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Lab 9 Report

Objectives: To create our own video using an Alfred Hitchcock video and understand copyright. 

Equipment List: The equipment I used for this lab was a computer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and YouTube video and MP3 downloader. 352 altre parole


More spells and items for lab improvement, p1

For November 2017 Ars Magica writing challenge – I’m doing one spell a day. This set of posts are spells and items for comforts in a magi’s lab which… 76 altre parole

Ars Magica

Computer activity: Friction Data & Graphs

Before Class Preparation:

  • BYOD Laptop & check calendar on where we’re meeting
  • Make sure you review & submit your data for Air Resistance (Coffee filter) Lab, as well as Newton’s 2nd law simulation…
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Electrostatics lab 2 (Collect Data)

Before class preparation

  • Submit your research question via this Google Form
  • BYOD to graph your data using Google Forms

In class activity


Lab, E.Coli, Prayers

Today’s Quote:

If with a warm heart and patience we can consider the views of others, and exchange ideas in calm discussion, we will find points of agreement. 297 altre parole

Elderly Care

Sometimes it’s not what you hear...

It’s what you see….

The dogs aren’t allowed on the couches, which means they got new beds!

Emma loves her bed.

Ned ate his bed, and now wears it like some sort of sick fur-on-fur fashion statement. 33 altre parole


With a strip of chemicals
In one hand and caution
Being thrown to the wind

We’ve anchored safeguards
And all we can do is see… 43 altre parole