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Police Chief Rebukes Public for Engaging in 'Wrong Kind of Violence'

During the current spell of warm weather, Dalston’s police chief has appealed to residents to avoid causing ‘the wrong kind of trouble’.

‘Obviously,’ Chief Inspector Derek Slipper told the Mercury, ‘it’s the summer, it’s nice and hot, everyone’s walking about half naked – it’s all going to kick off at some point.’ 361 altre parole


The plot against Jeremy Corbyn?

Suggesting a spooky hand behind the smearing of Corbyn, has Len McClusky gone full Harold Wilson? Richard Murphy, MI5 and the rebels of the PLP sneer at the idea but a less than exhaustive public realm research assignment casts doubt on crackpot certainty. 680 altre parole


A Typical Conversation Between An Ordinary Citizen And A Labour Right-Winger

Scene: an indoor gathering at which the local Labour MP, a professional politician and former public relations executive is present. An Ordinary Citizen has just asked the MP a question to which comes the following pat reply. 129 altre parole

Labour Party

An Open Letter to Owen Smith

by Martin Odoni

Dear Owen,

It is already over. Stand down. You have as much chance of winning the Labour leadership this year as a snowball has of surviving a guided tour of the Earth’s core. 1.356 altre parole


The Fantasy Front Bench to Almost Definitely, Probably Save Labour

What with the current turmoil in the Labour party I thought I’d have a little reshuffle of my own, so here’s my very own Frontbench to lead Labour to victory whilst still holding true to its Socialist roots.¬† 1.041 altre parole


Open letter (2) to Thangam Debbonaire 

Terryl Bacon has written to Thangam following her Facebook post explaining her decision to resign from the shadow front bench.

Dear Thangam,

Thank you for your open letter explaining why you resigned and the unhappy circumstance in which you found yourself as regards Corbyn. 652 altre parole