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At the Very Beginning with Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ [chi]

I spent at least two hours trying to free up as much storage space on my phone as possible–deleting songs I don’t seem to care much about anymore, the Facebook app (though I still use the browser version), etc.–and upgrade to a new version of Galaxy S5 in order to accommodate… 644 altre parole

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Impressions: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts χ has been an episodic web browser game in Japan since 2013. Earlier this week, SquareEnix released a modified version of the game called Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ for North American iOS and Android phones. 446 altre parole


Kingdom Hearts II Halloween Town Sora

Well,  as I am laid up with a bum knee and foot, I decided now would be a good time to work on my review of… 555 altre parole


Fake Video Game Theories: Keyblade Wielders Are Earthbenders

Fake Video Game Theories: Keyblade Wielders Are Earthbenders

In the first ever episode of Fake Video Game Theories, I’m going to prove to  you that Keyblade wielders are in fact earthbenders. 2.663 altre parole

Avatar The Last Airbender

Cosplay Blues, Pt. II

The first rule of cosplay is, try to make your costume look as accurate as possible to the character you’re trying to portray. So far, I got the following items for my female Sora cosplay: 528 altre parole

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I'm selling my Keyblades

A couple of years ago I started delving into woodwork. After doing a couple of projects here and there. But eventually I decided to make my own keyblades. 102 altre parole