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C++ Lab Report

C++ Lab Reports…

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  1. Muhammad Talha lab report 01
  2. Muhammad Talha Lab Report 2…
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It is common in the field of pathology that one pathologist is not certain of a diagnosis. The pathologist is the type of doctor that reads the slides I prepare in the histology lab. 657 altre parole


U.RAT Demo Board

The u.RAT with stepper motors bolted in and coupled to the variable capacitor and roller inductor

The two drivers and Raspberry Pi Zero W will be placed in between the capacitor and inductor. 202 altre parole


Where to go from here?

More testing, more phone calls

Why did I ask for preliminary results?

Wouldn’t you knowing my next appointment was so far away?

Two hours of seizing.  98 altre parole

Recovery From Serious Illness: Lyme, CIRS, & More

WSU group part of global mega-science lab that gets underway Friday

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A new era of global physics begins today, and a group of Wichita State University researchers is playing a key role. 492 altre parole


7 Quick Takes - recipes, personalities, and NFP

Hey hey hey happy Fri-YAY!

This week has brought us many things and thoughts to ponder as we sit in the air conditioning to wait out the 100F days. 1.281 altre parole