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Lighting the Revolutionary Fire: Karl Marx

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Philosophy Revived! (Unfortunately)

(For the record, I enjoyed this guy’s critique. Although I say “fuck Derrida and Marx” later on, I’m not mocking him. He’s only doing what I’m guilty of along with countless others: being too nerdy) 490 altre parole

'Definition of Economics' - Marshall

Alfred Marshall

There are two definitions given by Marshall. The first definition correct the mistakes of Adam Smith and second definition gives marshalls own view. 614 altre parole

The Communist Manifesto

Released: This book will be released on 3rd May 2018

Author: Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Martin Rowson

Publisher: SelfMadeHero

Reviewer: Sarah Gonnet

This illustrated version of… 318 altre parole


Supermarket Stress

Most people don’t like going to the supermarket, especially if it’s to do the big weekly shopping. However, it’s something that the vast majority of us have to do whether we want to or not. 700 altre parole


Imagina Rousseau, Voltaire, Holbach, Lessing, Heine e Hegel fundidos numa mesma personagem e terĂ¡s Marx.

Moses Hesse, correspondente da Gazeta em Paris, revista do semanĂ¡rio Expresso


So, They're Moving "Fearless Girl"

The following is a rant, plain and simple. According to CNBC, the statue of the little girl will be moved from its current position by the end of the year. 445 altre parole

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