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When the going gets tough, we adapt

“How do you manage?”

This is almost always the question that follows my (usually sheepish, sometimes regretful) admission of my part-time student status. The truth is that I am human and I adapt. 423 altre parole

Now it's really over

Hooray for the last day of school (but also awwww, cause not having school is also a tiny bit disappointing). I was up super late in the night because I was trying to draft the best possible thank you cards for my teachers, and then I also decided that now was a better time than ever to wish my 8th grade science teacher a happy retirement. 603 altre parole


Full Day in a New City

My alarm blares at 8 AM. I yell at it, and it goes silent. I sleep for an hour then lay in bed another thirty minutes. 1.040 altre parole


Free Dexter To-do-list ( Lab theme)

For personal use only

Inspired by Stefan

Designed by Stephanie

Download free printable here : DEXTER to do list

Think Bank


Meet the newest addition to Tyler and I’s crazy life. We are obsessed. Tyler adopted her from the Humane Society in Kingsland, GA this past week and we couldn’t be more in love. 379 altre parole

Beach Pup

Dian Harapan, Hospital in Waena

Rumah Sakit Dian Harapan is another well-known hospital in the area. It is a private hospital run by a Catholic organization. It is a reliable place to get a blood slide for malaria checked. 36 altre parole


Yowari, Hospital in Doyo Baru

The closest hospital to Sentani is the Rumah Sakit Yowari in Doyo Baru. During day time hours, they have a lab. In the evening you have to go to the Emergency Room, where they have another lab set up for reading malaria slides. 38 altre parole