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Labour experience and turnover

A lot has been said about Labour’s failure to replace and replenish it’s caucus.

Therefore an interesting comment from Antoine at The Standard:

I’ve been comparing the Labour Cabinet of 2005 with the current Labour caucus.

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Moroney jumps ahead of Labour list release

Sue Moroney is quitting before she is effectively dumped by Labour after being given an ‘unelectable’  party list position and being told that  “she had lost support from the party’s ruling council”. 420 altre parole


Handling Disappointment

The General Election stands to be a potential disaster for the Labour Party. What should I feel about this?

As it stands, things aren’t looking too good for Labour. 1.554 altre parole


What policies matter most to young people this election?

When she announced the election, Theresa May said it was to ensure that Britain has a ‘strong and stable’ leadership to steer Britain through the Brexit negotiations. 2.052 altre parole


Tory lead over Labour falls by 10 points in a week

All the forecasts have pointed to one outcome so far in the general election – a Conservative win.

But the scale of that victory, which many have predicted to be a landslide, might not be as massive as some have suggested, according to the latest poll results at least. 282 altre parole


Does a political earthquake await in Wales?

With thanks to Professor Roger Scully from Cardiff University, I have some strange readings from the political Richter scale to report from Wales. The Welsh Political Barometer Poll has the Conservatives on 40%, Labour on 30%, Plaid Cymru on 13%, Lib a Dems on 8% and UKIP on 6%. 339 altre parole



The general election had barely been announced before insults were being flung from one political party to another, and one which spectacularly backfired came from the current foreign secretary, Boris Johnson who described Jeremy Corbyn as a… 626 altre parole