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Certain Women

Certain Women opens on a still shot of a beautiful Montana landscape as a train slowly rides into the foreground of the image. This patient- but beautiful- shot sets the tone for the rest of the film. 859 altre parole

Do we really need the immersion? HFR cinema and ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’

Everyone knows that to watch a movie and enjoy it, you have to surrender yourself a little. The old “suspension of disbelief”. Of course, it can’t entirely fall to the moviegoer – movies must, to varying degrees, come with scripts, performances or visuals that meet the viewer somewhere in the middle. 1.088 altre parole


Kristen Stewart's Short Film 'COME SWIM' Will Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

Kristen Stewart will be making her directorial debut with the short film, COME SWIM, which will screen at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Written and directed by Stewart, the short is a diptych of one man’s day, half impressionist and half realist portraits. 20 altre parole


Personal Shopper (2016)

Serving as Kristen Stewart’s brave step into the indie film genre, Personal Shopper was disorienting, heartbreaking, and about as well received as cilantro. It’s not for everyone – and that’s okay. 78 altre parole

St. Vincent scored Kristen Stewart's new short film Come Swim

St. Vincent and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship has only been public for a few months, but they’re already taking it to the next level — the professional one. 115 altre parole


Sundance 2017: Donald Trump's America, Kristen Stewart & Punk Rock Fill Short Films Slate

With less than two months until Park City’s streets and paths will be teeming with Hollywood types, the 2017 Sundance Film Festival today unveiled its last slate announcement: the Short Films. 2.766 altre parole

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