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Computer lab: Marble down a ramp

Before Class Preparation:

  • BYOD Laptop & check calendar on where we’re meeting
  • Make sure you have the data from the Conservation of Energy Lab (Marble down a ramp)
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Day 6 – LAB: Conservation of Mechanical Energy

Lab day! Today we performed a conservation of mechanical energy lab, where we rolled a marble down an inclined tube with five different heights, conducting five trials at each height. 377 altre parole


Almost Over

There’s only 3 weeks left of this semester. Can I make it? Who knows.


Puppy Love🐶🐩

Meet my 3rd baby!

This is Obi.

😍 swoon!

Yes, I do like Star Wars. But it’s also short for Obsidian. Black volcanic rock. My first dogs name was Onix. 158 altre parole


Lab Day

看师姐跑了一个下午的Western blot,如果从头到尾做需要两天时间,一下午各种洗膜,各种配溶液,有点晕晕的😵,最后去发光也没排上队😌。

PS. 今天换了无数双手套