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Mark Steyn: Trump, Brexit, Marine Le Pen And more

Is populism the future of politics in Canada? Watch as Brian Lilley discusses the big questions on the table with the always impressive Mark Steyn at the Manning Conference in Ottawa


Heisenberg Challenge: Spot The Odd One Out

I’ve talked a ton about this, but I think it’s important to continually track how different assets are or aren’t pricing in the risk associated with a prospective Marine Le Pen victory in France. 86 altre parole

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Political Ping Pong, A "Pounding," And A Market Awaiting Trump

Well, we start in FX land on Monday morning and as has become the norm over the years, cable is moving on political news.

To be sure, the pound could really do without this right now.  882 altre parole


France’s Presidential Election hit French Bonds

Investors’ speculations on the outcome of the upcoming French presidential election is causing volatility in the European bond markets.

On Monday, a poll showing Marine Le Pen in the lead for April’s first round caused yields on French 10-year bonds to rise to 1.064%. 149 altre parole

I Told You So: "Handicapping Political Risk" Is The New "Central-Bank Watching"

On Wednesday, following the release of the Fed Minutes, I noted that commentators were jumping the gun with the hawkish headlines.

I wasn’t claiming to be clairvoyant. 521 altre parole


6 Non-Racism Reasons to Reject Marine Le Pen

On the road to the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign is oddly similar to that of Donald Trump: confrontation with the media, nativism, and accusations of xenophobia. 936 altre parole


Chart Check: Brexit Versus Le Pen

First thing this morning, I brought you a fresh look at the spread between April and May VSTOXX futs – a barometer for how European equities are pricing French election risk. 71 altre parole