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Labour Leadership Contest: Corbyn Fever

‘He stays on the left! He stays on the left! Jeremy Corbyn, he stays on the left!’…

…The chant rings out amongst a group of drunken Glaswegian’s after a Kasabian gig in the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh. 770 altre parole

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Getting to the Heart of Austerity

The British Heart Foundation have found that the number of people dying from heart attacks in Leicester is the highest in the East Midlands: a tragic claim-to-fame for our city. 459 altre parole

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Corbyn and class: opportunities for socialists in the anti-austerity movement

The success of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership has thrown up a series of questions over what might happen if he wins. Jen Wilkinson… 2.757 altre parole


It is un-socialist to support Jeremy Corbyn

A quick disclaimer: I am a socialist and I share much of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics. I believe that austerity is unjustifiable ideological warfare; I believe in renationalising the railways, I believe in Clause IV, I believe in strong trade unions, and I believe in nuclear disarmament. 751 altre parole


Burnham: Corbyn Making Excuses For Putin

Jeremy “Can I finish?” Corbyn’s famous temper frayed at this afternoon’s Channel 4 hustings when Andy Burnham accused him of “making excuses for Putin… 51 altre parole

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Tony Blair smears Corbyn, Bernie Sanders in the USA

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

BLAIR: Tears of a Dodo

Monday 31st August 2015

Warmonger ex-PM’s third bid to derail Corbyn meets a chorus of contempt…

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Corbynistas Plan to 'Drink Blood of Thatcher'

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters will be partying like it’s 1983 at the Speakeasy Bar in Epping tomorrow night. The Corbyn campaign is sponsoring an official ‘ 53 altre parole

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