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What's all this bacteria stuff?

I’ve been asked several times by friends and family, “So…what do you do?” Basically, what’s with all this lab stuff you keep talking about? Let me introduce you to the bug (bacteria) I’ve been working with for the past year: 496 altre parole


Tips for Working Safely in the Laboratory

The laboratory is considered as our second home and to feel like we’re home, we must feel safe, comfortable and secured. To make the laboratory a haven for all chemists, I’ve come with a few tips to remind you on how to conduct experiments safely. 397 altre parole

Quick! Run!

So this happened back in December when we got Steel, but it just came to mind, and it was the first moment we knew that Steel was going to be an interesting dude. 376 altre parole

Inès Longevial | American Vintage

Dans un café, au coin d’une rue, dans son appartement Haussmannien, nous avons rencontré Inès Longevial, une jeune artiste basée à Paris.

Entre sobriété et sensibilité, elle nous fait part de ses passe-temps et inspirations quotidiennes. 210 altre parole


Papi - Rescue for Adoption

Name: Papi

Breed: Labrador Retreiver

Age: 4-6 years

Papi (pronounced Poppy) came to WagsInn when his family moved and could no longer take care of him. 89 altre parole

Rescues For Adoption