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Past & Future Plans

My research has been going well so far. My plan is to finish up data collection by mid March and start and finalize data cleaning and analysis by the end of the month. 375 altre parole

Day 97- life right now

Life right now, Portuguese galore and got to go back on campus to finish editing the film 3 rounds since it’s due tmmrw:-P

Because it's all about the pets, 'bout the pets, here's pictures:

Someone needs to tell Boca that his ass is too big for the box. But it isn’t going to be me.  He is being a huge scary brat because he can’t go outside and hunt due to all the snow and cold weather. 108 altre parole


Assessing species vulnerability to climate change

Michela Pacifici, Wendy B. Foden, Piero Visconti, James E. M. Watson, Stuart H.M. Butchart, Kit M. Kovacs, Brett R. Scheffers, David G. Hole, Tara G. 187 altre parole


Mr. Socks!

Meet Socks! He is a 3 month old male lab mix found at the doorstep of a local coffee shop. The owners took him in and cared for him until they felt he was ready to go to VIVA to continue his care and to get his proper vaccinations. 64 altre parole

Forever Home

The Rat Escape

The Broken Man

There’s a secret that nobody knows,
Of a rat who found a haven show.
Who escape a place with scissors and pen, 414 altre parole