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Alt-Left Blogs Face Left Critics: the Canary, Skwawkbox, Novera.

Phil’s latest merits a wide audience.

The Alt-Left: A Critical Appreciation

Among the big winners of the general election are the wave of new blogs collectively dubbed the “alt-left”.

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European Left

May’s election gamble ends in drift and division

Conservative or Labour? In our first-past-the-post system this was the binary choice on offer to the British people on 8 June. Theresa May spelt it out for us on the day she called the election. 1.261 altre parole

Theresa May

3 Reasons Corbyn Shouldn’t Be Trusted

1) Unstraightforward, dishonest politics

Much has been made of Jeremy Corbyn’s fresh approach to politics. His first slogan after all was ‘Straight Talking, Honest Politics’. The Maybot’s ‘strong and stable’ mantra, a textbook case of spin, made Corbyn look even more honest. 605 altre parole

"Great to see you here."

Swanley & District Labour Party is keen to work in the community, and help residents with key issues and their individual problems. We will campaign on local as well as national issues throughout the year. 525 altre parole

Swanley & District Labour Party

Political Star, Jeremy Corbyn Sends A Message To Trump From Glastonbury

By Adenike Lucas

Jeremy Corbyn has sent out a message to the President of America from Glastonbury. 

Speaking from the main Pyramid stage, the Labour leader, said President Trump should “build bridges and not walls.” 209 altre parole

Current Affairs

The time for defending Jeremy Corbyn is past

On catching sight of some of the responses from Tory and indeed Labour politicians over Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to speak at the Glastonbury festival today, it’s given me some thought that perhaps the time for defending Jeremy Corbyn is past. 310 altre parole

UK Politics

Is Momentum the new Militant?

This following piece was written from my experiences doing an independent research project at the People’s History Museum.

I conducted research into the relationship between the Momentum movement in today’s Labour Party (LP) and the Militant organisation in the 1980s. 1.312 altre parole