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Kenya’s Coast: Devolution Disappointed

Africa Briefing N°121. The huge public expectations raised by devolved government on Kenya’s coast have turned into disappointment. Patronage politics that marked the former centralised system has been replicated in the new counties, making government even more inefficient and expensive. 96 altre parole

International Crisis Group

Masai River - a big, fat guy

Our driver told me that someone had seen an extremely big crocodile, the biggest one since a long time in the river, approx.15ft with a weight of nearly 900kg . 20 altre parole


Neue Bahnstrecke in Ostafrika

Die Strecke soll den Passagieren den Weg von Mombasa und Nairobi nach Uganda und Ruanda bis nach Burundi erleichtern. Der erste Teil des Baus steht kurz vor der Beendigung. 30 altre parole