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CrossTalk: Le Pen vs. (Jesuit) Macron

The choice could not be more stark. In the second and final round of France’s presidential election voters have before them two candidates: (Jesuit) Macron ( as is Pence who now controls Trump as Jesuit Biden controlled Obama before him, which should eplain everything) is an arch-Europhile and Le Pen is a Eurosceptic. 19 altre parole


The Night Away from my Wife

At breakfast yesterday morning I said to my wife: ‘I won’t be coming home tonight.’

My wife was reading the paper. She said, ‘Le Pen looks ominous.’ 1.056 altre parole


Il divario tra centro e periferia

La Brexit, la vittoria di Trump e il successo elettorale della Le Pen hanno una cosa in comune: l’aver evidenziato il divario tra cittá e periferia… 556 altre parole


Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump

Here’s the body count in the latest geopolitical earthquake afflicting the West: The Socialist Party in France is dead. The traditional Right is comatose. What used to be the Extreme Left is alive, and still kicking.  870 altre parole


Edmund Burke, Progressive Coalitions and - yet again - passionate pragmatism.

Now that I’m an Irish citizen, I’m allowed to celebrate Thomas Paine and Edmund Burke at one and the same time.

What I miss about Burke, or rather, miss about Burkeian thinking (Burke’s been dead since 1797 and I’m over it) is not a set of political positions, or even a framework of political belief.   984 altre parole

France is a Broken Country

I agree with the sentiments of this article and have found it to convey my personal opinions on the French election best. France is in dire straits and this presidential election is not going to solve the overarching problems which have plagued France for decades. 52 altre parole