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The Conte Government: One Year On

A year into Italy’s new ‘Government of Change’ and the Prime Minister threatens to quit. Giuseppe Conte, a political independent, who was chosen to lead the country after the general election of 2018, where the populist Five Star Movement (M5S) and the right-wing populist Lega became the two largest parties and entered into coalition together, has threatened to quit if the two coalition partners do not stop their fighting. 452 altre parole


The actual Italian results of the European Elections

On the morning of May 27th, with the almost definitive results of the European election in Italy, the Wu Ming Foundation published a thread of tweets with their first thoughts on the election results. 1.370 altre parole


Onda verde - riflessioni a margine delle elezioni europee

Stamattina mi sono svegliata nel mondo che avevo previsto ieri sera, forse un po’ peggio di quanto avessi previsto ma tutto sommato ci sono state anche delle flebili note positive. 450 altre parole

Italy's Matteo Salvini Plans to Unite European Far-Right

Michael East, Red Revolution

The leader of Italy’s ruling far-right League (Lega) Party is seeking to construct a far-right block in the European Parliament, one that shares its anti-immigration stance. 286 altre parole


The Immortal Life of Silvio Berlusconi

Italians can be crazy. I would know because I’m one of them. We eat massive meals on the regular, learn to cook by age 6, talk with our hands, have two volumes (loud and louder), constantly remind people we’re Italian, and consider eating at Olive Garden akin to masochism. 2.442 altre parole

Foreign Affairs

Breve Riflessione sulle Regionali Abruzzesi

Arriviamo al punto: La politica italiana è nel momento surreale. I motivi sono questi:

  • I pentastellini, che prima di arrivare al potere credevano di avere la soluzione di qualunque immaginabile problema, si sono resi conto di avere le soluzioni poco utili… A loro manca, inoltre alle soluzioni utili, il coraggio di ammettere la loro incompetenza e la loro credulità.
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"The real fascists are in Brussels"

The European elites are worried that anti-immigration parties will take over, as the polls are predicting, Lega MEP Marco Zanni tells Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap… 173 altre parole