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Reasons Behind Labour EU U-turn?

Acting Leader of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman, has today announced writing in the Sunday Times and by appearing on the Andrew Marr Show, that the Labour Party will back Conservative proposals for an in/out EU referendum by the end of 2017. 165 altre parole


What now for education?

The election result was, for many if not all, in the field of education,  both a shock and a disappointment. Education did not figure greatly in the election campaign and it would be interesting to know how many people who voted Conservative knew very much about their policies on education, or for whom these policies were the deciding factor in casting their vote. 488 altre parole


Beneath the Iceberg…….

A while back I reported on what we, the ordinary people of Europe, are allowed to see what is being discussed in secret by the politicians in Brussels and the USA on our behalf. 1.084 altre parole


Correcting Leicester's Care Crisis

In April 2015, leading Blairite Liz Kendall published an article in The Guardian newspaper with coauthor Dave Prentis, the General Secretary of Unison. The piece was Kendall’s opportunity to tout her caring credentials, something that is critical to her public image given her fantasy that Labour — who pledged not to work with the SNP — had… 682 altre parole

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Crisis Pt. 1

“Out of touch.”

This was the Establishment conclusion both in the run-up to the election and since. Politicians followed-suit with waves of attacks against their out-of-touch colleagues. 330 altre parole

Green Party

Communication, Communication, Communication

-Why Labour lost the election 

All the post-election post-mortems have been so caught up with the desire to push the Party to the left or right, that they have completely missed the main point. 321 altre parole


Open Letter to the Labour Party and its supporters

As a Green Party supporter and activist it may surprise you to learn that I take an interest in the goings-on in the other parties, particularly the Lib-Dems and Labour Party, who in a sane world would be our natural allies. 205 altre parole

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