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Blog update for Oct 9th -- Dualism in Marx's World

Val Plumwood, author of “Dualism: the logic of colonization,” asserts that dualism is more than what it’s believe it to be. It’s not just the division of a singular thing into two opposing ideas/objects/aspects, but also includes the concept of a hierarchical arrangement of the divided things. 317 altre parole


As far as growing beards goes, I was a late bloomer. At eighteen growing beards was still a recurrent feature in my list of prayer points. 744 altre parole

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Announcement: 10/06 to 10/10, research is free on Amazon

Hi all,

It is once again that day to announce that my research is free from the 10/06 to the 10/10, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010R0WV7M. The research is an exploration into the Feuerbach, which gives great accounts of what Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (forgot to mention his name in the book) view on communism and historical materialism: 142 altre parole

Political Thought

Why Marxism Matters

There will be no middle class revoultion. The propertied classes want stability and perhaps gradual reform even if it means little to no progress. This is the path of stagnation and decline… 641 altre parole

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My economic philosophy in a nutshell

When, lo, these many years ago, I studied economics in college, I learned that capital was the most important factor in a prosperous economy.

I still think this is true.  770 altre parole

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Capitalism and Socialism

The capitalism ,mainly industrial capitalism, and socialism were very different when they were born. Today’s definition of the two would be very different than the one on 18th century. 364 altre parole


These are the words that grabbed my attention yesterday while I was flipping through the pages of a book on ‘Economic Systems’ which was in the final year of my B.A. 567 altre parole