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David Shawty - W3 Jus Met But 1 Kn0w

   David Shawty been going crazy lately with poppy singles like “Nada” and “Filthy.” 107 altre parole


David Shawty - B4CK 0F TH3 CLUB W1T MY BL4D3

David Shawty makes a triumphant return with a new single “B4CK 0F TH3 CLUB W1T MY BL4D3”, produced by Keyblade. 82 altre parole


Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Trailers and Analysis!

Hey guys what’s up hope everyone is having an awesome day. So I know I don’t usually post on Saturdays but after watching some awesome new Kingdom Hearts stuff I just had to! 732 altre parole

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (Remastered)

The Kingdom Hearts series has been near and dear to my heart (as it has been for many the world over). And even though it has been 12 + 1/2 years since the launch of Kingdom Hearts 2 (and we’ve had Kingdom Hearts 3 teased at us since), there has been no shortage of games and lore released to fans since. 857 altre parole

Video Game Reviews

Kingdom Hearts Tribute <3

I did some simple animatics on photoshop CS6. Here you have them on .gif…

I think the Heartless one is the cutest <3 i actually didn’t planned the smile but it seemed really nice so i left it like that ~ 91 altre parole

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Kingdom Hearts: Fifteen Years Later

I recently decided to follow-up on an old article I wrote and take my own advice; by playing a game I’d never played before. Fifteen years after its release, I played… 862 altre parole