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Coming to grips (or not) with tuition fees

From the frequency with which politicians present promises or assurances over tuition fees before elections, we must assume that they believe that fees are an issue that can help improve a party’s electoral fortunes. 362 altre parole

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Barking - Joseph Mambuliya

I am an elected workers’ representative, a Health and Safety rep for the Rail, Transport and Maritime union RMT on the London Underground.

I fight for tube workers’ health and safety against management’s cost-cutting agenda. 245 altre parole


East Ham - Lois Austin

Lois has been an active campaigner for working class people’s rights since her teens. She has helped organise mass campaigns and demonstrations against racism and the right-wing Thatcher government. 184 altre parole


"There's no real difference between Labour and the Tories..."

David Osland writes:

There’s no real difference between Labour and the Tories. Apart from 25 hours free child care, £8 minimum wage, abolishing the bedroom tax and the NHS Act, a freeze on energy bills, a million new homes, a job guarantee for NEETs, £3000 reduction in tuition fees, the introduction of a national care service, reduced GP appointment and cancer test waiting times, thousands of extra nurses and doctors, mansion tax, a ban on MPs taking second jobs, an end to the Free School programme, bankers’ bonus tax and 50p top rate for the rich. 82 altre parole

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Labour Select Palestine Activist For Bradford West

This is Naz Shah, the second choice Labour candidate selected to fight George Galloway in Bradford West following a week of internal ructions that resulted in the previous candidate withdrawing from the seat. 40 altre parole

Guido Fawkes

Strange Jowell Movements

Among those walking through the Aye lobby as Labour voted to ban MPs from holding paid directorships and consultancies was Dame Tessa Jowell. So strongly does Tessa feel about MPs’ … 83 altre parole

Guido Fawkes

Does Labour Care About Students?

Labour is not so much courting the student vote, rather trying to get them drunk in order to get them into bed. The latest of such ploys is to reduce the tuition fee loan to £6,000. 692 altre parole