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The Copeland and Stoke-On-Trent By-Election results are in:

First, take a look at the Copeland By-Election. My previous post correctly predicted a comfortable Conservative win in Copeland, and I made my prediction based on some key assumptions: 681 altre parole

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Phoney war

It’s extremely difficult to draw any tangible conclusions from a by-election, even harder from two separate by-elections, and close to impossible if those two by-elections produced two very different results. 365 altre parole

Stoke Central By-Election - Labour's achievement in statistics

Yesterday’s Parliamentary By-Elections were quite significant. The number of firsts about the result in Copeland have been gone over in fine detail. But in Stoke Central the winning Labour Candidate, Gareth Snell, can point to some records and distinctions that he has achieved. 517 altre parole

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Dangerous new changes planned to force sick people into work – or into poverty - Debbie Abrahams

With many thanks to Open Democracy.

The government promised to help disabled people back into work. They’re failing – and now it looks like they’re targeting those who need higher levels of support. 1.062 altre parole

Sickness And Disability

UKIP future cast into doubt as it fails to win in 'Brexit capital' Stoke

UKIP failed to topple Labour in a by-election described by Nigel Farage as a “fundamental” test for the party. But in a bruising loss for Labour on the same night, the Conservatives snatched a formerly safe seat. 761 altre parole



I just can’t believe how quickly time goes. Days flash over and its.another Friday but if someone asks me what I,ve done this week I cant remember. 577 altre parole

A Soft Coup Against #Corbyn? The story so far….

1. The Canary website exposes the role of Blairite ‘think tank’, Portland Communications, in anti-Corbyn coup in Summer of 2016.

2. January 2017: Two right wing Labour MPs resign, one in Labour marginal seat of Copeland, a former safe seat inherited by Jamie Reed but, by the time he resigns, it is no longer safe but a marginal. 377 altre parole

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