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Why the SNP aren't friends of the left

Buried in today’s news was an interesting story – Scottish Water has lost its contract to Anglian Water, an English private firm. The Scottish infrastructure minister has claimed it was a money saving measure, but it does raise a few questions – why would you abandon a publicly owned body that provides Scots with… 495 altre parole


The Most Disadvantaged

When Cecil Rhodes said that being born an Englishman was advantageous to life, he was probably correct, not any more.

A lot is made of the disadvantages that come with being a certain way from race to lifestyle choices, but it seems that in modern Britain the most disadvantageous position to be in is that of a white, heterosexual English person. 702 altre parole


My final 'LEFT-INSIDE' article for the Forest Clarion

I have been writing for the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley Clarion magazine under the column ‘Left Inside’ for about 18 months or so. It was intended to be a quiet expose of trying to stay left within a local Constituency Labour Party (Forest of Dean) under One Nation Labour, and being on its Executive Committee. 611 altre parole


Numbers of reported FGM cases has dramatically increased

Newly released figures for the number of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) cases, in England and Wales, reveal that over 1,000 women have been treated for FGM in just three months by the NHS. 283 altre parole

Labour Party

The Labour Party gets simultaneously larger and smaller

Day 23 of the ‘new politics’, but the old rules are still in play and Labour continues to shrink. Not numerically, as membership simultaneously grows, but in terms of the space that it occupies in British politics. 462 altre parole



I haven’t seen such a backlash of a politician, a leader of an opposing party in modern times maybe since Ian Duncan Smith or William Hague. 581 altre parole

Jeremy Corbyn