La revolución

It is inexcusable and almost impossible to visit Nicaragua and not learn about the revolution.

The revolution began in 1979 and ended in 1990.

The Iran-Contra Scandal:  695 altre parole

Growing Up

Mike Mendoza & El Cuervo vs. La Revolucion-WWC 28.5.2016.

These two have another hate filled brawl, but this time inside a steel cage match! Puerto Rican wrestling really feels like a cartoon that’s come to life-but more in the vein of Hellsing than Scooby Doo. 235 altre parole

Mike Mendoza & El Cuervo vs. La Revolucion-WWC 6.3.2016.

Nice to see someone do the equivalent of those amazing FMW tags in 2016, this was insane, everyone knows how to throw a punch and you have vrazy Puerto Ricans throwing each other onto walls, hitting each other with chairs and trash cans and bleeding all over the place, what is there not to love? 18 altre parole

Mike Mendoza & El Cuervo vs. La Revolucion-WWC 19.3.2016.

This didn’t reach the heights of their previous match, as this was more of a classic tag than a chaotic brawl, but was still pretty good. 141 altre parole

A racist's confession and challenge

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I couldn’t have been more than 17 when, grasping the white supremacist flyer, my friend and I drove up to the gas station, pulled in and made our way to the pay phone.

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The Day-in-day-out, Or Life As I Know It

Hope, in Spite of: American Evangelicalism, Trump 'change' and a cruise ship of self-righteousness (let me welcome you aboard)*

Wednesday: I woke up ahead of my 4am alarm, fully expecting to see the first woman President-elect be announced. I was greeted instead with electoral college numbers that didn’t look like they ‘should have.’ Immediately I started sobbing, for the first time in my life, over an election. 1.337 altre parole

La Revolucion!