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No country with a McDonald’s can remain a democracy

By George Monbiot

The best way to combat the likes of Trump, Le Pen and Farage and the politics they represent is to rescue power from the grip of transnational corporations… 409 altre parole

Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

Could the New Year be the EU’s last year?

The no vote, the V day or as Bepe Grillo calls the vaffanculo or  Fuck off  day  was exactly that to the Globalists.   348 altre parole

Populism- How 2016 changed the world we live in.

Populism- it’s a blend of disdain at the political elite and a desire for sweeping change. And, in 2016, it has changed the world that we live in. 453 altre parole

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election night in france

Okay, so remember how I was going to write every day in November? Turns out I got way sidelined by the shock of election results and a resulting desire to completely detox from the internet and social media, including my team of Cheer Peppers. 658 altre parole


'Hour of Populists': MSM demonizes right-wing politicians, labels their success as dangerous trend

Donald Trump will be the next US president, while former UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage played a major role in Brexit. Marine Le Pen is running in the French Presidential election in 2017, while Frauke Peatry, with her Alternative for Germany party, is also gaining supporters. 26 altre parole


Fillon v Le Pen

So here we are, François Fillon will be the face of the so called Républicains (the main right party in France, formerly known as UMP). Since the current left government is hated like no other before, we will most probably have a duel between the right and the far right. 949 altre parole


Le Pen vs. Fillon: the end of Europe's post-war battle

Now that the people of France have chosen the conservative Thatcherite, François Fillon, to represent the Republicans against Front National (FN), the debate between Fillon and Republican opponent Alain… 854 altre parole