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Marxist epistemology was built on Hegel’s mystical philosophy, which Marx acknowledged in Capital: ‘I therefore openly avowed myself the pupil of that mighty thinker…The mystification which the dialectic suffers in Hegel’s hands by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general forms of motion in a comprehensive and conscious manner. 274 altre parole


Book Review; Mrs Engels by Gavin Mc Crea

Some people in the northwest might be a bit unhappy with a novel about the lives of local hero and heroines Fred Engels and Mary and Lizzie Burns. 587 altre parole

A seismic shift

Despite the increasing democratisation of information arising from access to the internet, the tightly-controlled mainstream media continues to fuel a narrow view of the world professing the need for education to return to the good old days.  625 altre parole

Contemporary Schooling

Karl and Free Trade

Hey, here’s something you didn’t know about Karl Marx.

Karl Marx was a free trader – but not for the reasons you might think.

He was a free trader but not because he thought it would benefit the workers. 1.100 altre parole


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The causes for the collapse of the Soviet Union are obviously multiple and complex but they include the fact that the Soviet Union was the first socialist state (which the capitalists will never forgive Russia for, as can be seen in their ongoing hostility to Russia), that, impoverished, it was surrounded from the outset by a hostile and invading West, that the arms race was a drain it could not maintain and, in my view, it was the price paid for ‘overleaping’ the bourgeois stage of development (the Chinese have learnt from this). 290 altre parole

Dialectical Materialism

EC 12. Pointers No. 6

FAQ on Backhouse, Ch. 7 – Classical Political Economy

  1. Backhouse states that Adam Smith’s work was essentially “moral philosophy,” and not economics as the modern textbooks would have it.
  2. 199 altre parole
Economic Thought