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Public Discourse, Political Leaders and the Paradox of Blame

If anyone is to be blamed for the Brexit result it must surely be David Cameron. He called the referendum hoping to quash the arguments from the far right of the party once and for all. 480 altre parole

What’s happening in UK Politics today?

The Chamber of the House of Commons.

On April 4th next year I will have been a member of my Party (including its predecessor) for 50 years. 1.071 altre parole

Liberal Democrats

How to rebuild the Labour Party

How do you solve a problem like the Labour party?

Despite historically sticking at around the 10% mark in polls, the last time they had that amount of support was… 1.128 altre parole


Seven motions proposed to be discussed at North East and Cumbria Momentum Regional Network on Sunday 30 October.

At our next Momentum North East and Cumbria regional network we have been notified of the following motions: See proposals-to-nec-region-from-tw-and-teesside-26-oct-2016

Also attached are the notes of the meeting on 31 July 2016 see… 13 altre parole

Momentum North East

Why Labour should NOT stand in Richmond Park

Here are our Top-10 reasons to not stand in Richmond Park:

1. Zac Goldsmith resigned out of principle. He made a promise to oppose Heathrow expansion and resign as an MP to stand as an Independent. 783 altre parole

Antisemitism update: the good, the bad and the ugly

Antisemitism is the illness that never goes away and like a virus, it mutates and morphs with the times into whatever is the acceptable “hatred of the day”. 2.355 altre parole


If voting is not the answer then what is?

Throughout the British politics system there is a hierarchy, with the Conservative and Labour party being right at the top and parties such as Green and Plaid Cumry right at the bottom. 796 altre parole