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The Timeline of Experience

If we remind that writing is a subversive act, then it is not difficult to understand how the last assigned readings are characterized by a spirit of rebellion. 726 altre parole


When the Amplification Stops, There Might Be an Echo: She Might Take the Attempt Then

Even though Postmodernism is globally designated as a moment of crisis, on the other hand has one merit, that of letting come to the surface the hidden voices of its time. 678 altre parole


Phenomenology of Poetry: Lyn Hejinian’s Language and Paradise

In Lyn Hejinian’s essay “Language and Paradise”, she draws an attempt to understand how meaning is created in the poetic form, concentrating on her notebook with annotations about the poem… 569 altre parole


The Awakening in Midwinter Day

In Maggie Nelson’s essay “Women, the New York School, and Other True Abstractions”, her personal essay of disobedience and homage, as she calls it, it is underlined how the beginning of Bernadette Mayer’s… 590 altre parole


Giorgio Faletti: l’energia di un vulcano e la sensibilità di un uomo

A quasi un mese dalla scomparsa, la città di Asti ancora stenta a crederci: così riscopre Giorgio, come artista ma anche amico impegnato sul territorio… 755 altre parole


“When Names Perform a Function, That’s fiction”: Femininity and Maternity in Rae Armantrouts’ Poetics


Despite our infractions
we are loved
by the good mother
who speaks carefully:

“I love you, but I don’t
like the way you lie there… 680 altre parole