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Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Metal Keyblade

FINALLY. An awesome cosplay sword that’s not made of cardboard… Of course, it’d be cool to just display as well.

Check this out on eBay


A Kingdom Hearts Chronology, Part 4 - A Series of Terrible Decisions [PCO8]

Many years after the Keyblade War, a cataclysmic event which brought darkness over the world, two young men were firm friends. Their names were Eraqus and Xehanort. 1.098 altre parole


OrganizationXIII Keyblades 1 - 4

I wanted to do these for a while, but I never had time to do it until now. 5 -8 will be uploaded the next time I have some free time. 109 altre parole

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Video Review: At Last

With the newest Kingdom Hearts collection out, I wanted to see if it lives up to the hype. let’s take a look! Big Thank You to Tyson Bruno for The SFX! 15 altre parole


Episode 12: Kingdom Hearts


Jace and Josh are back with an all-new episode and one of our favorites the Kingdom Hearts series. We reminisce on some of our first experiences and favorite moments. 46 altre parole


AED17: Pixel art!

Really liking how the shadows ended up!


Game On: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Part 54)

Chris, Shaun and Michelle tackle the madness that is Kingdom Hearts 2! This is the II.5 HD Remix version, which means there’s bonus content and shiny visuals. 42 altre parole

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