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Intro Chem 09 -Periodic Table Part II

I went back to the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Middleschool Chemistry curriculum and found this great activity for the periodic table that makes the students really look at the periodic table and understand what information the atomic number and atomic mass gives them.   430 altre parole


Wanted: Running Study Participants

Do You Want To Improve Your Running Shoe Comfort?

We are looking for Participants for the Fortius Running Insole Study

Study period:
– Commencing October 15 through to November 31st, 2016. 160 altre parole


Sheep Brain Pics

Lateral view, piriform cortex, hippocampal gyrus, rhinal fissue

Superior Colliculus, Inferior Colliculus (Cerebellum dissected off)

Ventral View, Oculomotor Nerve, Infundibulum

Ventral View, Optic Chiasm

Dorsal View… 15 altre parole

Class Notes


Uma estreia que eu gostaria de ter visto ao vivo! A LAB, marca do rapper Emicida e de seu irmão, Evandro Fióti, chegou para agitar – e abalar – as estruturas fashion. 299 altre parole

Fashion Week

Lululemon Lab collection: Another reason to pay more?

Lululemon didn’t invent athleisure… but it can sometimes feel that way. And like many pioneers, it got rather left behind when everyone else caught on that this wasn’t just a trend, it was a way of life. 362 altre parole