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A beautiful definition of ‘truth’

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Truth is the agreement of cognition with its object.



Our Infinity Problem

The problem of infinity cannot be solved in our finite world. The problem is far more serious than we think. It’s unavoidable, and it involves capitalism and almost everything else of importance. 926 altre parole

Political Trends

Lenin: On the question of dialectics

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The splitting of a single whole and the cognition of its contradictory parts (see the quotation from Philo on Heraclitus at the beginning of Section III, “On Cognition,” in Lasalle’s book on Heraclitus… 1.428 altre parole


Quote of the Day: February 25, 2015

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

- Groucho Marx 7 altre parole

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Global Warming Theft

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change is a LIE

The thieves, kleptocrats, marxists, dictators, and mass murderers who populate the United Nations have come up with a new way to abuse their power.  286 altre parole


Una aventura por el pensamiento de Hegel y Marx [VIDEO]

El economista venezolano Asdrúbal Baptista, dijo en una entrevista que leer a Hegel, por la riqueza de su insondable pensamiento, es una de las mayores aventuras en las cuales alguien puede embarcarse y uno de los mayores retos para el economista, pues de su obra salen haces de luz que permiten comprender mejor la realidad en que vivimos. 195 altre parole

Carlos Pérez Soto

Reading Marx: On the 'Reduction' of 'Skilled Labour' to 'Unskilled Labour'


Just to clarify what this post is about: Brendan M. Cooney, who is the author of the most excellent blog Kapitalism101, has unwittingly motivated me to dive into Marx’s ‘Capital, Volume One’ and there to swim as best as I can.  1.454 altre parole

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