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Western Democracy's Last Stand: Merkel Versus Trump

I’ve long contended that Angela Merkel is the last line of defense for Western democracy which, as hyperbolic as it may sound, is under siege. 585 altre parole


Thursday Humor: Epic Headline Hockey

Rumors were flying this morning that Donald Trump may be set to meet with Marine Le Pen, the French incarnation of the global populist putsch. 256 altre parole


Marine Le Pen channels Miss Trunchbull

In an attempt to fulfil Roald Dahl’s dying wish, France’s far-right leader has proposed an end to free education for foreign children, locking them in ‘chokey’ style camps and finally hurling them by their pigtails back into The Channel.   167 altre parole

Comedy News

In summary

As the documentary process has come to an end, I took some time to reflect on the journey it has taken.

Over the past few months, I have been aiming to find out whether Brexit has made Britain become more anti-foreigner. 479 altre parole


The French Front National: Between the Old and the New

The French Front National is now one of the most successful political protest forces in Western Europe. The party is preparing to participate in the April 2017 Presidential election where the migrant crisis and the capacity of the government to provide security from terrorist attacks will be pressing issues. 1.647 altre parole

"It came to that the FIRST time you had sentenced to death an innocent man..." or Will we suffer the same ?

Last months it seems to me that panic of Putin and his disinformation campaign, of Trump’s victory in US elections and of the fact that Putin helped him to do so has been suddenly spreading throughout the internet. 1.041 altre parole


"Fertile Ground For Conspiracies And Revolutions"

Earlier today, in “How The Alt-Right Blogosphere Is Destroying Society,” I outlined the rise of the alt-right blogosphere and explained why it’s a threat to civility, progress, and rationality. 515 altre parole