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Scrubber commissioning...

This week we continued in the commissioning of our new scrubber. We thought we’d make sure it was working properly by conducting a few tests…


Last Scan

When I got to the doctor’s today, having been here every day since I arrived, I got to see a new room. Dr. Kanakas brought me to a room where my hopeful babies — the incubation was taking place.   179 altre parole

Summer so far

Penn State College of Medicine in the evening

Unusual hospital art

Working in the lab


Honey, I'm Home!

It feels so nice to be home for the next 10 days visiting family and friends, but holy shit is it hot!  Just in the two days I have been home it has been almost 100 degrees.   256 altre parole


Optics Laboratory Made From LEGO

16A lot of engineers, scientists, builders, makers, and hackers got their start as children with LEGO. Putting those bricks together, whether following the instructions or not, really brings out the imagination. 199 altre parole

Toy Hacks

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe on the 4th of July

The 4th of July is nearly here, are you and your dog ready?

As you probably are aware, many dogs are quite fearful of fireworks and many end up lost during this holiday.   1.220 altre parole

Syrius Dog