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My youngest dog, Potato Pancake, has her 4th birthday this month! Happy birthday Potato!!


Nova: An Android's Perspective

Oval laboratory literally gave birth to me.

Nine months of experiments and analysis built into me with undisputable expertise. My makeup is basically of wires and buttons engineered with the most recent technologies. 1.349 altre parole


Human/Animal Interaction

There was a lot of excitement in the lab today as we got to look at a ton of different specimens in jars, fossils (both real and casted), and clear and stained specimens. 82 altre parole

PrettyGoodPhysics - The new site, same great friends, and growing every day (well, pretty close).

The wikispaces site we were using is shutting down. This is one option we might implement for hosting our PrettyGoodPhysics site.

I am checking the ease with which files can be uploaded, members can be added, and access to materials accounted for through membership (still free, but tests only for teachers). 19 altre parole