in Prāg in 1952 n bêst in ɖs cuntri sns ɖ 1980z, Bšler z rnând az an influenšl tīčr n figr in ɖ inṭnašnl ātsìn. 661 altre parole


The Unhealed Wound

IMAGINE that the mind of man and mind of God comprise a beautiful and delicate designed broadcast system. It operates on a single channel. Suppose also that the universal mind transmits at a frequency that is omnipresent, but can be picked up only by a receiver tuned to operate in resonance with it. 453 altre parole

Charles Darwin

The (Human)Sacrificial Aspect to Soviet Communism’s Mass Killings.


It’s often been asked why communism killed so many people if the goal was to liberate mankind. In a way, this question answers itself. Any war, crusade, or revolution seeking to change the world is an act of violence. 5.475 altre parole

Obama supporters agree, Karl Marx for President in 2016!

Are you having a fun weekend yet comrades? Many of my fellow San Diego kollectivists agree that Karl Marx, President Obama’s economic advisor should be elected president in 2016. 67 altre parole


Karl Marx

Karl Marx co-wrote the Communist Manifesto and took part in the early Communist movement.

Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Prussia on May 5, 1818. His family was Jewish, but his father became a Lutheran in order to practice law. 268 altre parole

Mini Biographies

Go with the Flow

My first serious girlfriend said that her motto—the creed which she lived by—was “go with the flow”—(indeed, it was her high-school yearbook quote). She was (and is) such a sweet person. 668 altre parole

Good And Evil

Dunia yang Terlanjur Begini, Bag. II (Si Miskin Mensubsidi Si Kaya)

Adik-adik, bertemu lagi dengan Kak Notaslimboy di sini.

Kita lanjutkan cerita minggu kemarin tentang dunia ini ya. Di akhir artikel saya menyebut tiga tokoh yang menjadi sebab utama dunia seperti yang sekarang kita alami. 731 altre parole