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Elect II—10 Green People, part 3 of 3

Two hours later, when Professor Maynard failed to show up for her environmental science class, Jessica called right away.  No one doubted any longer that all this was the work of Maynard and Orlov and their brain research.  1.387 altre parole



Streaks of buffer on the paper
To communicate,
Streaks of light on the quartz
To analyze,
Streaks of bacteria on a gel
To separate.
Surrounded by lines building boundaries… 15 altre parole


Honors Chemistry 15 - Charles' Law

Last week we looked at Boyle’s law  – holding a sample of gas at constant temperature while varying the pressure and watching the volume change.  Today we investigated Charles’ Law by keeping the pressure constant and changing the temperature so we could see how the volume would vary.   300 altre parole


Google DeepMind makes AI training platform publicly available

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Alphabet Inc’s artificial intelligence division Google DeepMind is making the maze-like game platform it uses for many of its experiments available to other researchers and the general public. 549 altre parole

Money Matters

Monday 2

Subtle subtle, Monday approaches
With smooth slippers and warm tea
In its hands.
Behind your shoulders it whispers
Worth a weak voice
That always catches yours mind. 9 altre parole


Women Test Their Breast Cancer Risk

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