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Karl Marx's Idea of Communism Ending Oppression


I wrote this paper for my English 203 Class based on Karl Marx’s main idea throughout his The Communist Manifesto for a Critical Summary Paper. 941 altre parole

Critical Summary

Where Have I Read This Before?

Guess when “a 23-page pamphlet was published in London. Modern industry, it proclaimed, had revolutionized the world. It surpassed, in its accomplishments, all the great civilizations of the past – the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman aqueducts, the Gothic cathedrals. 121 altre parole

Η ελληνική Βανδέα: Το 2009-2016 ως διαρκής συντηρητική εξέγερση

γράφει η Ενοχλητική Μνήμη

«Μα ας μη γίνεται καμιά παρεξήγηση. Ή δυναστεία του Βοναπάρτη δεν αντιπροσωπεύει τον επαναστάτη, μα το συντηρητικό αγρότη, όχι τον αγρότη πού θέλει να βγει έξω από τις κοινωνικές του συνθήκες, από το μικρό κλήρο, μα αντίθετα αυτόν πού θέλει να τον σταθεροποιήσει.

κομμουνιστικό κίνημα

Smith, Marx, Capitalism, and the Self

(Part of the “Self/Systems of Meaning Blog,” by Clara de Castro, Henry Hauser, and Michael Njauw)

Both Adam Smith and Karl Marx focus a great of their work on the economic system of capitalism, its causes, and its effects on individuals. 1.277 altre parole

Economic problems: Labour, capital - and resources

How can we understand what is happening to the economy if some of the basic principles are incomplete.  I am thinking of the idea that there are two factors of production – labour and capital.   318 altre parole


Using Karl Marx to Reach an Understanding of the Relationship between Labor and Industrial Football

Author’s Note: Parts of this post were written as an assignment for a graduate seminar in Classical Sociological Theory.

 On 14 September 2016 the Sporting Director of German side Borussia Monchengladbach, Max Eberl, did something football fans everywhere can be proud of. 1.117 altre parole


David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 3: Value and its Monetary Expression

The third David Harvey lecture of the current series – Value and its Monetary Expression