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Should David Cameron tire of being the most disingenuous Prime Minister in living memory, he might consider a change of career and apply for a lucrative post as head of a corrupt sport. 932 altre parole


This could be a crunch week for Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has been leader of the Labour Party for less than three months but already the Party is in total chaos and this week could be the most critical so far. 881 altre parole

David Cameron

Trapped in the moment of birth

I have a friend who was an historian before he became a health service manager, and he wrote a paper (which has never been put online, as far as I can see) which argued that the NHS had been trapped in its moment of birth. 704 altre parole


Labour Party Conference Resolution on Bombing of Syria

Not actually that easy to find, below is the Labour Party Conference 2015 resolution regarding the extension of bombing from Iraq to Syria.

The Conference is formally the supreme policy making body for Labour, although obviously some Labour MPs intend to ignore its decision in this matter. 341 altre parole


Labour to have free vote on airstrikes in Syria

Labour MPs will not be whipped on how to vote on proposals for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, and the party will not take an official stance on the issue. 415 altre parole


Labour release results of member consultation on Syria

Labour have released the findings of their policy consultation on intervention in Syria with members over the weekend – claiming it shows 75% are opposed to airstrikes against ISIS. 234 altre parole


Labour needs a clearer and louder message

I wrote this piece for Backbench

To say it’s been a tough few weeks for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Left would be an understatement. If there even was a honeymoon, it is certainly over now as the Tories move to discredit the new leadership, and discontent members and MPs begin to raise their voices ever louder. 810 altre parole

Jeremy Corbyn