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Ken Livingstone said he can't be anti-Semitic 'because he's dated Jewish women'

Ken Livingstone allegedly told an event that he couldn’t be anti-Semitic because ‘two of my ex-girlfriends are Jewish’.

He was speaking at a People’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics… 281 altre parole


A.D. 2040: Tories send Androids through Time to destroy Labour

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By The Pan-Earth Daily Freier Conglomerate Staff 

Last Updated 4/30/2040 at 300 Solar Hours

Edgeware Spaceport: Leaked reports from today’s Conservative Party Conference point to a sinister plot to destroy its rivals: create a team of unpleasant and obtuse androids, send them through a Black Hole to the Earth Year 2016, program them to infiltrate the Labour Party, and destroy the Party from within by making it an international laughingstock. 151 altre parole


Labour Has A Jewish Problem; it is dominated by Zionist Oligarchs

April 29, 2016  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who just a few months ago was a ‘hope for a change,’ is a wimp. 451 altre parole

AngloZionist Empire

Nazis to the left of me, Nazis to the right...

Despite the best intentions of the likes of Louise Mensch, the wild accusations of anti-Semitism that greeted Jeremy Corbyn’s triumphant election to leader of the Labour Party never really stuck, mainly due to there being no real evidence of the ‘fact’. 1.145 altre parole

Invoking the ever-reliable "Israelis are Nazis" meme, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone in hot water for commenting "Hitler was a Zionist" [VIDEO]

Herzog to UK Labour leaders: Visit Yad Vashem, remember what happened to the Jews
by Staff
April 30, 2016

Israel’s opposition leader Isaac Herzog responded furiously Saturday to the ongoing row over anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour Party, inviting its senior officials to visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem for a reminder of the results of anti-Semitism… 107 altre parole

Israel & Middle East

Khan Ally: "Israel is a Terrorist State Like ISIS"

100 hours until the polls open and Sadiq Khan is faced with Evening Standard front pages about Labour’s racism storm, not to mention what the Sundays have to bring. 102 altre parole

Guido Fawkes

Burnham fighting to save his bacon over anti-Semitism claim

The Labour Party’s quest to root out any and all forms of anti-Semitism took a turn this morning, with the deputy leader announcing a frontbench MP is under scrutiny for his surname. 215 altre parole