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True Happiness

In my recent post on Gertrude Himmelfarb’s book about Victorian virtues I was a bit surprised by the lack of response because Himmelfarb’s take on the Victorian era is so out of step with the take of many other historians who have studied that same era. 821 altre parole

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You're So Cliche 2/3

Weekends she works at the more-stately bar 5 blocks down the street whose menu has an unfortunately grilled-cheese-shaped hole in it. It was nestled in the basement of a gothic leviathan of a building encrusted with personality-plus gargoyles. 531 altre parole

Creative Writing 101

On Ideologies: Sapere Aude

The characteristics of a good lie lie in its ‘believability’ and patches of truth. Likewise a good truth, in its bitterness and ‘unbelievability’. Please widen your horizon beyond petty lies and truths. 1.020 altre parole


Some Thoughts Inspired By Kropotkin's "Anarchist Morality"

.Piotr Kropotkin, Russian anarchist thinker, begins his essay on anarchist morality thusly:

“The history of human thought recalls the swinging of a

pendulum which takes centuries to swing. 4.000 altre parole


Αποσπάσματα από Μαρξ για την κριτική της θρησκείας

Διαβάζει ο Γ. Κοροπούλης από το τρίτο πρόγραμμα του ραδιοφώνου αποσπάσματα του Καρλ Μαρξ για την κριτική της θρησκείας. Βρείτε και άλλα αφιερώματα της εκπομπής στο Shades εδώ

κομμουνιστικό κίνημα

VIDEO: Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream

I denne dokumentaren, som er tilgjengelig på bl.a. Netflix Norge, diskuterer forfatteren og aktivisten Noam Chomsky temaer som økonomisk ulikhet, demokratiets fremtid, og det amerikanske samfunn. 70 altre parole

PODCAST: Politics Weekly - Jonathan Sperber on Karl Marx

“Kapitalen ” ble utgitt i 1867, og var tydelig preget av økonomi og samfunn på denne tiden. Likevel solgte boka svært godt under den økonomiske krisen i 2008. 42 altre parole