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Female MPs reveal harrowing accounts of sexual assault

Female MPs from both major parties have opened up about their experiences of sexual assault and harassment to encourage other victims to speak out.

As women join forces to share their own experiences of sexual assault in the #MeToo movement, Labour MPs Mary Creagh and Jess Phillips revealed traumatic events spanning back to their childhoods as a show of solidarity with other women. 609 altre parole


response to Lindsay Shelton on Scoop

Labour claims to be planet friendly, but what will be their policies and projects which get funded?  Good to remind them of that responsibility.

I notice a few comments on transfers.  32 altre parole


Voters here and there

  1. Does this mean people living here and experiencing what was happening had a greater appreciation that National had the country going in the right direction than those living overseas who had to rely on the media?
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An opinion on: UK Education system

The UK’s education system is one full of inequality, hierarchy and holes in the system. I believe that the way that this nation runs its schools is in need of some serious reforms. 729 altre parole


A left winged wave to welcome.

This is my introductory post, simply introducing who I am and what this blog is all about.

I am Kieran, a 19 year old university student from North Wales. 155 altre parole


Arden Outlines Governing Intentions

Despite finishing second in the recent general election Jacinda Arden’s Labour Party will lead the next government of New Zealand after reaching an agreement with the centre-left Green Party and the conservative populists of New Zealand First. 1.042 altre parole

Corbyn apologises for MP who told man to 'get on your knees, b*tch'

The Labour MP who told a man to ‘get on your knees, bitch’ at a Momentum event has apparently personally apologised to leader Jeremy Corbyn. 542 altre parole